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Agatized Coral

The Change for Good


Forged over time, through a lengthy process of 20 to 30 million years, Agatized Coral is made when silica in the ocean water hardens and replaces the limey coral chalcedony. Because of this slow process of Agatized Coral being formed, this stone imparts those qualities of slowness in the most positive sense to the wearer.

Known to us as the ‘Change for Good’, the easy-going vibration of this stone helps the wearer develop steadfastness & patience towards themselves, and their own emotional healing. It provides a strong support for their own being that can, over time, bring tremendous courage to leave situations that are not in resonance with them, FOR GOOD. Not looking back, not making the same choices that they have in the past. Agatized Coral gives us a strong foundation in navigating the inconsistencies in ourselves and the world. Resonating with Pisces, this is a beautiful stone that helps bring this water sign understanding about managing their emotional nature in a healthy, and loving way.


Quieting Turbulent Emotions

Protection, Longevity, Peace

Numerology: 22





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