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Jewelry for Virgo Astrologic Zodiac Sign. Necklaces, Bracelets and Anklets

Jewelry for Virgo

Virgo, constellation of the Virgin, born August 23rd to September 22nd. An Earth sign, ruled by the planet Mercury (like Gemini), Virgo is all about communication. The Hermit archetype, Virgos are quite intellectually driven, but different from Gemini and more like the Hermit, they pull inwards and away from others to carry out their studies. That is not to say they are anti-social; they are simply more introverted and will show their care & communicate through acts of service. They also tend to have a sensitive nervous system and are prone to anxiety with an overactive mind. Virgo being the Virgin is also tied to cleanliness & purity, and this manifests in perfectionism. Don’t be surprised by their critical nature, this both comes from intellectual analyses and from a place of care. We have many suitable pieces for Virgo that will level out stress in the body & mind, and give them something beautiful from nature to appreciate, bringing them into the moment.





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