Baby blue necklace with Rainbow Moonstone and Aquamarine

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Still inspired by the Snowflakes, this necklace was made with Baby Blue threads, one very good quality Rainbow Moonstone cabochon and Aquamarine beads. You already know all about Moonstone, and here it is for Aquamarine:

AQUAMARINE – The Tranquilizer
Fluidity * Soothing * Go with the Flow

All my jewelry is made with Natural Stones and a waxed polyester thread made to sew shoes, so they are very durable, waterproof and will not stretch or fade.

These necklaces are adjustable, so you can choose the length that suits your outfit for today! I love this because I like wearing my necklaces long in the Winter, outside of a sweeter. In the Summer I like them shorter, because I like an open neckline.

Very light jewelry, suitable for those with metal allergies.

One Of A Kind piece