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Wearable pieces of art

Created with the finest gemstones and Settanyl waxed threads. Handmade with love in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada.


Pieces made with love and time

...and the finest gemstones we could find


Responsibly sourced materials from lapidary families in Brazil, India and Mexico


Our jewelries are interwoven with Settanyl waxed threads

A wax cord highly appreciated in the art world for its longevity, colorfastness and versatility

Natural gemstone bracelets by Susana Vijaya Co. Handmade in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

Authentically handmade in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

Every piece is an appreciation of nature and a celebration of life's beauty

Canadian micro macrame artist Susana Vijaya

Wear with you the wonders of the world

Every piece is detailed with nature's precious gemstones that carry their own energy to behold

A labradorite bracelet by Susana Vijaya Co. Handmade in Canada jewelry
A labradorite bracelet by Susana Vijaya Co. Handmade in Canada jewelry.

Now Featuring Pieces for Pisces

New Pieces: Bling Bijou Bracelets

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Starting February 19th: Pisces

Astrologer-curated pieces for Pisces

Pisces, the constellation of the Fish, born 19th February to 20th March. A Water sign, Pisces is ruled by the planet Jupiter (also rules Sagittarius), for its influence of expansion, and by Neptune for its association to spirituality. Pisces is the archetype of the Priestess, being so acutely attuned to divinity, being the last sign of the Zodiac, completes the human journey of returning to spirit. Pisces are softies. Unlike their fellow water sign Cancer, who has a hard shell, these people are typically easier to get to know. Lovers of romance, dreams, beauty and fantasy, you might say they live in a different realm. Because they live in the etheric world more than the material world you could say that they are prone to live in illusion. Realizing the reality of life at times can be hard for them and when they come back to reality it can be tremendously upsetting to the balance of their spiritual essence. All of the jewelry pieces we have selected for Pisces help them to enjoy living in their fantasy, but also help them stay grounded, so that their human and spiritual experience is a fluid marrying of duality.

Read about the best Gemstones for Pisces in our Blog



Every Susana Vijaya piece is made with love and time

Each piece is carefully crafted by hand by an artisan and not by a machine. Each one is made with attention to detail, with only the finest gemstones we can get our hands on. Our gemstones are responsibly sourced from lapidary families in India, Brazil and Mexico. Our pieces are artfully pulled together with Brazilian Settanyl waxed cord, which is known for its excellent colorfastness and durability. What you’ll get are beautiful wearable pieces of art that you will cherish for the years to come 

It is said that in life one conforms to the meaning of her name. In Sanskrit, my name Vijaya, means permanent victory. I try to reach this interior accomplishment.

When I sit in a quiet corner, after I chose a stone and connect to its energy to meditate, my sense of creation is awakened as I try to make meaning and beauty flow towards each other and interact to invent exquisiteness.

Knots after knots I then let the energy blossom into an achieved work of art to bear part of the universal wisdom.

I can’t say enough good things about Susana’s jewellery! Susana’s workmanship is exceptional, and each piece feels as though it’s made with love. My necklaces get noticed every time I wear them.  They are lighter than stones set in silver, the macrame is soft, and the necklaces never clink against anything but lay gently on your chest.  I am very impressed with the quality of the stones – flawless, beautifully polished, and very accurately represented on the website.  I look forward to making future purchases.

Linda, Prince George BC, Canada

The jewelry I have gotten from Susana has hands down been the most impactful and enjoyable jewelry I own. It is so well made, so unique and beautiful. I also really feel more centered and more myself with the jewelry on. When I put it on I can feel the love and intention put into them. Susana creates beautiful jewelry, no doubt about it, but more profound is how it feels to wear her jewelry. Beautiful and authentic. Thank you so much for your work!

Hadea, Arlington WA, United States

I’ve been treating myself to Susana’s sumptuous creations for over 10 years now. The stones she selects are so special; rich colors & each with unique facets framed by her intricate hand threaded designs. My custom designed bracelets bring me great joy to wear, I will treasure them for life, along with the several necklaces in my collection. Thank you Susana for these treasures!

Ashley Atlantis, Whaletown BC, Canada

Susana’s jewelry is uniquely designed and full of great energy!  I love wearing the pieces I bought!  The stones are beautiful, the workmanship done with love and care.  I always get compliments when I wear her jewelry.

Lynn, Saint Helena Island, SC, USA

Susana is an incredible artist who not only creates beautiful, stunning artistic jewelry but she loves to share her skills with those who want to learn it as well. Please know that if you buy one of her peaces you are buying art that was skillfully made and will last forever, even if you wear it every day!

Candi Graf, Blind Bay BC, Canada

When I received my custom necklace, I immediately put it on and felt a sense of calm and connection. It is perfect timing as I am in self quarantine alone and it is helping me to feel at peace and connected. It is a beautiful work of art. My thanks are endless.

Maria, Portland OR, United States


Behold a treasure trove of nature's wonder. These wearable pieces of art are truly handmade with love and time right here in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada. Each is adorned with the finest gemstone that we sourced from lapidary families in Brazil, India and Mexico. These jewelries are intricately pulled together by the finest Brazilian Settanyl waxed threads in a detailed macrame work that is a proud testament to the Susana Vijaya Co craftsmanship.


Our Amazing Team

Susana Vijaya Co. is a Women Empowered company from the beautiful Shuswap Lake, more specifically from Salmon Arm, BC, Canada.

Everything we sell is produced by an amazing local team. We love what we do, we are energetically aligned, and we love to have fun with each other!

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