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LIBRA: 7 Balancing stones for this sign, Astrologer recommended

In this article we cover 7 different stones that we have curated for Libra and believe to be beneficial for this Zodiac sign! BUT we would like to remind you that these stones are NOT only for Libras! We can all benefit from the energetic properties of these stones at different times in our lives. So, if in your reading our article, you find that a stone description resonates with you, we totally & whole heartedly invite you to explore a relationship with these stones and work with them in your daily lives. Our jewelry is designed to powerfully support us in our evolution and there are no barriers or rules as to what stones we work with. Listen to your intuition and if Opal speaks to you, work with Opal!


Libra, as the name’s origins signifies liberties and freedoms, is symbolized by the scales from Lady Justice in Greek mythology. Libra is always in pursuit of justice, fairness, and harmony for all.


Libra is a sign that is acutely focused on relational balance. When out of balance in relationships we can see Librans struggle with codependency, resentments and anger. If they can keep everything in check, these people are exceptionally pleasant to be around. The trick for them is to learn to set strong boundaries, which can be difficult for their soft and kind natures.


Libran people have a tendency towards appreciating the finer things in life. Ruled by Venus, they have an eye for beauty and deep appreciation for aesthetics. All things sensual are innate for these creatures and it reflects in their environment with gentle lighting, soothing music, and beautiful furnishings.


Libra is a cardinal sign, meaning they are great at starting new projects and initiating ideas. However, challenged with the ability to see many sides of a situation, they can fall prey to great indecision and experience analysis paralysis on a regular basis.


Ruler of the 7th house, the house of relationships, you can see this indecisiveness. The inability to be clear about one's own stance can make it difficult for Libra to maintain their own sense of self outside of their relationships, often leaning into their partner or friends for a sense of identity.


Artistic, creative, eloquent, and graceful people, Librans are innovators socially. You can always find them gently mingling in groups at parties, but not in a bolstering fiery kind of way. Their genuine interest in others is very attractive. Libra being an Air sign is extremely sociable but can easily get lost in the mind. Each air sign can become preoccupied with their rich imaginations. But Libra, unlike the other Air signs, may find themselves wandering through fantasies, and when coming back to reality they find themselves shocked, imbalanced and their sensitive nature cruelly interrupted. It’s important for Libra to learn how to live between the two worlds to not experience such jarring upset when confronted with real life.


We have chosen these beautiful stones to accentuate Libra in their natural qualities as well as bring them more strength and a clearer sense of personal identity outside of their friends groups & relationships.






Combining the qualities of Citrine and Amethyst, coming together naturally to make an interesting, yellowish and purplish translucent stone… Ametrine is said to help with access to higher consciousness without getting too lost in the ether!


Ametrine is a beautiful stone for Libra because of its ability to balance duality. Marrying the inner masculine and feminine, passive, and aggressive, it helps Libra develop a stronger sense of self by bringing balance. It also provides deep and clear connectedness to the collective consciousness, whilst giving them space for their own will and identity. Enhancing Libra’s ability to see the full picture and all sides of the story, but without giving themselves away to other people’s ideas and opinions. The Citrine gives self confidence while the Amethyst helps keep the connection to others strong.


When Libra can achieve balance, they can achieve peace, which is what this stone offers energetically.






With Libra’s natural tendency towards indecisiveness, Lepidolite’s energy of acceptance helps equip Libra with a more detached view on any given situation. This stone helps Libra to step back and let go of all the possible outcomes and see what is truly in front of them, helping them be more present. Lepidolite is also good for the mind, so if any anxious attachment is at play in Libra’s life, this stone can easily help settle their minds’ distortions.


Lepidolite brings peace, tranquility, and good sleep… giving Libra a place, in the dream world, to detach from the mind and go into the subconscious. Dreaming allows them a creative escape, where they can find muses and inspiration for their artistic expressions.


Lepidolite also enhances the quality of diplomacy in Libra, helping them always handle social situations with tact and consideration for all people involved.






A beautiful stone for Libra, Moonstone is an emotional stabilizer and accentuates the beauty of the Venusian qualities of Libra.


As Libra is an air sign the connection between mind and emotions may not always be so well established. Libra is the most emotional sign of the air signs, but with the strong intellect may distract themselves through relationships or imagination to avoid connecting to their sensitivity.


Moonstone is extremely helpful to Libra in this way as it is exceptionally good at creating a bridge between mind and emotions. Moonstone tempers their intense feelings so that Libran people can approach their emotions without feeling scared and needing to run away. Once they can create the balance of mind and heart, they will have a clearer picture on how they want to create their lives in a pragmatic sense beyond fantasy.


Moonstone, also being strongly associated with the Divine Feminine, is very compatible with Libra being ruled by Venus. Enhancing qualities of tenderness, compassion, nurturance and understanding.






Libra being the ruler of 7th house of relationships, Morganite is a no brainer!


A stone that draws in romance and love, Morganite is in total alignment with Libra who is constantly swept away by fantastical intimacy and in constant pursuit of it.


Its pastel pink colour is another expression of the feminine qualities it possesses. A great compliment for the Venus ruled sign. Almost bringing in Empress qualities from the Tarot, Morganite for Libra brings opulence, luxury, warm attractiveness, and sensuality.


Morganite is a container or a womb for Libra. A sacred space where Libra can go to lay down their fears and worries and be cradled by the Divine Feminine.







Some people say that when God created the Opal, that he combined all the most beautiful stones that already existed.


Opal can range in its appearance quite dramatically depending on where it is from, but it is always impressive in its beauty.


Like Lepidolite in that it creates space for dreams, Opal is a sweet refuge for Libra to develop their artistic abilities. It is known as the ‘Dream Stone’.


Naturally a very uniquely beautiful stone, Opal would appeal to Libra’s taste in aesthetics. Its calming energy helps provide balance and nurturance to the sensitive Libra. It is also the birthstone for October, so it is especially auspicious for Librans born in October.






Prehnite and its unique lime colour is another stone associated with dreams.


Not only for dreaming but it is also a stone for nightmares or night terrors.


Prehnite assists Libra in both the waking world and dreaming world by relieving them of anxiety, fears, worries and mental distortions.


Although Libra seems very cool, calm, and collected on the surface, inside they are constantly torn by trying to find, create, and maintain balance. Prehnite is so gentle and inviting, it’s as if it takes Libra by the hand to guide them into a space of serenity and protection.


Libra’s ability to almost melt into their friends or relationship’s existence makes life difficult at times for their individuality and sense of self. These naturally eccentric people can benefit from this unique stone in helping protect that part of themselves that is just for them and it helps them to openly express who they are from their heart.






We chose Moonstone for Libra but also Sunstone.


Sunstone known as ‘The Seductress’ brings out that undeniable attractive quality in the sensual expression of Libra.


Sunstone is a nice stone for Libra in so many senses. Most of our other choices were strongly focused on enhancing the gentle, feminine side of Libra, but the Sunstone gives more energy to the relaxed, passive sign.


Sunstone helps Libra come down from their mind and fully embrace their bodies and sensual Earthly experiences. Like the Empress in the tarot—with the influence of Sunstone Libra becomes confident, fearless, independent and embraces the riches of the Earthly realm. Sunstone helps bring out these feminine qualities in Libra; the more grounded and assertive qualities and the less passive and ethereal qualities.


Sunstone, resonating with the energy of 1, helps Libra experience their own sense of identity, independent of their partners and friendships. It helps them focus on themselves and encourages them to fully indulge and embrace their sensuality.

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