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Amethyst by Kevin Rheese Amethyst by Kevin Rheese

Welcome to the wonderful world of Gemstones! Discover the unique properties, Astrological Connections, and Number Energies that each gemstone holds. If you're looking to get one of our natural gemstone jewelry, this is the place to know more about them. Our information is sourced from the insightful works of Melody's "Love Is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals" and Judy Hall's "The Crystal Bible" series, as well as from our own intuitive knowledge. Get ready to uncover the mystic and healing properties that are carried within Nature's precious treasures!

You will also find how to TAKE CARE of your stones, and basic information about NUMBERS and their Energy.

As for

BIRTHSTONES, we go with the "official" chart:
April: Diamond
October:Opal/Pink Tourmaline





ABALONE – The Sea’s Magic

The beautiful inner layer of the Abalone shell possesses shimmering iridescent greens, blues and purples, this is why we call Abalone the Sea’s Magic. It brings positivity and balance to the wearer and is especially helpful in emotional regulation.

Abalone resonates with the water signs in the zodiac being Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. It is also a supportive gemstone for Aquarius. Abalone offers relaxation to the nervous system, thus giving space to find inner peace.

Wearing Abalone will make you feel like you are being embraced by the sea and renewed by the healing, nurturing properties of water.


Calming, Soothing, Helping with Insomnia, Healing

Love, Light, Compassion

Numerology: 7


AFRICAN TURQUOISE – The Stone of Evolution

Known as a powerful stone for facilitating deep transformation, African Turquoise (that in reality is a Jasper) is loved for its shades of green and turquoise colors. This beautiful, blue-green stone with spots of black and brown and speckles of copper and iron, not only helps with attracting transformation, but assists in the process of accepting the past, not attaching to the future, helping us to ground into the present. That is why we call African Turquoise the ‘Stone of Evolution’ as change isn’t only what happens around us, but within us.

African Turquoise, resonating with the Zodiac signs of Cancer & Capricorn brings the paternal energy from these signs to bring stability emotionally and otherwise, helps grow self-esteem in the wearer so that they can move forward in their life.


Positivity, Calmness, Strength

Confidence, Growth, Development, Structure

Numerology: 1


AGATE – The Stabilizer

Astonishingly, Mother Nature produces such a large variety of Agates... it is almost incomprehensible. Elegant luster with beautiful bands of colors, Agates are glorious possessions for the Soul. We call Agate the ‘Stabilizer’ for its formidable ability to provide security to the wearer.

Agates are suitable stones for Air signs like Gemini for this reason especially. Agate has the most energy in the most Earthy of ways. It evokes feelings of being buried in the sand at the beach, getting your feet dirty in the garden, or sitting under a tree on a nice patch of moss in the forest.

If you are feeling drained and over-stimulated, Agate is your best ally.

Attributes: Balancing, Grounding, Soothing, Calming

Harmony, Nourishment, Support

Numerology: 7


AGATIZED CORAL – The Change for Good

Forged over time, through a lengthy process of 20 to 30 million years, Agatized Coral is made when silica in the ocean water hardens and replaces the limey coral chalcedony. Because of this slow process of Agatized Coral being formed, this stone imparts those qualities of slowness in the most positive sense to the wearer. Known to us as the ‘Change for Good’, the easy-going vibration of this stone helps the wearer develop steadfastness & patience towards themselves, and their own emotional healing. It provides a strong support for their own being that can, over time, bring tremendous courage to leave situations that are not in resonance with them, FOR GOOD. Not looking back, not making the same choices that they have in the past. Agatized Coral gives us a strong foundation in navigating the inconsistencies in ourselves and the world.

Resonating with Pisces, this is a beautiful stone that helps bring this water sign understanding about managing their emotional nature in a healthy, and loving way.


Quieting Turbulent Emotions

Protection, Longevity, Peace

Numerology: 22


ALBITE LEPIDOLITE - The Brain and Mind Stimulator

Albite Lepidolite is a beautiful stone with flecks of golden mica, which makes it sparkly in appearance. Known for increasing cognition and healing the brain, Albite Lepidolite also balances chaos in the mind.

This stone resonates strongly with Pisces & Aquarius but offers them very different support. Because Pisces is known to be lost in fantasy and dreamland, Albite Lepidolite can help Pisces see the world through a more logical lens. It can help them balance their mind and emotions and not constantly be overwhelmed by how they feel. Whereas, Aquarius tends to be so detached emotionally, and over stimulated intellectually, Albite Lepidolite can bring relaxation to this constant state. It can help them access the experience of the mind in a whimsical and fantastical way. This is a nice break for the sign who may have out of the box ideas, but it is always for some kind of progress in humanity.

That all being said we could consider this stone a tonic for anyone, whether they need their brain woken up a little, or they are having problems sleeping. Albite Lepidolite helps bring your brain and mind to the level they need to be.


Memory Increaser, Emotional Well-being, Deep Sleeping

Peace, Knowledge, Intuition, Psychic Abilities

Numerology: 8


AMAZONITE – The Playmate

We call Amazonite the ‘Playmate’ for its obviously playful color and energy. It is a brilliant, lush aqua blue and it has an incomparable glimmer under the light. The energy of the stone, like the color, is bright and enthusiastic in feeling. It brings optimism and peace to the wearer.

This stone is ideal for people who are high strung or neurotic, and we highly recommend this stone for Virgos for its ability to soothe the nervous system.

Sometimes we overlook having fun as a way to in fact relax, Amazonite is here to remind us that playing helps us live in the present, and that itself brings us peace and tranquility.


Harmonizing, Tranquilizing

Fluidity, Universal Love

Numerology: 5


AMBER – The Sunny Transmutation

Known for its sunny energy, Amber gives a soothing, light energy that brings harmony, positivity and bright healing vibrations. Amber is highlighted by a vibrant shimmer, sunny golden hues and air bubbles details. Mainly found around the shores of the Baltic Sea, Amber is not a gemstone, but a fossilized tree resin.

Even though Aquarius and Leo are opposites on the Zodiac wheel, they both benefit from Amber just in different ways. Amber reinforces the qualities of Leo in Leo people, whereas for Aquarius people, it opens them up to the experience these qualities. Leo ruler of the Sun, heart & the 5thhouse in Astrology resonates with Amber strongly, as Amber also vibrates with the number 5, the Sun and heart. Amber is a container for Leo-like qualities. Leo, representing creativity, the inner child, fun, play & pure love is only amplified by Amber. Aquarian people are Humanitarian in nature; however, they can be aloof and focus their energy into their intellect and not their heart center. Amber helps bring Aquarius into their body, it helps them open their heart and become more grounded. When Aquarius can be more heart centered their life changes and their approach to how they help others does as well.

A crowd pleaser with many folk uses, a rich history and being used as jewelry since the stone-age, Amber is distinct and loved by many. Its deeply Earthy energy is inviting and nurturing.

Amber is also known to be associated with marriage, deep love & loyalty.


Promoting Well-being, Healing, Nurturing, Calming

Warmth, Positive

Numerology: 5


AMETHYST – The Intuitive Eye

Amethyst, a winsome, distinct, translucent purple stone, is known to some as a gateway crystal to all the other healing stones. Appreciated for the peace and clarity it brings, Amethyst is said to help ease the mind and feed the soul with love and contentment. We love to call Amethyst the ‘Intuitive Eye’ as it is a staple in developing psychic abilities and harnessing sensitivity, thus being able to connect more deeply to ourselves and spirit. It helps us cut through our thoughts and emotions, to find our indisputable inner knowing as our life’s compass.

Helpful to Pisces in balancing fantasy and reality, relaxing to the nervous system of the Virgo, allowing Aquarius to connect to the overarching cosmic consciousness of humanity, and opening Capricorn’s Third Eye, Amethyst can essentially be helpful to all signs depending on their needs.


Stabilizing, Helping to Sleep

Peace, Contentment, Intuition, Spirituality

Numerology: 3


AMETRINE – The Higher Consciousness

Growing together Citrine & Amethyst as one, nature brings us Ametrine. A whimsical stone with the glow of gold and the depth of purple. Citrine representing the yang expression & Amethyst representing the yin expression, in this stone we see a balancing of masculine and feminine energies, and this is why we love to call this stone the ‘Higher Consciousness’. Beyond our material plane and duality, only exists Spirit. When we can do the work to become human beings, who have grown and expanded beyond our identities and limitations, this is where we have pure connection to the divine and enlightenment. Ametrine is a beautiful stone to work with in accessing higher consciousness whilst keeping us grounded.

This stone resonates with Libra for its ability to help find the balance in the dance between the partnerships. Finding individuality and connectedness, where Libra can lose a sense of self to relationships, Ametrine helps them embrace their relationship while being their own, individual person at the same time.


Duality balancing, Astral Traveling

Peace, Divination, Insight

Numerology: 4


AMMOLITE – The Universe’s Energies

Ammolite is a rare, rainbow iridescent gemstone that comes from fossilized Ammonites, cephalopods found only in Alberta, Canada. Coming from ancient creatures, Ammolite is believed to hold the vibrations & knowledge of the Planet. That is why we call it the ‘Universe’s Energies’. It is a beloved, special and highly vibrational material that combines energies from all the elements with a large influence from the water element, (having been an aquatic creature originally), and has a large spectrum of color. It is known to be protective to our cells and other aspects of our physiology.

Resonating with Aquarius for its ability to tap into collective consciousness and with Cancer due to its healing and nurturing qualities, whoever finds themselves wearing Ammolite will feel grounded, protected, loved and connected all at the same time.


Knowledge, Wisdom,

Perfection, Prosperity

Numerology: 7


ANGELITE – The Stone of Awareness

Angelite looks as angelic as it sounds, with its soft, pastel, opaque blue color. Often used for its ability to open the channel between the material world and the angelic realms, Angelite is a wonderful stone to have in any practices or rituals, where you need benevolent aid or where you are trying to contact spirit guides or ancestors. We call this the ‘Stone of Awareness’ because of its ability to bring spiritual awareness and connectedness to wearers that generally may not feel connected on their own.

We love this stone for Aquarius because it can help bring them down from their highly independent self and back down to their humanitarian self, connecting to the collective energy that flows through us all.

Use Angelite to assist with astral travel, pleasant dreams or combatting nightmares. Angelite is a staple for our sensitives and empaths.

Attributes: Calming, Comforting, Balancing, Understanding

Protection, Self-Expression

Numerology: 1


APATITE – Your Appetite for Life

If the color of Apatite doesn’t explain why we call it ‘Your Appetite for Life’ then surely the energy must. An exceptionally unique teal-blue, Apatite is distinct in color and energetic quality. For the ones in the passionate pursuit of wisdom and creativity, Apatite is believed to enhance inspiration and motivation, and emits spiritual energy that allows us to connect with our truth.

We love Apatite for Gemini as it is stimulating to their creative and intellectual nature, without being stimulating to their nervous system.

Physiologically, being a blue stone, Apatite naturally has a calming effect on people.

Attributes: Motivating, Manifesting, Inspiring

Creativity, Satisfaction, Spirituality

Numerology: 9


AQUAMARINE – The Tranquilizer

Aquamarine, a beautiful stone we call the ‘Tranquilizer’, has many spiritual properties. The energy of Aquamarine can only be described as calming. Imagine, laying on a beautiful beach, and having water with the most perfect temperature wash over you again, and again, and again. This is what the impact of Aquamarine’s energy feels like in our bodies. A stone holding the energy of the Oceans and the Rivers, and lore about being a treasure for mermaids, there are few words to describe the gorgeousness of this stone, it is more of an experience.

We love this stone for Gemini to soften communication, for Pisces as a stone for empowerment because of their being a water sign, and for Aries to cool their hot headedness.

Also known by some as the stone of courage, it has the ability to courageously let us connect to our emotions without reservation or fear.


Soothing, Empowering, Calming

Fluidity, Communication, Tranquility

Numerology: 1


AQUA TERRA JASPER – The Emotional Healer

Aqua (water) & Terra (earth) signifies the marrying of the water and earth elements in this stone. A Jasper that looks as it sounds with lush blues, greens and deep browns. Water and earth are known to both be extremely nurturing, this is why we called Aqua Terra Jasper the ‘Emotional Healer’.

While we can all benefit from emotional healing, Aquarius is a sign that commonly resonates with Aqua Terra Jasper. Aquarius, being an air sign, is an element that needs grounding and emotional engagement. Aqua Terra offers both to Aquarius in one stone.

This is the perfect stone ally for anxiety, depression or any mood & mental health challenges one could be facing. Aqua Terra Jasper makes you feel like you have walked barefoot through the forest or have taken a deep swim in a lake. Bring nature with you everywhere you go. Attributes:

Emotional Healing, Nurturing, Helping with Worry and Fear

Protection, Inner Peace, Clarity

Numerology: 7, 9


ATLANTISITE – The Dispute Harmonizer

Atlantisite, a unique combination of bright green Serpentine and vibrant purple Stichtite, this stone is greatly connected to the Earth and its grounding qualities. We love to call this one the ‘Dispute Harmonizer’ for its ability to help us stay rooted in heated confrontations, whilst giving us the ability to see into the other person’s perspective. If we can ‘respond’ instead of being ‘reactive’ in challenging situations, and empathize with the other side, then hopefully we can find harmony in the situation. It helps us find articulated ways to express our feelings without using hurtful language.

This is the reason we love this stone for Scorpios. Scorpio, generally a relaxed sign, is still typically a little bit on guard around others. If they feel they have been hurt, they often retaliate with their stringer. Atlantisite helps them to have different approaches to these situations, rather than always reacting out of instinct.

We love this stone also for Gemini and Virgo because these signs can tend to have highly stimulated nervous systems. Atlantisite brings them down from their mind into their body and then into the Earth.



Compassion, Positive Approach, Awareness

Numerology: 8


AURALITE 23 – The Ancient Wisdom

This very rare Canadian stone has, besides Amethyst, another 22 minerals, and it is one of the world's oldest crystal Gemstones (1.2- 1.5 billion year old). This is why we call Auralite 23 the ‘Ancient Wisdom’. It is a sweet talisman to behold.

We love this stone for all signs because its powerful ability to help us grow beyond the Small Self and into our Higher Selves.

A high-vibrational stone used by crystal intuitives and healers of all walks of life, it heightens our psychic abilities and helps us to orient ourselves differently and more whole fully in the World.


Spirituality Accelerator

Highly Protective, Bridge to the Divine

Numerology: 33


AVENTURINE – The Protector of the Heart

The ‘Protector of the Heart’, Aventurine is a stone that has several colors: green, orange, yellow, red, pink, brown, white, gray, and blue. It is known for bringing overall positivity, protective qualities and well-being to the wearer. A stone for adventure, a stone of strength. It brings courage to the wearer to embark on journeys, so that they can have the ability and adaptability to whatever curve balls life throws at them.

An auspicious stone for Aries, it provides Aries with vitality, enhances their independent qualities and keeps them healthy, even when they have pushed themselves past their limits—which they always do.

A powerful stone ally to have in your arsenal if you are struggling with wavering self-esteem and you don’t fully experience self love.


Manifesting, Strengthening, Protecting

Leadership, Good luck, Optimistic

Numerology: 3



BLACK AGATE – The Great Talker

Black Agate, known to us as the ‘Great Talker’ is a great stone for Sagittarius who talks too much about how they feel, and for Scorpio who expresses too little. It helps the wearer absorb the situation, take in the conversation so that they can evaluate what is happening. It helps them connect to themselves, so they find a clear and concise, helpful way to articulate what they are receiving from the interaction.

Its bold, midnight-black color, has been revered since the dawn of time.

Black Agate absorbs bad energies that get through your auric field, making it easier to tackle life’s challenges.


Healing, Connecting Higher

Peace, Communication, Concentration

Numerology: 4


BLACK TOURMALINE – The Energy Bouncer

Black Tourmaline, an essential for anyone who is living in the world amongst other humans - being all of us. We call this one the ‘Energy Bouncer’ for its ability to guard your aura against any negative energy - it just bounces back to its carrier ("you keep it to yourself, girl!!!").

A powerful stone for Virgo, that can easily feel de-stabilized, Black Tourmaline offers deep, replenishing energy to their sensitive nervous system.

If you are experiencing anxiety or any fearfulness on a day-to-day basis, wearing Black Tourmaline as a talisman daily is possibly one of the best energetic hygiene practices you can have for yourself.

This stone will make you feel powerful, self-assured & fearless.


Protecting, Grounding, Feeling Safe and Secure

Spiritual Healing, Speaking your Truth

Numerology: 5



A protective stone that brings good energy and encourages well-being. A dark green or burgundy stone with deep reds, Bloodstone is naturally known as a blood cleanser. Known to us as the ‘Coach’ Bloodstone is a powerful and supportive stone. A great stone to wear daily for strength, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. Bloodstone will give you encouragement in every moment to move forward throughout your day.

For Aries Bloodstone is a fabulous enhancer of leadership qualities. However, it grounds Aries, helps them to become more levelheaded, and develop the qualities of a good Coach or Teacher. Aries with typical high-metabolisms and fiery temperaments benefit greatly from Bloodstone’s ability to replenish energy as they are always on the go. For Pisces, Bloodstone helps them feel more grounded and pulls them out of fantasy and delusion. With wavering self-esteem due to their gentle and sociable nature, Pisces can greatly benefit from the strength Bloodstone offers them. Bloodstone gives Libra decisiveness and a backbone. Wanting to keep everything in balance, Libra are notorious for being people pleasers and want to not disturb harmony. Bloodstone gives them the ability to stand up to the plate and honor themselves.

Bloodstone is highly recommended for anyone feeling vulnerable. Vibrating with the number 4 it naturally has qualities of stability. Vibrating with the number 6 it gives support for healthy relationships.


Energizing, Purifying, Renewing

Vitality, Courage, Self-Esteem

Numerology: 4, 6


BLUE LACE AGATE – The Truth Serum

Blue Lace Agate is a bright, powdery blue color with translucent or white bands typically running through it. Overthinking, self-destructive behaviors & stress can be aided greatly with wearing Blue Lace Agate. It is also said that it has a quality of bringing up trauma, especially in family dynamics. Oftentimes Blue Lace comes into our lives when we are needing to be honest with ourselves about our choices, this is why we call it the ‘Truth Serum’.

Blue Lace Agate resonates strongly with Pisces because of Pisces dissociative & self-destructive behaviors. Pisces are big feelers and so they live elsewhere, in their fantasies. In reality this may look like addictions, obsession or other self-harming behaviors. Blue Lace Agate can help Pisces confidently confront these challenges so they can create a high-quality life for themselves.

Known also to be good for tension, Blue Lace Agate is known to help with migraines, and headaches. It provides relaxation and serenity in every sense.


Relieving Anxiety, Soothing, Calming

Hope, Honesty, Harmony

Numerology: 5


BOTSWANA AGATE – The Comforter

With an explosion of colors including layers of brown, purple, vibrant pink, orange, blue and gray, the Botswana Agate is Mother Nature's amazing display of character. Use by meditators and healers to give solace to people facing emotional turmoil. We call Botswana Agate "The Comforter" because of the natural nurturing, and caring qualities it has. Like being held by your best friend, Mother, auntie or another caregiver, Botswana Agate takes you into the womb.

We find that this is a beautifully supportive stone to our sensitive Scorpios because it helps them take a pause in dealing with their intense hurts, helping them to embrace a gentler approach.


Soothing Loneliness, Hurt and Grieve, Comforting

Strength, Spiritual Growth

Numerology: 3


BRONZITE – The Earth Shield

We call Bronzite 'The Earth Shield’ because it is known to infuse the spirit with confidence, repelling negative energies. This stone, with its lustrous bronze and golden colors, is not surprisingly associated with Leo.

Energetically it is extremely stabilizing, empowering and strengthening to self esteem and the heart. When wearing Bronzite, think of yourself as a brilliant warrior, a warrior of Love and Sunlight. Someone who takes up their weapon and shield to fight off negativity, and spread joy to others, making a more beautiful world for everyone, whilst protecting your own energy.


Grounding, Restoring Balance

Protection, Certainty, Service

Numerology: 1



One of the most fun Jaspers you will ever see, with its bright yellows, greys and blacks, we call Bumblebee Jasper the ‘Talisman’. The Talisman because the happy, radiant energy of the stone helps protect you from falling prey to negative thinking.

Naturally we like to associate this stone to Leo because of the yellow color, radiating out like the Sun, warm rays of energy. However, the deeply nurturing qualities of the stone love to naturally resonate with Cancer as well.

This stone is known to bring you lots of energy, buzzing to the brim in fact. Incorporate this stone into your life if you are wanting to create new, healthy habits and routines and you’ll surely get the job done.


Triumphing, Nurturing, Healthy Thinking

Honesty, Positive, Joyful, Happiness, New Projections

Numerology: 8, 9


BURMESE JADE (Jadeite) – The Long Life

Historically Jade is associated with luck, vitality, and abundance. Burmese Jade is no exception. With a beautiful texture that sways with the translucent hues of yellow and green, this is a stone highly rated for its ability to bring longevity. We call this the ‘Long Life’ because it increases the quality of life to whomever wears Jadeite.

Resonating strongly with Taurus & Libra for its heart opening and strengthening qualities. This is naturally suitable for the two signs in the Zodiac ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Aries and Gemini benefit from Jadeite specifically for wellness properties. Aries is known to push the limits of their body and Gemini is known to push the limits of their mind. Burmese Jade offers them that classic, overall healing property of Jade. These two signs are also known to be hyperactive in a lot of senses and Burmese Jade helps them mellow out. Offering soft caring Pisces, a little bit more of a backbone, they should wear Burmese Jade specifically for courage.

Burmese Jade or Jadeite is an essential for everyone, one of nature’s most potent stones allies to have in your collection.


Purifying, Self-Healing Powers

Gentleness, Serenity, Prosperity, Integrity, Bravery

Numerology: 11



CACOXENITE – The Broader Universe

Cacoxenite, known to us as the ‘Broader Universe’, is an uncommon stone who is a great ally to folks who wish to grow their spiritual energy, realize their path and connect to spirit at large. Greatly revered by healers of all walks and practices, Cacoxenite helps those choosing a spiritual path adhere to the decision they made, cutting away from the rest, knowing that it is not the easier choice.

Naturally we see this stone vibrating with Sagittarius. Because the Centaur always wants to expand their knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual understanding. Having this stone as an ally for Sagittarius can help keep them out of trouble when they become too tempted by the world around them to gallop in a more tempting direction.

Having an inherently positive energy, everyone can benefit from having this spiritually supportive stone in their arsenal.


Guiding to the Right Path, Improving

Crystal Activator, Awareness, Consciousness, Positivity

Numerology: 9


CALCITE – The Energy Cleanser

A common but deeply appreciated stone, one can find Calcite in many colors including white, blue, orange and green. A staple in your crystal cabinet, Calcite is known to us as the ‘Energy Cleanser’. Revered by healers for its cleansing properties, Calcite amplifies positive energies to ward off negativities.

We love this stone for the zodiac sign of Cancer in any color because of its ability to inspire Cancers to explore their spirituality. As Cancers are known to be the most sensitive of the zodiac, Calcite is protective to the Crab and gives them support in their personal growth.

Put Calcite under your pillow for spiritual protection during dream-time, at your door-frame to ward off negative energy and spirits or wear it daily to create a force-field around yourself so nothing destabilizing can penetrate your auric field.


Amplifying Energy, Activating Psychic Abilities, Motivating

Self-Development, Mental Growth

Numerology: 8


CANADIAN JADE – The Defensive Shield

Jade, in many cultures, has historically been known to be a stone of good fortune, bringing luck, love, good health and wealth. We call our Canadian Jade the ‘Defensive Shield’, because Jade is not only a super attractor of good things, but it also protects against the challenges that seek to get in the way of us attracting these wonderful abundances in life.

One of the Earthiest gemstones you can work with, naturally Canadian Jade resonates with both Virgo and Taurus who are Earth signs.

Embodying the qualities of Earth, Jade is a great stone to use in manifestation work, be it for material gain or creating a romantic relationship. It is also a great heart opener in love, and it also brings great life and health to the physical heart.


Coloring Your Life and Dreams

Success, Fortune, Strong Personality

Numerology: 5


CARNELIAN – The Artist

A radiant orangy - red color like no other, Carnelian inspires creativity. Known to us as the ‘Artist’ , Carnelian being orange is the gemstone that resonates most strongly with the Sacral Chakra, our energetic creative center of the body.

Whether bringing motivation to slow moving Taurus in their creative projects, emotional stability & artistic channeling to fluid feeling Cancer or humbling Leo’s ego after a musical theatre performance, Carnelian resonates well with these Zodiac signs in bringing them balance.

Because Carnelian resonates with the Sacral Chakra, it is helpful for those who are working on healing from sexual trauma, working through artistic/writer’s blocks, or are doing ritual work where they would like to attract romance.


Protecting from Envy, Fear and Rage

Creativity, Confidence, Passion

Numerology: 5, 6


CHALCEDONY - The Brotherhood

A type of quartz, with a translucent light blue appearance with varying layers of hues, Chalcedony has powerful harmonizing properties. Fostering brotherhood and goodwill, Chalcedony is well known to help promote cooperation in groups, organizations or individuals who need support in this way.

Resonating with Sagittarius, Chalcedony opens Sagittarius’ mind to other people’s ideas, while in resonating with Cancer, it allows Cancers to more easily open to group projects or scenarios.

This is a beautiful stone to start the process of opening one to their own spiritual potential, and can help bring calm to the spirit.


Balancing Body/Mind/Spirit

Telepathy, Group Stability

Numerology: 9


CHAROITE – The Transformer

Found only in the Chara River in Russia, Charoite is a powerful, unique purple stone, with iridescent, white swirls and shimmers. It is known by some as the ‘Prisoner’s Stone’ because of geographically where it comes from. Historically speaking, some people were imprisoned there against their own will in this part of Russia. We call it the ‘Transformer’, playing on a different take of being a prisoner, and finding our own inner strength to transform our situation, with whatever tools or resources are available, to create our own liberation.

Because of this stone’s natural ability to inspire vision, and it being purple, it resonates strongly with none other than Sagittarius. We also feel a strong resonance of Charoite with Scorpio because of its transformative properties.

Charoite, being a very special, rare stone, energetically it is essential to have this beauty in your collection to assist in your personal spiritual growth.


Spirituality, Inner Vision

Fearless, Acceptance, Unconditional Love

Numerology: 7


CHRYSOCOLLA – New Beginnings

Known as the stone of ‘New Beginnings’, it has the healing capacity for everyone who wants to have a fresh start in life. A play of colors including gorgeous cyan and a minor ore of copper, its beauty is hard to miss.

Taurus, ruler of the Throat and communication resonates with Chrysocolla. Taurus have a kind nature and sometimes have a hard time expressing boundaries. Chrysocolla helps Taurus express their needs in a way that feels authentic to them. Gemini and Virgo greatly benefit from the nervous system support that Chrysocolla offers. It helps take these mercurial signs out of their minds and into their hearts and bodies.

Chrysocolla gives you the feeling of standing under a waterfall or the clarity after a big rainstorm. It’s presence brings a sense of clarity and refreshes the senses.


Soothing Emotional Pain, opening the Capacity to Love

Heartfelt Communication, Visualization

Numerology: 5


CHRYSOPRASE - The Receiver

Containing bits of pimelite, Chrysoprase is a rare gem variety of chalcedony, boasting an exceptionally unique, almost apple green color. Being a beautiful stone for the heart, Chrysoprase is gentle and extremely uplifting.

Relaxing to the busy mind of Gemini, tranquilizing to the energy of Aries, balancing to Libra’s need to find love outside of themselves, & replenishing to a Leo’s generous heart, Chrysoprase is an absolute gift to these Zodiac signs.

An interesting quality about Chrysoprase is that it has an ability to detoxify our energetic bodies. So if you’re feeling drained emotionally or spiritually, this stone is one of your best allies to reset your system.


Detoxifying, Loving, Opening the Heart

Positivity, Optimism, Joyfulness

Numerology: 6


CITRINE – The Light Maker

Citrine, one of our go-to’s for anyone working with crystals. Inspiring confidence with its translucent golden yellowish tones, Citrine is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the energy center of will and self-esteem. We call this the ‘Light Maker’ because, like the Sun, that is exactly what this stone does. It brings clarity and light onto one’s life mission, and gives them the motivation and confidence to carry out their project.

Resonating naturally with Leo because of the connection to the Sun and confidence, it also connects to Gemini with helping them find clarity in their thoughts It vibrates with Aries in fully strengthening their motivation, so they can go above and beyond their limitations (as if they believe they have any), and they give Libra a little light on how to maintain their independence when they heavily rely on relationships & friendships for their identity.

The classic stone for manifestation work, drawing in wealth, and success, incorporate Citrine into your meditations or rituals in several ways. Wearing Citrine daily will draw in opportunities, gifts from the Universe and abundance, it also instills the wearer with a sense of joy and contentment.


Transmuting Negative Energy

Happiness, Joy, Wealth, Clarity and Light

Numerology: 6


COBRA (ELEPHANT SKIN) JASPER – The Counselor’s Stone

Cobra or Elephant Skin Jasper, also knowns the Calligraphy Stone... so many names for what we like to call the ‘Counselor’s Stone’. An Earthy stone in appearance and vibration, Cobra Jasper creates a space where the wearer feels ‘heard’. Offering the innate ability to calm the body, spirit and mind, if at any point one is feeling overwhelmed by their experience, having Cobra Jasper against their skin will bring them back to Earth. A stone known to aid positivity in life and used as a traveler's amulet. Featuring matte textures, beautiful earthly colors and silhouettes.

This stone resonates beautifully with Scorpio with the relationship between the ‘Cobra shedding its skin’ in times of transformation and Scorpio’s natural ongoing spiritual transformations.

A wonderful stone to wear in dealing with anxiety or to feel more connected to your body and the Earth. Enjoy the bold natural colors and variations in pattern of the Cobra Jasper.


Grounding, Balancing

Focus, Clarity, Honest Introspection

Numerology: 9


COTTON CANDY AGATE – The Loving Dreamer

We call Cotton Candy Agate the ‘Loving Dreamer’ because it makes the wearer feel that everything is possible. Cotton Candy Agate helps one feel an undeniable belief and love in themselves that can drive any idea to reality. Honor your natural talents and bring them out to the world. This is a soft and loving stone known to promote analytical thinking and perception.

Vibrates deeply with Gemini for its ability to bring concentration. Gemini, being ruled by Mercury and doubling down by being represented by the Twins in Astrology, can be extremely mentally scattered. Geminis have big ideas, all they need is focus. Cotton Candy Agate helps them accept who they are with their natural chaotic tendencies, while giving them a nudge to channel their mental energy appropriately.

Cotton Candy Agate also brings unconditional love, acceptance and understanding to the wearer, for themselves and the world.


Relaxing, Heart Healing, Encouraging Natural Talents

Goodwill, Compassion

Numerology: 2


CRAZY LACE AGATE - The Laughter Stone

We refer to Crazy Lace Agate as the ‘Laughter Stone’ and that may not come as a surprise to some. Caution though, this stone may cause you to go into uncontrollable fits of laughter that will heal you deeply to your core. The saying ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ resonates fully with this stone.

Crazy Lace Agate is in high vibration with Aries for its ability to stimulate endurance. Aries, the most serious of the fire signs (the others being Leo & Sagittarius) benefits from Crazy lace Agate for it stimulates the more light-hearted sign of Aries.

In ancient times it was used as an amulet for courage. In appearance Crazy Lace Agate really does look ‘Crazy’ with unpredictable combinations of patterns and colors.


Absorbing Emotional Pain, Encouraging Uninhibited Laughter

Happiness, Joyfulness

Numerology: 7


CUPRITE - The Vitalizer

Cuprite is a Copper ore gemstone. Deep red in color, it has a deep association with the root chakra and is naturally connected to the Earth and the zodiac signs associated with the Earth, Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus. Known to us as the ‘Vitalizer’ we love this stone for our Earth signs to replenish their stores of energy. Virgo and Capricorn are known especially to be hard working and we love this stone for them.

Used to awaken Kundalini energies, Cuprite connects the human to the divine.

Resonating with the number 2, Cuprite marries the masculine and feminine in divine union to connect us to spirit directly through the channel of light. Highly recommended to work with during meditations to keep you planted firmly on the Earth whilst opening yourself to higher dimensions and consciousness.

Attributes: Grounding, Manifesting, Supporting Vital Force

Vitality, Strength, Energy

Numerology: 2



DENDRITIC AGATE – The Gentle Light

With tree-like inclusions and many small details that almost resemble a scene in the wintertime, we call Dendritic Agate the ‘Gentle Light’. Dendritic Agate carries a tender and sensible energy. Although some of the stones themselves may look like a chaotic snowstorm, there is simply something about the Agate that provides a sense of calmness.

A perfect stone for Gemini, bringing mental clarity and reducing anxiety, Dendritic Agate is a great stone ally for this mercurial zodiac sign.

Known to a be a gemstone of joy, compassion and gentleness, Dendritic Agate is appreciated by many for its natural nurturing energy and beautiful appearance.


Accepting, Centering

Peace, Self-Love, Abundance

Numerology: 3


DENDRITIC SONORAN – The Body & Soul Strengthener

Dendritic Sonoran looks like what one would imagine, driving through the desert at sunset would look like. Featuring bold dendritic patterns, and colors like deep burgundies, browns, blues, and yellows, Dendritic Sonoran is both earthy and ethereal at the same time.

Vibrates with Earthy signs Taurus and Capricorn. Dendritic Sonoran allows Taurus and Capricorn to feel connected to Mother Earth wherever they go. Having Dendritic Sonoran on their bodies physically helps them feel at home at all times.

Dendritic Sonoran is appreciated for its ability to enhance healing, self-esteem and peace. For an unshakable confidence and inner-contentment, Dendritic Sonoran is your stone brother.


Calming, Grounding

Awareness of Spiritual Connection, Peace of Mind

Numerology: 2


DINOSAUR BONE - The Memory Increaser

Known to us as the ‘Memory Increaser’ Dinosaur Bone carries old and ancient energies and wisdom. Traditionally believed to enhance memory and increase energy, Dinosaur Bone features Earthy textures, patterns and colors.

Resonating with Aries, Dinosaur Bone replenished Aries’ vitality. Aries pushes all of their limits. The steadfast, sturdy energy of the Dinosaur Bone can help them endure anything.

For those struggling with anxiety, Dinosaur Bone helps ground your body in a state of fight or flight so you can assess your situation from a more detached standpoint.


Calming Survival related Anxieties

Resistance, Endurance, Communication

Numerology: 2


DIOPSIDE - The Stone of Service

A gemstone thought to stimulate intellect and creativity, known to us as the ‘Stone of Service’ Diopside has an uncommon and unique green color. Providing a deep connection to the Earth and a great assistant in any intellectual pursuit, Diopside is a great stone ally for anyone becoming a student or studying something new.

Vibrating with Virgo, a highly intellectual sign, Diopside helps Virgo play with their mind in a way that is fun and engaging but not exhausting. It acts as a tonic, providing mental and nervous system balance.

Wear Diopside for heart opening and hep you feel part of nature anywhere you go.


Earth Connecting, Academic Learning

Compassion, Intelligence

Numerology: 9


DUMORTIERITE – I Stand for Myself

Dumortierite is an uncommon, beautiful blue gemstone, commonly known as a stone for empowerment. In a world where sensitive people are often misunderstood and shamed, Dumortierite comes in as a powerful stone ally, and that is why we called it ‘I Stand for Myself’. No longer tolerate being put down, excluded or underestimated. Wear Dumortierite to connect to your truest self and your guides for direction on how to navigate your life, despite other people’s commentary.

Resonating powerfully with Leo, Dumortierite heals the Lion immensely. Leo represents children and the inner child, and in life being a child is when we collect most of our hurts and traumas; in a crucial time when we simply want to express ourselves. Leos are, from childhood, performers and always looking for attention. In that natural expression of themselves they may have to endure a lot of pain and suffering from feeling isolated and misunderstood by others around them. Dumortierite is great for Leo children or adults to heal a distorted sense of who they are and who they are told they should be.

A stone of empowerment, it ensures strength, dignity and respect towards challenging situations.


Connecting with Spirit Guides, Grounding

Love Patience, Self-Reliance, Innate Wisdom

Numerology: 4



EAGLE EYE – The Decision Maker

The silky luster, glassy iridescent and pebbly aesthetic are unique to Eagle Eye. This stone is also called Hawk's Eye, and it comes from the chatoyant family of the most commonly known, the Tiger's Eye. We call this stone the ‘Decision Maker’ for its ability to help the wearer find their intuition between their swirling thoughts & chaotic emotions. Eagle Eye allows us to see the clear path that isn’t distorted by things around us. It allows our Higher Self to see the reality of the situation, and make a clear, confident decision based on accurate information, being objective truth. Objective truth being communicated to us by our intuition.

Eagle Eye has a strong resonance with Sagittarius for this reason. Sagittarius is naturally an exceptionally intuitive sign but can become indecisive simply by their openness to every possibility presented to them. Eagle Eye can act as a conduit in meditation for Sagittarius the Archer to connect to their Arrow, their intuition so they can accurately make their mark.

This stone is wonderful for anyone who needs to stay grounded and confident in their feelings, and can be used as a formidable talisman so that they aren’t persuaded by other people’s opinions.


Protecting, Calming, Emotional Controlling, Thinking Ability

Self Confidence

Numerology: 3, 4


EMERALD - The Successful Lover

Appreciated for centuries by queens and princesses. Its soothing green hue is thought to bring passion, bliss and plenty of love to relationships. Emerald is one of the most known gemstones and can be found in many different grades and qualities. With its specific hue of green that has made Emerald a color name, we call Emerald the ‘Successful Lover’ for its history and lore around being a stone of romance.

We love this stone for Aries. It helps the Ram become less self-centered, but enhances their passion, making them a more attentive and selfless partner. We love this stone for Gemini because it brings them out of their head and into their body and heart, where they can enjoy sensual and intimate experiences more deeply without overthinking. For Taurus, Emerald enhances their Earthy, sensual qualities. This stones pretty much yells Taurus.

Resonating with the number 4, working with Emerald can bring stability to your finances and relationships.


Inspiration, Domestic Bliss, Abundance

Patience, Integrity

Numerology: 4


EPIDOTE – The Perceiver

A beautiful green stone, Epidote centers your energies so you can approach life with clarity and positivity. Helping transform snap judgments into compassionate, heart-felt evaluations of situations, Epidote is a great stone ally for those doing personal work on themes related to judgment.

Vibrating with Gemini, Epidote can help Gemini see situations from many valuable angles. It gives Gemini to step back and see the whole picture, becoming more of a perceiver, taking in all of the information before formulating an opinion.

If you need a new perspective and or some mental clarity, meditate wearing or wear daily Epidote.


Centering, Manifesting, Opening your Perception

Personal Power

Numerology: 2



FIRE AGATE - The Spiritual Flame

We call Fire Agate the ‘Spiritual Flame’ because, in alchemy, it is believed to carry the fire that leads to spiritual growth. With oranges and reds it is no surprised that this stone resonates with the element of fire. Everyone needs that spark of inspiration be it a positive one or more challenging one to do our self-work. Fire Agate gives the wearer this spark to explore their spiritual path.

Aries doesn’t so much need the spark as they do the direction. Fire Agate speaks Aries’ language. But instead of creating a fire that is unbridled and spreads everywhere, Fire Agate encourages Aries to control their inner fire and direct it to be productive and fruitful through creative action.

For anyone needing creative inspiration, a little or a lot of a nudge to redirect their life or for those starting to explore their spiritual path, Fire Agate is a great companion.


Inspiring, Progressing, Protecting

Fearless, Spiritual Growth

Numerology: 9


FLUORITE – The Rainbow Keeper

Fluorite, such an exceptionally magical stone. For all its magic and its colors,we call this one the ‘Rainbow Keeper’. It is a translucent stone that can have chevrons or striations of different colors and has a beautiful variety of purples, blues, & greens. Most commonly used to help with anxiety, Fluorite brings peacefulness to the mind and serenity to the nervous system.

Vibrates with Capricorn to bring down stresses from over-working, while resonating with Pisces to bring them more structure to their fantasies.

Fluorite is such a gentle yet powerful stone for many in different capacities. Having Fluorite close to the body is especially helpful for working on developing stronger self-love.


Calming, Clarifying, Focusing

Peace, Bliss, Order

Numerology: 7, 9


FUCHSITE - The Fairy Stone

Why do we call Fuchsite the ‘Fairy Stone’? Well, for its rare green and gold sparkling flecks that resemble fairy dust of course! This stone is known to bring much magic to the wearer. Fuchsite is associated with the essence of magic and miracles - blessings that we all need, but we have no control over how they are given. If you want to attract more windfalls, help or even surprises in your life, Fuchsite is your pal.

Not surprisingly, vibrating with the energy of Aquarius, we can fully agree at Susana Vijaya Co. that having Fuchsite in your life will help you be more open to life’s spontaneous possibilities. When we open ourselves up to possibility, there is no telling what we will encounter.

Wear Fuchsite to create a whole new life if you wish, in the most beautiful, poetic, theatrical, sparkly way possible.


Holistic Medicine, Miracles, Blessings


Numerology: 9



GALAXY QUARTZ - The Purifier

First, the wood was petrified by Quartz. Then the pyrite grew into the quartz, creating this amazing Pyrited Wood! Known as the ‘Purifier’ because of its cleansing abilities for the energetic bodies, Galaxy Quartz is also protective and strengthening to the wearer.

Associated with Leo, it provides them with emotional strength and encourages them to look to their mind for answers sometimes and not always their hearts. Because Leo rules the heart and is connected strongly to their feelings, this can sometimes cloud their decision making. Galaxy Quartz gives them an opportunity to try a different approach.

If you want to become a stronger person in all ways, wearing Galaxy Quartz will help you accomplish this goal.


Protecting from Negative Energy, Mind Strengthening

Willpower, Mental Strength

Numerology: 3


GARNET – The Energizer

Garnet, a passionate, deep burgundy-red stone that has been used for its vitality increasing properties for centuries. We call this one the ‘Energizer’ for its ability to replenish energetic stores in your body and mind when you have gone past your limits.

Giving Virgo a boost in the self-esteem department, replenishing Capricorn’s energy from over-working, helping Aquarius come down from their head and into their body to enjoy the realm of Earthly pleasures, and filling up Leo’s creative stores, Garnet is an essential for signs who must put out a lot of themselves into the world, whether it’s through service, work or art.

Garnet is also a stone to incorporate into your life if you are wanting to draw in more romantic intimacy or become a better lover yourself. It helps us have more awareness of our bodies and listen to what they are trying to communicate to us.


Health, Passion, Awareness, Manifestation


Numerology: 2


GOLDSTONE - The Ancient Monk's Creation

Known since the 11th century, we call this inspiring man-made stone the ‘Ancient Monk’s Creation’ because that is exactly what it is, a creation of ancient Monks. Sparkly and bright, this stone can come in copper,navy or green colors, and it contains flecks of copper. Goldstone’s properties very much reflect the copper in its composition.

Resonating with Zodiac signs Sagittarius & Leo, who are Fire signs, it’s not surprising that this stone supports us to feel motivated, creative, energetic and anything else that needs a little spark.

A great stone ally to wear when you need support in creative projects, be it decision making, creating or distribution. Goldstone will light the fire under your butt, in a good way.


Ambition, Drive, Self-Belief, Copper Properties

Positivity, Ingenuity, Revitalize Energy

Numerology: 9



HEMATITE – The Solid Grounder

Hematite, a type of Iron with a glossy silver exterior is known to us as the ‘Solid Grounder’. Often used for mind and body connection, it carries strong grounding abilities to bring clarity and strength to life.

Aries is the ruler of the Head and so naturally Hematite is very beneficial to them. Aries, being a reckless sign, can benefit from wearing Hematite to help heal from head injuries and knock some sense into their rash decision making. Aquarius benefits from wearing Hematite for its grounding properties. A very mentally bright sign, Aquarius can also benefit from the cognitively supportive aspects of Hematite.

With its unique appearance and qualities, Hematite is an essential if not gateway crystal.


Enhancing Memory, Manifesting, Mental Attuning

Focus, Clarity

Numerology: 9


HOWLITE – The Calmer

Howlite, we like to call it the ‘Calmer’ for its natural abilities to soothe the nervous system. Naturally, Howlite is a gorgeous opaque white colored stone, however it is the preferred stone to be dyed, to emulate Turquoise. Here we are proud to always try to be as honest as possible, so Howlite is Howlite, Turquoise is Turquoise. For overthinkers that run into territory of anxiety and emotional turbulence, Howlite in either color is a must have.

A stone in resonance with Gemini for its thought organizing abilities, Howlite is a staple for everyone with sensitive nervous systems and brains that just won’t quit.


Calming, Attuning, Surrendering

Awareness, Wisdom

Numerology: 2


HYPERSTHENE – The Answer Giver

Hypersthene, a gorgeous silver & black stone with iridescence, is known to us as the ‘Answer Giver’.

For indecisive signs like Libra & hyper-active signs like Sagittarius, Hypersthene can be an excellent medicine and ally. A stone that offers the wearer support in critical thinking, Hypersthene also provides connection to intuition, building a clear channel for understanding between thought and emotion.

When one meditates with Hypersthene, they will feel more at peace with the World around them. Having a stronger sense of relaxation in one’s life also assists in decision-making.


Problem Solving, Soothing Irritability, Critical Thinking, Calming


Numerology: 8, 9



IMPERIAL JASPER – The Solid Stability

Imperial Jasper we call ‘Solid Stability’ for its ability to act as a strong energetically foundational support to the wearer. Jaspers are in general revered for their stabilizing and Earthy qualities, but Imperial Jasper, with its blues and browns also provides joy, peace and a lightness to the heart.

Resonating as a heart softening stone for Scorpio, vibrating as a heart healer for Leo and giving Virgo the confidence to open their heart, there is much emphasis on this stone being a helpful heart stone for these Zodiac signs.

Its tinges of hues and markings that resemble spider netting make this stone an icon aesthetically pleasing with few stones having this resemblance.


Tranquilizing, Calming, Protecting, Stabilizing

Inner Peace, Higher Heart

Numerology: 6


IOLITE - The Violet-Blue Vision

According to history, Vikings used thin slices of iolite as glare-reducers and polarizing filters that helped navigators see the sun on cloudy days. This helped them find their location on the seas. This is why we call Iolite the ‘Violet-Blue Vision’, because of its association with clarity of vision. Associated with the Ajna or Third Eye Chakra, the center of intuition in the body, Iolite is the ultimate stone of sensitive gifts.

Iolite naturally resonates with Sagittarius by helping them keep their eyes on the prize, the spiritual prize. By helping Sagittarius focus on their spiritual vision, Iolite keeps Sagittaius on course rather than galloping about in all directions. As for Taurus, Iolite helps them have a deeper spiritual experience in life and pulls them out of their creature comforts every now and again. Iolite also vibrates well with Leo by bringing them back in tune with cosmic connection and away from their performative lifestyle for a while.

Iolite is a perfect stone to meditate with to help develop our psychic abilities.


Inner Vision, Intuition, Cosmic Connection, Independence

Psychic Gifts, Past Lives, Astral Travel

Numerology: 7



JADE – The Lucky Charm

We call Jade the ‘Lucky Charm” because that is how it has been known for centuries. An icon for its unique luster and color, Jade is also known for its ability to bring luck, being a favorite of Asian cultures. It keeps its wearer from misfortune and harm.

Whether drawing in love for Libra, good health for the active Aries, abundance for opulent Taurus or grounding for Gemini, Jade resonates well with all these Zodiac signs.

One of our best heart stones, Jade is an auspicious stone to be worn at all times.


Confidence, Purity, Serenity, Well-being

Success, Fidelity

Numerology: 11


JASPER – The Supreme Nurturer

Jasper, we know as the ‘Supreme Nurturer’ and for good reason. We work with many different Jaspers and each one has a tremendously healing quality, be it emotional, mental, physical or spiritual. Any Jasper you choose to work with will hold you like a babe in arms and give you the best care you could ask for. All unique in color and specialized properties, Jaspers are always nourishing. Ancient history has it that Jasper drives away bad elements and keeps you from harm. Its wonderful nurturing qualities are common to all the different varieties of Jasper.


Tranquilizing, Yin-Yang Balancing, Protecting, Healing, Nurturing


Numerology: 6



K2 STONE - The Information from Heaven

A cream-colored stone with unique blue spots and small black speckles, K2 has an appearance like no other. Known to us as the ‘Information from Heaven’ K2 stone awakens our intuitive abilities. Grow your intuition, unlock your inner power and explore your spiritual path with K2 stone.

For Gemini, K2 helps them understand spiritual experience. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini always tries to intellectualize everything. K2 gives Gemini amentalbreak so they can dip their toes into a realm they haven’t seen before. K2 helps Sagittarius stay true to their path of pursual of wisdom, truth and knowledge. It enhances their intuition and sharpens their discernment. Leos can benefit from K2 by growing a bigger spiritual lens. Leo might not always be concerned with what is beyond the veil of existence, but K2 stone may give them a little encouragement to explore.

For those wanting to dive deep into developing their intuition and connection to higher power, wear K2 stone daily.


Enhancing Psychic Abilities

Intuition, Wisdom, Enlightenment

Numerology: 5, 6


KUNZITE – The Unconditional Lover

We adore this stone so much!!! We have personally not met a soul that wasn’t in deep awe with Kunzite. A stone that emanates love, compassion and connection, this stone is highly praised for its soft pastel pinks and lavenders and healing properties. Kunzite is Pure Love, the ‘Unconditional Lover’ if you will. Also known to be a supportive stone to new mothers, Kunzite may be gentle and nurturing, but she is sure powerful.

Resonates well with Zodiac signs Scorpio, Taurus & Leo, Kunzite works to balance out any kinks in the heart.


Connecting, Purifying, Loving the Highest Way Possible

Spirituality, High Vibrations, Peace

Numerology: 7


KYANITE – The Meditator

Kyanite, a unique blue stone with a light blue-silvery sheen, is known to us as the ‘Mediator’. We love this stone for Therapists, Mediators or any other practitioners using their truths and voices in a therapeutic way, to help others on their healing journey. A peaceful, grounding stone, it also helps the wearer clear out any energetic blockages in their Throat Chakra.

Resonates well with Taurus, Libra & Aries for its great ability to smooth out kinks in communication, whether it be overbearing or passive.

Kyanite is also a suitable stone for empaths or sensitive people in helping them adjust to changing energies around them, as they move throughout their life.


Tranquilizing, Lucid Dreaming, Meditating

Psychic Awareness, Intuition

Numerology: 4



LABRADORITE – The Temple of the Star

Labradorite, known to us as the ‘Temple of the Stars’, is commonly praised for its space- like beauty. Having almost a black backdrop with iridescent covering layer, the sheen on Labradorite can range from an intense, bright blue to a sea green, to having a large range including pinks, oranges, purples and yellows. Also know to some as the Magician’s stone, Labradorite is fantastic for protecting the auric field, developing intuition and connecting to the ethereal realms.

Resonates well with Sagittarius, Scorpio & Leo, not surprisingly for Labradorite being a powerful stone for manifestation work, never loosing perseverance, and these signs tending to have a natural knack for magic.

Not only exceptionally breathtaking in appearance, but powerful when used as a tool of practice.


Transforming, Aura Protecting

Strength, Intuition, Perseverance

Numerology: 6, 7


LAPIS LAZULI – The Wisdom Keeper

It is rumored that Cleopatra crushed Lapis Lazuli to make her eyeshadow because of its deep blue pigment and sparkly gold flecks. It is said that they also used Lapis powder to make paint to decorate the tombs of some famous Pharaohs. This is why we call Lapis the ‘Wisdom Keeper’. Easily one of the most distinct and beautiful stones, oozing with spiritual properties, Lapis Lazuli represents wisdom, honor, power and royalty.

The strong desire to acquire wisdom, truth, and knowledge are qualities of Sagittarius that make Lapis magnetic to it. This stone bleeds Sagittarius energy.

It is also a stone strongly associated with vision and intuition, great to work with in opening the Third Eye and developing spiritual abilities.


Self-Acceptance, Open Mind, Truthful, Visionary

Life force, Wisdom, Mysticism

Numerology: 3


LARIMAR – Radiating Love

Known in some circles as the ‘Friendship Stone’, 'Atlantis Stone' or the ‘Dolphin Stone’ (because of its color and the demeanor of Dolphins), we decided to call Larimar ‘Radiating Love’. An uncommon stone where the color looks like the sky and ocean meet, with thin, wispy white clouds over tope, Larimar was found in the Caribbean Sea and that is why it has ‘Mar’ in the name (Mar = Sea in Latin). A nurturing stone, Larimar, like the name says, radiates love. Bringing all the good vibrations of healing, manifestation, connection, there are so many reasons so many people are attracted to it.

Leo’s loving, warm energy and big heart resonate deeply with this stone.

This is a great stone to work with for gentle healing, supporting someone through great life changes and helping us become more in tune with our relationships to others in our lives.


Earth Healing, Manifesting, Nurturing and Evolving

Peace, New Dimensions

Numerology: 6, 55


LARVIKITE – The Magician

Larvikite, or as we call it the ‘Magician’, is the Magician archetype of the Underworld or the subconscious. Not the Magician side that is so much focused on manifestation, but the Magician side that is the conduit for the shadow work. With a beauty resembling the night skies, this protective stone cancels out hexes and wards off negative energies.

Vibrating with Aquarius, there is a degree of rebellious transformation that can come with working with this stone, so proceed with caution as it is powerful!


Psychic Abilities, Past Life Regressions

Visionary, Shaman

Numerology: 2


LAVA – The Big Grounder

Born out of the fire of Pele’s domain, the Volcano, Lava rock, the ‘Big Grounder’, is a dark stone whose porous appearance is not only interesting but can retain fragrance or essential oils so that we may wear perfumes on our bodies when we wear Lava rock jewelry.

Not surprisingly in resonance with the Earth signs Taurus & Capricorn, Lava is an exceptionally grounding rock. The Taurus energy working through the stone, bringing out the stubborn anyone who wears it, will surely hold their own during an altercation.

Lava rock brings out the Earthiest and most pragmatic aspects of people, which can be helpful for those who presently feel a little lost and need some direction in their lives. We love to use Lava in its natural state, and also electroplated with a gunpowder coating.


Grounding, Deepening, Intensifying, Changing

Passionate, Practical, Assertive

Numerology: 1


LAVENDER JADE – Overcoming Trauma

Lavender Jade, as it sounds, has a beautiful Lavender color. A gentle, emotionally supportive stone, allows us to feel held when moving through the motions of dealing with grief and traumas. It helps us look at ourselves and our situations through warm and compassionate lens. For those who are at a part in their healing journey where they want things to be a little more lighthearted than such constant, deep Shadow Work, try meditating with or working with Lavender Jade. This stone is a reminder that we don’t have to hide our problems away, but we don’t have to hate ourselves through the process of fusing the fragments back together and finding wholeness.

A stone that vibrates well with the energy of Sagittarius, reminds us that we do the work in ourselves so we can enjoy life, and that we shouldn’t put off enjoying life just because the work isn’t finished. Sagittarius really is about the journey, not the destination, and healing work is no different.


Inspiring Awe, Emotional Healing, Moderating, Forgiving

Inner Peace

Numerology: 7


LEPIDOLITE – Sweet Dreams

Lepidolite, a gorgeous purple stone with silvery mica fragments, carries with it an ethereal, dreamy energy about it, that is why we called it ‘Sweet Dreams’. Helpful to the mind and nervous system, Lepidolite is a great stone for sleeping and you guessed it, sweet dreaming.

A stone that seeks to bring peacefulness and hope to the wearer, it is also a strong ally for Libra.

A great stone for anyone with anxiety, fears or that are challenged with any mental distortions, let Lepidolite take you by the hand into a gentle bed of purple, chiffon dreams.


Tranquilizing, Accepting, Increasing Diplomacy

Restful Sleep, Peace, Hope

Numerology: 8


LODOLITE (Garden Quartz) – The Awakener

A clear quartz with dusty rose colored, mossy deposits in the stone, is one we call the ‘Awakener’. Beyond its scenic, dramatic look, the Lodolite is highly praised as The Shamanic Dream Stone for its ability to aid spiritual and inspirational growth.

This stone vibrates with every Zodiac sign.

Helping us all dive deep, exploring parts of ourselves courageously and encouraging a sense of oneness with all of humanity, Lodolite is essential for everyone.


Insight, Spiritual Growth, Harmony

Inspiration, Serenity

Numerology: 4



MAGNESITE - The Heart of Silence

A unique white stone with grey accents, Magnesite is a supportive and gentle stone. We call Magnesite the ‘Heart of Silence’ because meditators use it to bring deep peace and silence to open their hearts for spiritual passion and love.

Resonating strongly with Virgo, it helps release nervous tension, anxiety and chaotic mental patterns.

Magnesite is also known to be helpful in relationships where dynamics are unhealthy and where codependency may be present.


Meditation, Inner Silence, Peace

Grounded Intellect, Revolutionary Ideas

Numerology: 1


MALACHITE – The Positive Change

Malachite, an exceptional combination of greens of all hues. Known to us as the stone of ‘Positive Change’ Malachite is all about transformation. If you are at an impasse in your life, Malachite is a great stone to work with, to shake things up and attract change.

Naturally vibrates with Scorpio (Zodiac sign of transformation), it also resonates with Capricorn. That sometimes stubborn Capricorn needs a push to make a change.

Malachite is also known to be a great heart stone, and is known to attract love. It can also be worn as a beautiful talisman for protection, especially in the midst of big life changes.


Balancing, Protecting, Opening for Change

Spiritual Evolution, Confidence

Numerology: 9



Prized for its unique azure-blue color, inclusions of iron and swirls of cream hues, this combination of precious elements is known to encourage compassion and love to its bearer. Such a unique combination of stones that if you come across one, you should cherish it.

Vibrates with Taurus, Capricorn and Scorpio to teach them how to open their hearts to others and be more open to love. These signs open up slowly and there is absolutely wrong with that. However, the reason we call this combination the ‘Yeah to Brotherhood’ is because what we want for these signs to know is that there are amazing people to build community with in this world. And the first step is making an attempt to trust others. Resonating with Sagittarius the Malachite/Chrysocolla/Azurite helps Sagittarius put down their ‘know’ it all mentality so they can connect to others. Sagittarius is exceptionally passionate about gathering wisdom and knowledge, but the ‘Yeah to Brotherhood’ reminds them that they aren’t the only Sage in the world. Virgo and Gemini can deeply benefit from this stone to help them drop into their hearts from their minds. These two signs are ruled by Mercury which guides the intellect. Incorporating this stone in their lives can help them have a gentler perspective on the world.

Malachite/Chrysocolla/Azurite offers a feeling of love and acceptance to any wearer.


Supporting, Giving

Love, Compassion, Intelligence

Numerology: 6


MOOKAITE – The Balancer

A charming variety of Jasper, Mookaite looks like a sunset. With strong opaque reds, yellows, oranges, mauves and browns, it is known to us as the ‘Balancer’. This stone is not only exquisite in appearance but is also a potent healer. Imagine being pulled into the center of a healing sandstorm, the discomfort floating away and peacefulness around you, only the sounds of the sands and the winds... this is the energetic place Mookaite takes you to. Connecting with the Earth, and grounding you in such a capacity, that you surrender to the element totally.

Resonating with Scorpio and Virgo, Mookaite brings them both back to Earth in different ways, either out of the mind or out of emotion.

Calming, nurturing, supportive. Mookaite is a beautiful stone to have in your collection.


Balancing, Earth Connecting, Calming

Versatility, Flexibility, Practical Intuition

Numerology: 5, 8


MOONSTONE – The Goddess of Destiny

Moonstone, one of the most revered gemstones. Gray, peachy or white, translucent, cloudy with beautiful iridescence of blues, yellows and greens, it is stunning. There is a reason she is called Moonstone, with her lightness resembling our planet. We call Moonstone the ‘Goddess of Destiny’, a stone to guide you through times of uncertainty, and to help you manifesting your future. Moonstone carries a reflective, calming, very feminine energy.

Resonates strongly with some of our most sensitive signs: Cancer (who is ruled by the Moon), Libra & Scorpio. Moonstone brings emotional balance to all of these Zodiac signs.

Sometimes even called the Woman’s Stone for how strongly it is tied to the feminine nature of shedding, changes of the tides and phases of the moon.


Balancing, Discerning

Divinity, Intuition, Compassion, Tenderness

Numerology: 4


MOONSTONE TOURMALINE - Evoking the Goddess

Moonstone and Tourmaline naturally grow together, forming amazing pieces of the colorful Rainbow sheen white Moonstone, with large flecks of Black Tourmaline running throughout it. When these two come together, they balance the duality of Masculine (Tourmaline) and Feminine (Moonstone). From here, the Goddess can take the hand of the God, as he elevates her to her throne, for all her subjects to admire. He steps back, still there to support and ground her, but gives her center stage to fully express Feminine beauty and wisdom. This is why we called this incredible combination ‘Evoking the Goddess’.

Vibrating and resonating strongly with Cancer, Libra & Scorpio, some of the more sensitive signs of the Zodiac, this Moonstone Tourmaline also resonates with Capricorn as it brings Capricorn the nurturance of the Moonstone and the Tourmaline highlights the masculine and paternal qualities of Capricorn.

If you have a busy working life, and at the same time, you are still a very active mom or dad, this is a stone for you to carry all the time!


Yin-Yang Balancing, Grounding, Uplifting, Work/Life Balancing

Highest Self, Luck

Numerology: 2, 3, 4


MORGANITE - The Beautiful Innocence

In the Beryl family like Aquamarine, Morganite naturally comes in a range of beautiful, pastel colors. Translucent, but usually a little cloudy, Morganite comes in blues, greens, yellows, and pinks. It is very appreciated by younger people, and we believe that it is because of the sweet innocence it carries.

A stone that strongly resonates with Libra, it is no surprise that this stone is also associated with romance.

Providing a cozy, safe space of healing, peace and balance, Morganite is naturally a very sweet and feminine stone.


Emotional Healing

Romance, Sweetness, Love, Brotherhood

Numerology: 3


MOSS AGATE - A Fresh Start

More commonly translucent with green, moss like mineral strands running throughout, we call Moss Agate ‘A Fresh Start’. Moss Agate can also come in other colors. The Stone of New Beginnings is loved for deep mossy colors and patterns. Its energy is just as gorgeous as the stone itself.

Naturally associated with all of the Earth signs, Moss Agate has a special affinity for Virgo, perhaps because of its ability to soothe Virgo’s nervous system.

Gazing upon a piece of Moss Agate is as if you are walking through a foggy forest, filled with old tree, sprites, fairies, creeks and wonders. When you leave the forest, you feel like yourself, but stronger, new, and motivated. This is how you will feel wearing Moss Agate.


Refreshing the Soul, Emotional Balancing

Self-Esteem, New Beginnings, Confidence, Strength

Numerology: 1




OBSIDIAN - The Mirror

Obsidian, a type of deeply naturally colored black glass, that is sometimes used to make scrying mirrors for divination. While Obsidian is a great material for a reflective surface, we called it the ‘Mirror’ for its spiritual ability to reflect our souls to us, and to protect us from negative energies, repflecting them to where they came from. Worn by the supreme Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca, these days Obsidian is recognized as a protective gemstone commonly used for grounding and safety.

Vibrates well with Sagittarius for its ability to challenge the Centaur’s ego. If one cannot take a good, honest look at themselves, can they grow spiritually?

Obsidian, a wonderful neutral colored stone that will go with any outfit, but can be worn more as a magical talisman if the intention should desire.


Grounding, Purifying, Protecting

Self-reflection, Growth

Numerology: 1



We know Ocean Jasper as ‘Go with the flow’. Like flowing water, Ocean Jasper is soothing, healing and nourishing. A rare variety of Jasper, with unique orb details in different colors, is commonly used to elevate joy, happiness and emotional stability.

It is easy for Capricorn to be headstrong and so focused on their projects, but Ocean Jasper helps remind them when it is time to emotionally fill up. This stone also helps them put more focus into themselves. Prioritizing their personal needs, this keeps them topped up in all ways so they can continue to fulfill their life’s purpose and not burn out.

Supporting those with low self-esteem, Ocean Jasper promotes self-love and courage.


Finding Joy and Happiness, Prioritizing Yourself

Optimizing, Relaxing

Numerology: 6


ONYX – Let It All Go

Onyx is a beautiful stone that is commonly used for processing difficult feelings & situations. We called it ‘Let It All Go’ for this reason. Appreciated for its opacity, this stone is also known to be protective and can be worn for auric and spiritual safety.

Vibrating with the essence of Leo, the strong protective energy of the Lion comes through with Onyx.

A stone commonly given to those that are experiencing grief, it is also said that it attracts positivity. Care should be taken when working with this stone to remember that there are good things coming your way, even though you’re dealing with the hard stuff in that moment.


Protecting, Calming, Focusing

Good Fortune, Discipline,

Numerology: 6


OPAL – The True Self

It was said that when Opals were made, God selected all the most beautiful stones on the Earth to create this astonishingly unique stone. Opal to us represents the ‘True Self’. A gorgeous stone with fine vibration and positive energy. Popularly known to heighten creativity and our emotional connection.

Resonating with our sensitive signs Cancer, Libra, Pisces & Scorpio, Opal is gentle but especially inspiring to creative people. Opal helps our artists connect to their True Selves so that they can fully express that connection through their creations.

Also known to be good for dreaming, in the sense of having good dreams while we sleep, and having dreams in our waking life. Work with Opal to have pleasant experiences on the Astral plane, and to see your dreams come to reality in the real world.


Emotional Amplification, Inspiration

Originality, Creativity, Loyalty

Numerology: 8



PEARL – Signifying Innocence

Pearl, one of our most cherished gifts from the water. An angelic gift packed with nurturing energies, Pearl is commonly used to nurture personal growth and faith. Although it is not a gemstone, it is used and appreciated in jewelry making for centuries.

Resonating with Cancer because of the association to the Mother archetype and the Moon, Pearl offers sensitive Cancer support and emotional balancing. Pearl gives Cancer a little piece of their home, which is where they want to be most. Gemini resonates with Pearl because it helps intellectual Gemini tune into their feelings more deeply than they naturally would.

Pearls are also seen as very romantic, and if given by a lover, show promise of loyalty in relationship.


Nurturing, Purifying, Spiritual Guiding

Faith, Truth, Integrity

Numerology: 7


PERIDOT – The Aura Protector

A dazzling bright green gem, Peridot is a powerful neutralizer that wards off bad energies, keeping them away from your aura. Bringing good health and gregariousness to the wearer, Peridot is especially wonderful for people who need a little pep in their step.

Peridot being a potent heart stone resonates with Virgo, Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius in equally but different ways, Peridot is August’s birthstone so for Leos and Virgos born in August, this is already a fantastic match. For Leo, Peridot gives them strength. Leo isn’t shy, but because they put themselves out there they can often experience rejection. Peridot helps bolster up their heart, and reminds them that the rejection may hurt but love is more important. For Virgos, Peridot helps them feel more heart centered. Virgo can be a very utilitarian sign, Peridot helps Virgo make decisions from their heart every now and again. Peridot, also being a green stone is deeply connected to the Earth, this helps Virgo (Earth sign) feel always connected to their element. Scorpio is known to have a big heart, but keeps it hidden. Peridot allows them to see that not everyone in the world is out to get them. They have the opposite problem of Leo. Peridot is a great stone ally for Scorpio as it helps them make the attempt to put themselves out there, it helps them make the first step. Can Sagittarius truly be helped? Well, Sagittarius is a pretty loving sign. They roam around and don’t typically get too attached to other people. However, if they are wanting to temper the beast inside themselves and find a stable (no pun intended for the half-horse, half-man) relationship, Peridot can help tame them and become a more reliable and secure partner.

Heart healing, love, security, and quality relationships are all things that can be attracted by wearing Peridot.


Joy, Happiness, Higher Guidance

Abundance, Openness

Numerology: 5, 6, 7


PETRIFIED WOOD – Grounding High Vibrations

Also called Fossilized Wood, this type of stone is thought to carry knowledge from the trees they're made of. Features beautiful earthy hues of red, brown and black. We know Petrified Wood as ‘Grounding High Vibrations’ because it is taking the highest vibrations from the heavens and passing them down into the Earth.

Resonating with Leo, it helps them to connect to their inner-child and wonder of the Earth. It also helps Leo focus on doing things not only to draw attention to themselves but also out of pure love and service for the world and other people.

If you want to connect with ancestors, Petrified Wood is a great stone ally to meditate with. Wear daily to open yourself up to spiritual download and to enhance feelings of connectedness to the Earth and Universe.


Earth Healing, No Worrying

Ancient Wisdom, Past Lives Awareness, Service

Numerology: 77


PICASSO STONE - The Communicator

This metamorphic limestone is a unique type of Jasper that literally looks like someone was drawing a picture all over it with black scribbles. It features layers of colors and interesting patterns that were formed from Earth's heat and pressure. We call this Picasso Stone the ‘Communicator’. Picasso Stone assists in better communication, but not limited to verbal. Better communication from the Higher Mind through creativity.

We find that this stone strongly resonates with Sagittarius because it has a way of tempering how they say things to other people. Sagittarius can sometimes be blunt, but if they can work with Picasso Stone a little bit, it can smoothen their communication, so it comes out in a gentler way.

Strengthening inner-knowing, organizing chaotic thoughts and providing clarity to the wearer, Picasso Stone is a wonderful stone ally.



Clarity of Thought, Higher Mind, Creativity, Intuition

Numerology: 3


PICTURE JASPER - The Earth Messenger

A beautiful stone with a large variety of colors and designs created by Mother Earth, Picture Jasper is known to us as the ‘Earth Messenger’. A stone deeply attuned with Earth's vibration, it helps us connect with Mother Gaia’s energies.

Resonating deeply with Taurus, Aquarius & Leo, this is a great stone ally, bringing vision and grounding to these signs.

For those working with Earth Magic, incorporating Picture Jasper into your practices can make them more potent. Wearing this stone daily will create a strong feeling of well-adjustment to your environment, making it so that you feel self-assured, comfortable and fearless, no matter where you go.


Harmonizing, Alleviating Fear, Comforting

Earth Magic, Visionary

Numerology: 7


PIETERSITE – The Beauty of the Soul

In the details are patterns resembling swirling clouds and vibrant colors to behold. The rare Pietersite carries an explosion of energy that's good for the body, mind and soul. Like looking into a magic mirror, but one that doesn’t show back your face, it shows back your true essence. This is why we called Pietersite the ‘Beauty of the Soul’.

Resonating with Leo as a reminder to the sign who can fall prey to vanity, Pietersite shows them that their true beauty is within and not outside.

We can use Pietersite as a stone ally for self-love and self-acceptance.


Grounding, Self Believing

Loyalty to Self, Brotherhood, No Illusions, Courage

Numerology: 9


PINK TOURMALINE – The Heart Soother

Pink Tourmaline, hard to describe the color other than comparing it to a strawberry jam, it also carries the sweetness and comfort of the fruit itself. The ‘Heart Soother’, Pink Tourmaline is a gemstone container of compassion when your heart is writhing, and you are completely and utterly suffering. It is a safe place to feel every single emotion.

Resonating with Libra, love and beauty also emanate from this stone.

Another great stone companion for improving self-love and increasing self-esteem.


Self-Love, Compassion, Gentleness, Comfort

Emotional Healing, Calming, Spirituality

Numerology: 9


CANADIAN PINOLITH – Connecting with Myself

Canadian Pinolith is a beautiful stone, made up of unique black and white patterns. The stone is a combination of dolomite, magnesite and graphite, and it is new to the world. It was only found in 2018, in Golden, BC. In order to feel a deeper connection with oneself, Pinolith's energies unlock your body and mind grounding power to connect with your inner self.

Aries is known to be a self-centered sign, which is not always a bad thing. However, they can miss being connected to their true Self by being deceived by their Ego. Canadian Pinolith offers Aries the ability to surpass their Ego and find their true Self if used in combination with other spiritual practices.

Pinolith with its black and white contrasts, also reminds us of the balance of duality in life. Day and night, light and dark.


Unlocking The Heart, Grounding Thoughts, Emotions and Ideas

True Self

Numerology: 3


PLUME AGATE - The Re-Birther

Formed in hot springs, Plume Agate can feature deep rich colors and patterns inscribed in its translucent texture. This stone is known to emit inner strength so we can move forward to a better life.

A beneficial stone for all zodiac signs.

Wear daily to assist in the process of self-growth and transformation.


Releasing Blockages, Rebirthing, Accepting

Meditation, Self-Growth

Numerology: 2


POLKA DOT AGATE - The Pain Releaser

A milky translucent Agate with rust colored polka-dots, we know this stone as the ‘Pain Releaser’. Its tenderness and grace work to help heal and relieve emotional pain. Polka Dot Agate is a great stone ally in shadow-work, or any trauma informed works, to help with integration of life altering experiences.

Gemini resonates strongly with Polka Dot Agate. Gemini is represented by the constellation of the twins. Because of their dualistic nature, Gemini can be conflicted by their mental and emotional relationship internally. Polka Dot Agate helps them reconcile this so they can have a more holistic experience of life.

Working with and wearing Polka Dot Agate is said to increase joy and contentment.


Integrating Experiences, Increasing Energy

Happiness, Cheerfulness

Numerology: 2



This charming glossy stone details a beauty that resembles painted porcelain. Use for its healing properties, it aids relaxation and calm to the wearer, in a very gentle, nourishing way. This is why we call Porcelain Jasper the ‘Gentleness’.

Bringing stability to the wearer, we love this stone for Virgos as it brings them down from their minds back into their bodies. A nurturing stone that gives them the opportunity to enjoy the Earthly realm.

For those dealing with emotional instability, insecurity or self-contempt, working with Porcelain Jasper can lighten the load and bring you peace.


Nurturing, Soothing, Stabilizing, Relaxing

Emotional Protection

Numerology: 6


PREHNITE – The Healer of the Healer

A dreamy lime color that comes through in a translucent stone, Prehnite is what we call the ‘Healer of the Healer’. Every Therapist needs a therapist, think of Prehnite as a stone of refuge for anyone offering healing services to other. Known to elevate inner knowing and precognition, it allows you to prepare and stay calm, even in the worst situation.

Vibrating with Libra, it brings out Libra’s essence of balance to stay calm in stressful situations.

It is also known to be a powerful stone to use for recurring nightmares and to enhance dream recall.


Protecting, Healing, Dreaming and Remembering

Serenity, Unconditional Love

Numerology: 5



QUARTZ – The Energy Amplifier

Clear Quartz is not only our ‘Energy Amplifier’ but also our ridder of negative energies, balancer of all things, essentially our Jack of all Trades kind of crystal. Clear Quartz clears negative energy from people, places and things, it heightens the energy of practices or tools you are using for spiritual development, and it overall increases positivity to everything it touches.

Clear Quartz is supportive to all signs, to everyone in fact.

Wear Clear Quartz daily to attract opportunities, add a chunk of Clear Quartz to any of your crystal blends to make them more powerful, or keep some by your door entrance with a bit of Garlic to ward off vampire's energy .


Manifesting, Clarifying, Energy Amplifying

Consciousness, Spiritual Purpose, Psychic Abilities

Numerology: 4



RED JASPER - The Endurance Talisman

There is no better way to describe Red Jasper than calling it the ‘Endurance Talisman’. This rusty red Jasper has energy and grounding written all over it. The high energy of this red color will help you to keep one foot firmly on the floor, no matter how high you are flying.

Strongly connected to Aries, it helps the Ram take on any task without losing any steam.

Feeling unsafe or ungrounded? Wearing Red Jasper can easily turn this around for you, reiterating that it can not only be a beautiful piece of jewelry, but a magical talisman of protection.


Well-being, Protection, Strength, Courage

Grounding, Soul Nurturing

Numerology: 6


RHODOCHROSITE – The Cheerleader

The pink color of this stone is pretty and deep, with subtle charming patterns. While, of course, we associate pink stones with love, we have to assume that love is only one of the aspects that Rhodochrosite has to offer. There is another strong aspect this stone offers that is called empowerment. It adds instant cheer and happiness to its wearer. The combination of love and empowerment is why we called it the ‘Cheerleader’.

Resonating with Scorpio & Leo, two signs who can take any kind of heartbreak or rejection hard, Rhodochrosite helps them tenderly to getting up, wiping off their knees and giving it another go.

You will know that with instant contact, Rhodochrosite will make you feel more uplifted, happy and self-assured. This is an ideal stone for someone needing love for themselves, but also some genuine permission from themselves to have fun, even if not everything is perfect.


Emotional Healing, Earth Loving, Cheering

Worthiness, Love, Compassion

Numerology: 4


RHODONITE – The Greatest Potential

With large variance in hues, Rhodonite is a beautiful, strong, opaque pink stone. The underlying power of the stone is to bring out ones’ ‘Greatest Potential’.

Resonating with the Energy of Taurus, get stubborn about it. There is a reason and purpose for why you have the passion and ability you do. Don’t give up on it.

Allow the emotional healing qualities of Rhodonite to strip away the barriers between you and you realizing your dreams. Go for it.


Emotional Healing, Forgiving, Balancing

Sky-Earth Purpose, Generosity

Numerology: 9



ROSE QUARTZ – The Love Magnet

We all know this one, Rose Quartz is by excellency the ‘Love Magnet’. Whether you are trying to create more genuine self-love, attract love, find forgiveness for a betrayal or all of the above, Rose Quartz is a staple stone ally for all things to do with the essence that binds us all, Love.

Vibrating with Taurus & Libra, we can learn from the energies here to draw healthy boundaries to show love for ourselves and others. Having expectations of other people reading our minds isn’t fair, but if people overstep boundaries already expressed, they aren’t acting in a loving way either. Work through the lens of the Taurus & Libra (both signs associated with the planet of love Venus) and work on your people pleasing tendencies with a little Rose Quartz by your side.

This stone leads us to be our most compassionate selves, and can help us create a deep connection to the heart. Wearing this stone everyday, especially on the heart space, will create healing and opening.


Forgiving, Calming, Trusting

Unconditional Love, Compassion, Gentleness

Numerology: 7


RUBY – The Zest for Life

Bright red and oozing with glamor, Ruby is thought to encourage passion, and so we called it the ‘Zest for Life’.

Resonating with all the most emotionally intense signs being Leo, Scorpio, Cancer & Sagittarius, Ruby tends to allow the wearer to fully emotionally express themselves. In Scorpio and Cancer’s case it might be over a bottle of wine and a good cry over dinner, in Leo and Sagittarius’ case it might with a few drinks and some salsa dancing at the hottest spot in town. Either way, Ruby gets to the heart of desire and intense emotional expression, and it can come out in several ways.

Bringing up the truest feelings, having the courage to feel them, and process the emotions, this is the power of Ruby. Much like Garnet, Ruby is also great for overall well-being and is a stone that is associated also with love and passionate romance.


Joy, Wealth, Vitality, Knowledge, Integrity

Passion, Courage

Numerology: 3


RUBY FUCHSITE – The Heart Healer

A combination of bluish-green Fuchsite and Ruby, Ruby-Fuchsite is known to us as the ‘Heart Healer’. A noble stone, known for its bright fuchsia dots and amazing explosion of colors, it has the ability to bring love and tranquility to the wearer.

Resonating with the Zodiac sign Aquarius, this stone reminds us to approach any situation in life courageously, fearlessly and compassionately.

Peaceful, and joyful in appearance, Ruby-Fuchsite also carries a fun energy, emanating optimism.


Happiness, Honesty, Peace, Meditation

Courage, Compassion

Numerology: 4


RUBY KYANITE – Manifesting your Heart’s Desire

‘ Manifesting your Heart’s Desire’ is the only way to call Ruby Kyanite. Beauty is in the details in this gorgeous combination of fiery red ruby and ocean blue Kyanite. This stone is believed to amplify your heart's desire and encourages you to be brave.

For Pisces this stone helps bring their desires from fantasy into reality. For Sagittarius it helps them connect with what their true heart’s desire is because reality gives them too much options for desires. For Scorpio it helps open their heart to express their desires to the world. For Virgo, it reminds them that their desire comes from their heart and not their minds. For Leo, it helps them speak their desire from their big heart into existence. For Cancer, it helps them move shyness aside so they can articulate their desires in words. For Aries, it tones down the aggressive passion to manifest their desire and realize that heaven is on Earth. For Gemini it helps their heart and head work together to create a plan to manifest their desires.

Ruby is all about passion, Kyanite is about communication and emotional protection. The two together are essentially a dream-team and safe container to explore desires. Wear daily and work with in meditations to tune into your heart and personal expression.


Grounding Higher Levels, Rejuvenating Energy

Bravery, Manifestation

Numerology: 3, 4


RUBY ZOISITE – The Reset Button

Beautiful Ruby Zoisite is green Zoisite with Ruby, naturally strewn throughout the stone.

Inspiring creativity and artistry, Ruby Zoisite resonates closely to the signs Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini & Aquarius. Helping bring these unique Zodiac signs back to their original heart center of creation.

The energy of this stone is a lively as it looks, but also helps keep the Artist archetype to humble and put their ego in-check. A reminder of how amazing life is, Ruby Zoisite has the ability to give us a fresh pair of eyes.

Meditating and working with this stone helps one to see the world through the lens of a child, with excitement and wonderment. Having a fresh perspective is motivating to bring ideas into form, that is why this stone is helpful in manifestation work. Wearing this stone on one’s heart offers powerful heart healing and opening.


Manifesting Ideas, Arts & Life Together

Individuality with Connection, Artistry, Creativity

Numerology: 2


RUTILATED QUARTZ – The Illuminator

Imagine, all the amazing properties of Clear Quartz combined with another mineral that offers abundance, aid in manifestation and clarity in your life’s purpose. Well, this certainly exists! It is called Rutilated Quartz, and we know is as the ‘Illuminator’.

Clear Quartz with strands of Golden Rutile strewn throughout, resonates strongly with Gemini and Taurus.

This powerful combination is not only unique and beautiful in appearance, but a formidable stone ally. Clear Quartz offering up protection, amplification of energy and positive vibrations paired with Rutile brings more strength, stability, physical energy, and stronger grounding properties. Together they make a dream team. A stone to bear for those who are seeking higher truth and spiritual growth.


Calming, Energizing

Clarity, Strength, Love, Growth, Stable Relationships

Numerology: 4



SAPPHIRE – The Wise Gemstone

Sapphire, we call the ‘Wise Gemstone’ for its innate ability to offer spiritual guidance to the wearer.

Resonating with the signs Virgo, Libra (Birthstone for September) & Sagittarius, it helps these signs tune into their intuition and supports their sensitivity.

A gemstone highly admired for its beauty, it is a symbol of wisdom and integrity. Sapphire is believed to bring knowledge, peace and joy to its bearer. Sapphire is also a great reminder for us to find contentment in the simple things in life, and helps us to appreciate what we have, finding fulfilment in the present.


Spiritual Counseling, Relaxing, Fulfilling

Wisdom, Joy, Creativity

Numerology: 2


SCOLECITE - Intune with Spirit

A high-vibrational stone that assists relieving energy blockage and encourages the awakening of the spirit and soul. A uniquely beautiful stone, Scolecite has a beautiful white sheen with interesting horizontal striations and lines.

Scolecite helps Capricorn open the channel with Spirit to keep the passage of divinely inspired ideas open, and constantly flowing into them. Just because Capricorn is of the Earth element, doesn’t make them any less spiritual than water or fire signs. Capricorn simply directs their spiritual energy in a different way. Capricorn acts a devotee to their craft, but little does everyone around them know, that is their spirituality manifest. Scolecite acts a portable altar for busy Capricorn to keep in communication with spirit as they are on the go. It is such a high-vibrational stone that it helps removes blockages along the way that may act as barriers to Capricorns’ success.

Scolecite is known to be a great stone for healing from co-dependency and is helpful in supporting and nurturing relationships. Collaboration, heart opening and warmness are some qualities that can be associated with Scolecite.


Vibrating High, Awakening The Heart, Spirit Connecting

Genuine, Truthful, Team Spirit

Numerology: 1


SELENITE – The High Purification

Selenite we call the ‘High Purification’ because it is the most reliable stone for energetic cleansing. Oftentimes Selenite is used to cleanse other stones and spiritual or ritual tools.

Because Aquarius loves to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, they oftentimes overlook the energetic impact others may have on them. Selenite is beneficial for Aquarius to have on hand for some quick cleansing. Taurus and Cancer are both very caring signs who oftentimes leave themselves susceptible to energetic interference from others. Selenite resonates with them so that they can continue to offer the help and they want to, while keeping themselves energetically protected and clear around others.

To ward off negative energies, improve dreams or connect to angels, Selenite is a beautiful stone to work with.


Protecting, Purifying, Soothing, Soul Healing

High Frequency, Harmony

Numerology: 22


SEPTARIAN – The Earth Keeper

Septarian, with its ancient looking snake-like appearance, is known to us as the ‘Earth Keeper’. Its strong Shamanic energy focuses on encouraging a connection with all things Earth.

Sagittarius can focus too much on the pursuit of knowledge beyond this world. Septarian brings them the wisdom of the Earth and reminds them of their horse-half being deeply connected to Mother Nature. It offers them grounding, security and direction. For Taurus this stone helps them tune into their primal sense for spirituality. Connecting with the spirit and spirits in nature.

Septarian is a great stone ally for those working with Earth magic, animism or Shamanic practices.


Calming, Harmonizing Emotions, Nurturing

Earth Connection, Life Force

Numerology: 6


SERAPHINITE – Living From The Heart

Seraphinite, with its deep green color, and white, cloudy wisps, is known to us as ‘Living From The Heart’. A stone that cleanses the aura, balances all chakras and strengthens the connection with your Guardian Angel.

Resonating with Sagittarius, it gives them a gentler approach to spirituality. In the pursuit of knowledge Sagittarius can forget that spirituality is much larger than simply wisdom. Seraphinite gives them the deep, heart-felt connection to spirit that they crave. Taurus is comfortable being an Earth sign. Seraphinite has a playful way of opening them up to worlds beyond the world they know and their creature comforts.

To open your heart and spirit to divine essence, wear or meditate with Seraphinite.


Aura Cleansing, Aligning Chakras, Angelic Connection

Spiritual Light

Numerology: 5


SERPENTINE – The Spiritual Explorer

Serpentine. The snake moving, slowly through the grass, logging every detail with its hyper-awareness. The ‘Spiritual Explorer’. Serpentine is also known to elevate psychic ability, encourage tranquility and help ease the mind.

Resonating with Gemini, Serpentine is a great stone ally. If Gemini can spend time meditating with Serpentine, they will find themselves more connected to their body and spirit, as a result finding more balance with their powerful mind.

Wearing Serpentine helps increase our mental and spiritual acuity. It is also a wonderful stone ally for Kundalini work and meditation.


Meditating, Kundalini Rising

Psychic Ability, Wisdom, Divine Power

Numerology: 7


SHATTUCKITE – The Intuitive Arts Stone

A beautiful and relatively uncommon stone, Shattuckite is an essential stone ally for building healthy relationships with ourselves and in turn that bleeds into our relationships with others. With the stone itself being a brilliant blue with striations of greens and coppers, it almost looks like far away views of bodies of water on Earth. Some may confuse it with Turquoise, but when you compare them side by side Shattuckite very much is her own thing. We like to call it the ‘Intuitive Arts Stone’ for its ability to help people develop their spiritual abilities and get in touch with their intuition. The beauty of this stone is that it keeps you grounded and practical while doing this, so you don’t get lost in the Ether.

Vibrating strongly with Sagittarius, Shattuckite has this innate ability to bring out the Seeker side of Sagittarius in the wearer. The undying desire to find truth in all things is amplified greatly by wearing Shattuckite. Part of finding truth is a strong connection to the intuition, this stone provides this to the wearer. Also in resonance with Aquarius, this stone promotes the social side of Aquarius to take care of themselves and evaluate their boundaries. Socially oriented people whilst being a little aloof, Aquarius may want to take care of their well-being but doesn’t fully know how. Shattuckite can guide them into understanding what healthy-boundaries are and what self-care can actually look like, asides from avoiding from social contact.

This stone is deeply balancing, heart healing and compels us to stay true to our heart and values.


Problem-Solving, Restoring, Balancing

Healthy Boundaries, Truth, Pragmatism

Numerology: 2


SHUNGITE - The Protector from EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies)

A stone found in Russia, and praised by Peter the Great for its physiological healing properties, Shungite is an exceptionally powerful healer. Today we have found that Shungite is a useful purifier not only in just water or dealing with infection, but we like to call it the ‘Protector from EMF (Electro-magnetic frequencies)’ for its ability to cleanse our bodies energetically.

With constant over-stimulation in our new world environment, we find that this stone resonates with all Zodiac signs, and is highly recommended for everyone to maintain to good spiritual, mental & emotional hygiene.


Energy Booster, Protection, Alignment

Grounding, Balancing, Harmonizing

Numerology: 4, 8


SMOKY QUARTZ – Leave your Baggage

Smoky Quartz, just as it sounds, is a translucent brownish-smoky color and it is a powerful healer from negative experiences. We call Smoky Quartz ‘Leave your Baggage’ because of its ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy – instead of the more common approach of blocking or reflecting negative energy back to its source. Smoky Quartz makes a good ally for us in processing challenging emotions from our past, and making them into new, beautiful personal strengths.

A powerful stone for Sagittarius who runs wildly through life, packing baggage on top of baggage because of lack of awareness, and a great ally for Capricorn to help them let go of grudges and clutching onto the past.

Smoky Quartz is great for releasing collected energies or unpacking trauma. However you choose to use Smoky Quartz, it is exceptional at helping you move through the motions courageously.


Surrendering, Grounding, Clearing

Spiritual Development, Clarity, Practicality

Numerology: 2, 8


SODALITE – The Harmonizer

A beautiful dark blue stone, with cloudy-like wisps of white strewn throughout, Sodalite we call the ‘Harmonizer’. This grounding stone offers light-hearted energy that brings out the best in you. This stone is known to be helpful in improving platonic relationships and help anyone in any team setting.

Vibrating with Sagittarius, it helps them to mellow out and take a step back from leadership in group positions. Naturally, Sagittarius wants to be the front man, but at times they need to realize that it is not always their place. Sodalite helps them find their place and allows them to be okay with not being the project manager all of the time.

Meditating with Sodalite can bring insight on how to handle inter-personal conflict and offer a sense of serenity.


Communicating, Trusting

Intellect, Light Heart, True Feelings, Clarity

Numerology: 4


SONORAN SUNSET – The Philosopher

Like looking out on a desert sunset, contemplating the meaning of life, Sonoran Sunset is a picturesque gemstone. This rare, beautiful gem found in Mexico features layers of hues that resemble the charming landscapes in the Sonoran Desert during sunset or sunrise. A rare mix of Cuprite and Chrysocolla, this gem is associated with meditation, healing and peace.

Vibrating with Sagittarius, Sonoran Sunset represents the true spirit of the centaur. Where else would a traveling philosopher end up but a barren desert? For those wanting to embrace the free-spirited and curious nature of Sagittarius, work with this stone. As for Sagittarians, it will only increase your curiosity and longing for travel. A stone that also resonates with Leo, Sonoran Sunset brings a different perspective to Leo’s existence. Focused highly on play, artistry, creativity and seeking attention, can be inspired alone by the aesthetic of SonoranSunset. But spiritually, it can help Leo step out of self-centeredness and expand their perspective and intentions for their work to include other people. Creating art or entertainment isn’t always for attention to elevate the self and Sonoran Sunset can teach this to Leo.

For those wanting to have a sense of freedom and clarity, Sonoran Sunset is a wonderful stone ally.


Soul Expression, Free Spirit

Humanitarian, Planet Server

Numerology: 2, 7



We call this sweet variety of Quartz the ‘Happy Present’. Strawberry Quartz is, as you guessed, a pinkish quartz that has a range of hues and translucence, with a little bit of opalescence. It is a stunning Quartz. This pretty stone embodies joy and happiness, and helps the wearer build a bridge between them and the world.

Vibrating with Libra, Scorpio, Cancer & Leo, Strawberry Quartz brings a different flavor to each sign. Strawberry Quartz helps soften the hard exteriors of Cancer and Scorpio, the protective water signs so that they may express their hearts more freely in the world without fear of hurt, and it helps Libra and Leo attract relationships that bring them more reciprocity.

Being the ‘Happy Present’, Strawberry Quartz brings nothing but a sense of contentment and deep love to the wearer for themselves and for everyone around them.


Happiness, Contentment, Joy, Spirituality

Source Connection, Divine Love, Karmic Gifts

Numerology: 1


SUGILITE – The Positive Energy

Purple being a rarer color occurring in nature, makes Sugilite and other purple stones especially unique. Sugilite, as we like to call the ‘Positive Energy’, brings just that to the wearer – a burst of positive energy. Let love and optimism rain down in your life. Sugilite offers an explosion of spiritual love beneficial for physical, emotional and mental health.

Resonating with Virgo for its ability to quiet the mind and release negative emotions, Sugilite is also a great stone to have in your collection if you are feeling disconnected from the world. Disconnection from the whole can create unnecessary, negative narratives in our minds about how we relate to our fellow men and women on this Earth.

Wear Sugilite to create and attract that celestial, familial love that we all yearn for and let go of feeling alone.


Overcoming Negative Emotions

Forgiveness, Spiritual Love On Earth

Numerology: 2, 3, 7


SUNSTONE – The Seductress

If the appearance doesn’t say the ‘Seductress’, we certainly will. Sunstone, with a glow that is similar to the Sun, is part of the Feldspar family, as Labradorite and Moonstone. It can come in a variety of colors, all with an aventurescence surprise , naturally emanating undeniable attractiveness to any eyes set on it.

Resonates strongly with Libra and Leo, unsurprisingly for its ability to draw you in.

A stone full of energy and passion, it releases tension and inhibition. Sunstone encourages independence and liberation. Wear this stone daily to strengthen self-assuredness, and to draw in opportunities and relationships that are beneficial and fulfilling.


Pleasure In Life, Vitality, High Energy

Seduction, Independence, Fearless, Stress Free

Numerology: 1


SUPER SEVEN – The Ascension

We love to call this stone the ‘Ascension’ because working with this crystal can help us ascend beyond our Small Self and evolve into our Higher Self. Called Super Seven because Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Rutile and Smoky Quartz are encased in Clear Quartz. Super Seven is a powerful and uncommon crystal ally. A wonderful companion for those looking to find their higher self and awaken their spiritual abilities.

This stone connects us with all our brothers and sisters, so that we can build a better world together. Super Seven vibrates with all Astrological signs and everybody everywhere – we can all benefit from having Super Seven in our arsenal as an anchor, and for spiritual growth.


Linking All Humanity, Creating a Better World

Higher Self, Spiritual Awareness

Numerology: 5, 7, 9



TANZANITE – High Vibrations

Tanzanite, a gorgeous, rare stone whose color can only be described as almost periwinkle, is exceptionally dreamy and ethereal. This stone is valued for its rich deep purple accents and lush blue hues.

Resonating strongly with Sagittarius because of its connection to intuitive work and its color, Tanzanite also vibrates well with Gemini and Libra to help direct these intellectual air signs in a spiritual direction.

At the heart of the Tanzanite gemstone is an explosion of divine healing and high vibration. Offering spiritual protection and safety, this is a wonderful ally for deepening intuitive work. Meditating with Tanzanite will provide safety to your subtle energetic field so that you can dive deeply into self-exploration, while you are in other worlds. Helping us put back together our fragmented pieces, this is a formidable stone for self-acceptance and creating a sense of wholeness in our beings.


Psychic and Personal Power, Magic, Wholeness

Protection and Safety

Numerology: 2


THULITE – The Life Force

A bold pink stone, we know Thulite as the ‘Life Force’. Thulite brings a sense of excitement in life to the wearer. The drive to live and thrive is enhanced when working with Thulite. Its bold color alone is motivating enough to explore life’s offerings in an open-hearted and courageous way.

Resonating with Gemini, it helps release them from their mind which at times can feel like a prison. Thulite helps Gemini tune into their heart space and experience life in a more fully, authentic way. For Taurus, Thulite is a kick in the pants. Taurus is content, but they can become too content and too comfortable. Thulite reminds them to be curious and explore life outside of their comfort zone.

A less gentle heart stone, Thulite is the teacher, mother, father, or friend that pushes you to take risks for your own good. If you need to expand your views of the world and learn to love again, Thulite is a powerful stone companion.


Self Entertaining, Healing, Regenerating

Curiosity, Logic, Love

Numerology: 5


TIFFANY STONE – The Purple Passion

Tiffany Stone, a unique purple with creamy whites. Intensifies passion, enhances desire and releases your inhibition, this stone is known as The ‘Purple Passion’ for good reasons.

One look at this stone and you will know that it resonates with Pisces. Offering enhancement of spiritual gifts, inviting love and evoking a lust for life and fantasy, Tiffany Stone has Pisces written all over it.

If you have a desire to increase your vibration, and you are motivated to draw things, people and opportunity into your life that make you feel good, work with Tiffany Stone.


Enhancing Sex Life, Healing

Psychic Gifts, Love, High and Sweet Vibes

Numerology: 6


TIGER’S EYE – The Earthy People

Tiger’s Eye, one of our absolute staples. We like to call this one the ‘Earthy People’. Featuring rich, earthly colors and charming patterns, this stone is iconic and always recognizable.

Vibrating with the sign of Capricorn, which represents discipline and responsibility, Tiger’s Eye channels the essence of Capricorn and gives the wearing more potent discernment abilities.

Also, a potent stone for manifestation, Tiger’s Eye draws in abundance and opportunity. If you find yourself experiencing fluctuating self-esteem or you second guess yourself all the time, wear Tiger’s Eye daily to strengthen your confidence.


Grounding, Discerning

Practical, Peace, Courage, Wealth

Numerology: 4


TIGER IRON – The Achiever

With stripes of Hematite, red, yellow and brown Jaspers, Tiger Iron is quite a stunning stone. We know Tiger Iron as the ‘Achiever’ for its ability to motivate its wearers in their pursuits.

A stone that heightens motivation, creativity and focus, this stone resonates strongly with Leo. Leo doesn’t need help in the creative department necessarily, but Tiger Iron is a great stone to work with if our Artist is in need of motivation or has creative blocks.

For anyone lacking the fire under their butt to get projects in motion, wear Tiger Iron daily.


Hard Work, Artistic Beauty, Vitality, Creativity

Focus, Dedication

Numerology: 7


TOPAZ - The Empathic

Topaz, more commonly available in a light blue color, is known to us as the ‘Empathic’. Soothe, heal and re-energize your body and mind. Topaz is associated with compassion, communication and forgiveness.

Vibrating with Sagittarius, Topaz helps the centaur connect to the truth and communicate it to others in a gentle way. Sagittarius never intends to be aggressive, but their enthusiasm and attachment to the truth can make them come off as harsh. Topaz has a way of subduing excited Sagittarius.

If you are working on becoming a better communicator and looking to grow your capacity to empathize with others, work with Blue Topaz as your ally.


Forgiving, Communicating

Success, Joy, Truth, Inner Resources, Empathy

Numerology: 6



Combine the superpowers of Clear Quartz with Black Tourmaline and you have Tourmalinated Quartz, the ‘Obstacles Remover’. Clear Quartz with Black Tourmaline naturally running through it, is not only interesting in appearance but it is exceptionally powerful.

Vibrating with Libra, Capricorn and Scorpio, this is the ultimate for those working on relational boundaries of any kind. Wards of vampire's energy, provides mental clarity, grounding and inner-strength, there is a reason we call this stone the ‘Obstacles Remover’ whether they are inner or outer obstacles.


Pillars of Strength, Inner Power, Problem-Solving


Numerology: 4


TURQUOISE – The Master Healer

Turquoise, historically revered by many cultures, is called the ‘Master Healer’. And truthfully it is. Know to be helpful not only for emotional and spiritual ailments, there are many beliefs that Turquoise should be worn to help the healing process of many physical ailments as well.

Resonating strongly with Sagittarius and water signs Pisces and Scorpio, Turquoise channels the truthfulness energies from Sagittarius and the nurturing qualities from Pisces and Scorpio.

An old gemstone with much historical and cultural significance, Turquoise possesses deep wisdom. Include Turquoise into your meditation or ritual practices to access knowledge from the ethereal realms. Or wear it as a gorgeous statement piece. Turquoise has a large range of hue, but its beautiful appearance always makes an impact on any set of eyes.


Communicating, Healing, Soothing

Wisdom, Truth, Wholeness

Numerology: 1



UNAKITE - The Visionary

Unakite, the ‘Visionary’, is an aesthetically pleasing and interesting blend of grassy greens and peachy orange. This stone has potential to open the wearer’s mind to new possibilities.

Resonating with Scorpio, Unakite helps us access the subconscious when using it. This is why it is a wonderful stone to work with in shadow work.

Unakite has a beautiful ability to create bridges between the mind, emotions and spirit. In doing this, it allows the wearer to grow and mature, leaving old stories and personifications of themselves behind, and stepping into new current ones that serve who they truly are and their soul’s mission.


Releasing Toxicity, Opening the Mind

Spirituality, Positivity, Perseverance

Numerology: 1



VARISCITE - The Encourager

Admired by collectors for its rarity and beauty, this stone aids calm and peace. A unique minty color with speckles of greens and yellows of different hues, vibrating love. We call it the ‘Encourager’ for the natural vibration of unconditional love that it emanates.

Resonates with Scorpio for the gentleness it brings, Gemini for the peacefulness it offers to their mind and Taurus for giving this shy sign a little nudge to be more motivated in their pursuits.

Variscite has a unique energy, being a great stone ally for anyone who would like a peaceful existence for their life – but understand that it comes with helping create a peaceful existence for others as well.


Hope, Unconditional Love, Peaceful Existence


Numerology: 7



WONDERSTONE - The Water's Power

A stone of strength with a mixture of energy and power, it is believed to help elevate calm, clarity and serenity. A type of Agate that features a huge range of colors, Wonderstone is exceptionally grounding. We call it the ‘Water’s Power’ for its ability to help the wearer to connect clearly to their emotions.

Resonating strongly with Aries. Meditating with this stone can bring Aries great clarity about their true potential. As Aries is motivated by their purpose and self expression in this life, if they lack their sense of purpose they will be depressed. Wonderstone helps them trudge through the mud and the swamps to find the shining temple where they see their true potential and can access it. Once they have found it, there is no turning back or going off track. They are resolute to staying on their path.

Wonderstone can help them process difficult emotions on this journey and instill a sense of inner peace. Resonating with the number 8, Wonderstone is all about death, birth/re-birth, and Karma. Wonderstone can help us shed several skins in this continual process of finding our true essence.


Stillness Of Emotions, True Potential, Mental Clarity

Sooths Depression, Inner Peace

Numerology: 8




Buying gemstone jewelry can be a delightful experience! You might choose a piece simply because it catches your eye, compliments your outfit, or matches your taste. If you're not too concerned with the metaphysical aspects of the stones, that's perfectly okay! However, if you're eager to harness the full potential of your gemstones, it's important to care for them properly.
By cleansing and energizing your gemstone on a regular basis, you can ensure that it becomes attuned to your unique energy and vibe. Giving your gemstone a refreshing cleanse is actually easy.
You can place the gemstone on a bed of Sea or Himalayan Salt, or rinse it gently with running water (if you're lucky enough to have a nearby river or creek, even better!).
Another approach is to use sage. Simply hold the piece and let the smoke do its magic!
After cleansing, we recommend leaving the piece under the soothing glow of the moonlight for a night or more. For extra oomph, a drop of Do Terra Essential Oil Blend called On Guard can help cleanse and energize your stones.
Lastly, letting your piece soak up some sunlight can revitalize it with renewed energy.
If you have a unique way of caring for your gemstones and it feels right to you, then follow your intuition! Trusting your instincts is the ultimate key.



Pioneer * Independence * Leadership * Initiative * Determination * Selfishness


Sensitive * Balance * Harmony * Compassion * Empathy * Kindness * Psychic Abilities * Intuition * Compromise * Cooperation


Communication * Creativity * Expression * Inspiration * Motivation * Uplifting * Enthusiasm


Earthy Energy * Fortifying Roots * Physical * Infrastructure * Practical * Logical * Responsibility * Stability * Security


Freedom * Free-Thinking * Adventure * Progressive * Bravery * Playful * Impulsive * Vivacious * Change * Sexuality * Revolution

6 Nurturing * Supportive * Empathic * Healer * Straightforward with Gentleness * Responsibility * Caring * Tenderness * Duty * Romanticism

Investigate * Analytical * Detail Orientation * Inner-Wisdom * Astute * Fast thinking * Loneliness * Perfectionism


Abundance * Material and Financial Wealth * Ambition * Magnetic * Big-Picture * Great Power * Domination * Recognition


Old Soul * Synthesis * High State of Consciousness * Spiritual Awareness * Transformation * Forgiveness * Compassion

11 Master Number * Elevated Psychic Abilities * Heal Self & Others * Extrasensory Talents * Intuitive Gifts * Spiritual Enlightenment * Increased Sensitivity
22 Master Number * Mission to Transform * Industrious * Creative * Dependable * Fusing Tangible & Intangible * Master Builder * Master Anything
33 Master Number * Advance Spiritual Path * Pure Love * Shining to Humanity * Powerhouse of Creative Energy * Anchor Compassion in all Mankind

Master Number * Explore New Areas of Human Experience * Independence * Adventure * Major Life Chances * Positive Futurist

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