Fine Silver Earrings

Pure silver is soft, ductile and malleable. It has a bright metallic luster and can take on a very high polish. It is a non-toxic metal with antibacterial properties.

Like gold, silver is very soft and can easily be damaged. In jewelry making, these silver characteristics can be overcome by mixing other metals to silver to form an alloy. Copper is commonly mixed with silver in order to gain the desired hardness that won’t tarnish or break easily. In order for the silver to stay as close to pure silver, there should be at least 92.5% silver in an alloy. This one is called Sterling Silver.

The Fine Silver is 95% pure, which has less probabilities of allergies and a higher quality.

Although I don't work with silver, I designed the several different bases for my earrings and had them made by an artist friend that works with Fine Silver.

From there I create my earrings with the usual Macrame thread and Natural Stones, always focusing on Beauty.

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