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Our Creations. Wearable Pieces of Art.

Susana Vijaya Signature Pieces

Explore our Signature jewelry. Each is individually handmade with love by Susana Vijaya. In the details are intricate beadwork and gorgeous macramé technique. Just like the rest of our collections, this jewelry is created from the finest Gemstones and Crystals and pulled together by Settanyl Waxed Threads. Fancy one? Get it before it's gone!

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Canadian handmade jewelry. Featuring the finest gemstones hand-selected for their natural healing properties and beauty. Our necklaces are consciously made with love and time. These wearable energy pieces are made to enhance the well-being of our body, mind and spirit while elevating style. We use Brazilian Settanyl waxed cord which is famous for its excellent colorfastness and durability so you can wear a piece, rain or shine without worries.

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Here is where style meets the Earth’s energies. Every bracelet piece is lovingly handcrafted using thoughtfully curated gemstones. These bracelets are inspired by nature, mindfulness and meditation.  Each with its own character. Each is made for your well-being. 

In this collection of Canadian handmade jewelry, we carry a variety of positively charming and elegant bracelets. From big, bold stones with subtle silhouettes to dainty multi-layer pieces, our bracelets are strung together by intricately woven knots made of Brazilian Settanyl waxed cord which is popular for its exceptional colorfastness and durability. A waterproof collection, as all our jewelry

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Minimalist and shimmering with beauty, we used little gemstone beads and the finest water-resistant Settanyl Waxed thread for these anklets. These pieces are made beautiful and strong for every day wear all year long. Canadian handmade jewelry, created right here in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada.

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