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Jewelry for Scorpio Astrologic Zodiac Sign. Necklaces, Bracelets and Anklets

Jewelry for Scorpio

Scorpio, constellation of the Scorpion, born October 23rd to November 21st. A Water sign, ruled by the planet Pluto & historically Mars, this zodiac sign is associated with transformation. The Healer archetype, Scorpios are fearless. Unlike their Aries brothers however, directing Mars energy into the physical world, Scorpios combine it with Pluto’s energy and focus more on spiritual exploration, transformation, healing of generational trauma and visiting the underworld (subconscious). Scorpios are intense, but they have a lot to give, and are slow to let people in. If you feel they are watching you, it is because they are. Their lack of trust in others can make relationships tumultuous for them, and if you cross them, you’ll know. However, they are sensitive, tender people, and have an enormous amount of empathy. We have a beautiful selection of pieces that scream Scorpio aesthetically, whilst providing them with spiritual & emotional protection, acting as a magical talisman and not simply jewelry.





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