Petite Gem Necklace - Golden Sheen Obsidian, 24k Gold and TOHO glass beads

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The Petite Gems' collection is brand new! If you know my work, you know I love to make statement pieces. But not everybody likes to wear a "tchan, I am here" piece.

Also, a lot of people love my creations, but not everyone can afford them. So I decided to create a collection that is still unique, all the pieces are "one of a kind" as my signature, still featuring a beautiful stone cabochon and stone beads, but simpler, smaller and more affordable. I hope you like it!

This Petite Gem Necklace is featuring a Golden Sheen Obsidian cabochon, 24K Gold Plated Czech beads and TOHO glass beads.

One Of A Kind piece

Suitable for those with metal allergies.