Other Arts


I am a Multimedia Artist. This website / online store was made to sell my Macrame jewelry, which is my living. But besides Macrame, I've explored many types of art through out my life. More recently I have been exploring (and loving!!!) the art of performing and singing. Since 2015 I perform to raise funds to the CKTZ - Cortes Community Radio (where I have my weekly show). And more recently, my partner and I created a band and have been playing a little bit. This space serves for me to share a some of that other life with you!


This last one was recorded in April 2020, in the forest around my home. The song is by Mariza, my favorite Fado singer of nowadays. Barco Negro means Black Boat, and it talks about the Portuguese fisherman that sometimes would not return to their wives...


This was our contribution to the world wile staying at home. A humorous message of Faith and Hope for the future!


I spend my winters in Mexico, so I miss Christmas with my family and friends. For some years now I record a funny video to share with them and make them laugh. 


In the summer of 2019 the CKTZ LipSync fund raiser came again to Quadra island. We performed on Cortes island Saturday the 3rd of August, and on Quadra island the next day, August 4th. I loved to create this little funny act with one of Bjork songs.


And this was my second act at the Summer LipSync for CKTZ. Since my debut in 2015 I am always bringing a Portuguese song. This year I decided to bring Carmen Miranda. Although she was born in Portugal, she started her career in Brazil and later she was famous in the USA with all her Hollywood movies. This song was in one of those movies, and that is why she sings in English and Portuguese.


My 2018 Christmas video, shared with family and friends. One of my big passions in life is to make people laugh!

I was always performing Fado, in the previous 3 years of CKTZ Lip Syncs, so in 2018 I decided to change and perform something different, also Portuguese. 
The "​Canção do Mar" was first sang by Amalia Rodrigues in 1955, and this version is sang amazingly by Dulce Pontes, an incredible Portuguese singer.


For this Eurythmics song I invited my partner's son, Dakota, to be my Angel. We had a lot of fun rehearsing and performing it at the 2018 CKTZ Lip Sync. 


As a sequel of the love story with a carrot, at the 2017 CKTZ Cabaret, in 2018 I created this performance between me and a zucchini. So Much Fun!!!


For the celebration of 67 Summer of Love Meinsje Vlaming created this act. And, with a lot of effort, we could convince my partner Lyle Brulhart to perform as well, as the Mad Hater. Also on this act are the CKTZ manager, Howie Roman as the Rabbit, Carina Verhoeve as the Caterpillar, Norleen Lillico as Alice, and the creator Meinsje Vlaming as the Queen of Hearts. So much fun to be part of this incredible team!


In the Summer of 2017 Cortes Island joined the Worldly celebration of the 1967 Summer of Love 50th Anniversary. So, the organizers of the CKTZ Lip Sync asked the performers to focus their acts on music from the 60's. This is what I came up with.


Although we were celebrating the 60's, I also performed another Fado from more recent times. I love this Mariza's interpretation of the classic "Barco Negro" that she sang during her concert in the Union Chapel, London-UK in 2003. I also lipsynced her introduction talk, explaining the song. 


On this year of 2017 CKTZ organized for the first time a Cabaret - an "Adult Only" show, where the performers could explore more risque acts. I have so much fun with it!!! I love all the preps, the costumes, the sense of humor, to be sexy and funny without being vulgar, I love it!!!
​On this act I decided to create a love story with a carrot...


 It is very good to share my Portuguese culture, but it is also fun to do the North American Stars, as the incredible Tina Turner! And in every act I am discovering different things inside myself...


On this one I wanted to share again my Portuguese culture, but in a more joyful way. This is one of the Fado classics, immortalized by the greatest Amalia Rodrigues. The typical clothe is from the North of Portugal, Minho region.


This was my first performance, after more than 20 years! Because I was born in Portugal, I choose to share my Portuguese culture, so I performed a Fado sang by Mariza, an amazing Fado singer from nowadays. Next to me is my good friend Charles Cox.