Cuff with Kingman Turquoise cabochon and beads

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A cuff is a thick bracelet. These cuffs are made with a central stone cabochon, so I call them Cabochon Cuffs. Again, it is all about the stone! You will have a strong piece of Gaia in your wrist, working with you all the time. Although they are wide, they are also gentle, elegant, and always vibrating beauty. This is the case with both the symmetric or asymmetric forms (that are always a big hit).

This Cabochon Cuff was made with an amazing Kingman Turquoise cabochon and beads. Kingman is a town in the Northwest of Arizona, popular by their incredible turquoises.

All these bracelets are made with Natural Stones and a waxed polyester thread made to sew shoes, so very durable, water proof and does not stretch or fade.

They are also adjustable, so probably one size fits all. Suitable for men and women.

Very light jewelry, suitable for those with metal allergies.

One Of A Kind piece