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African Jade

African Jade

The Heart Centered Abundance


Being associated with the number 8, African Jade is inherently linked to good fortune. As the number symbolizes abundance, working with this gem can naturally lead to the manifestation of prosperity. Even beyond material wealth, African Jade has the potential to increase opportunities in various aspects of life. With its captivating green hue, it resonates with the heart chakra, offering protection and healing to this vital energy center. Encouraging tranquility, African Jade imbues a sense of serenity akin to sitting in a lush and peaceful garden, surrounded by verdant foliage. It serves as a talisman, enveloping the heart with love and serenity. Additionally, African Jade enhances dreaming and dream recall, offering another valuable gift to those who work with it.

Taurus, renowned for its sensuality among the Earth signs, shares a profound connection with African Jade. Whether seeking solace in healing emotional wounds or inviting greater opportunities to relish the bounties of the Earth, Taurus finds solace in this gem. Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, Taurus also appreciates the aesthetic allure of African Jade, particularly given Venus's association with the color green. Like a gem befitting an Empress, African Jade sits at the heart of Taurus's realm, symbolizing their innate elegance and abundance.

Carry this stone to attract abundance, love, or opportunities into your life. During times of grief or loss, wear it close to your heart for solace and healing.



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