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Jewelry for Libra Astrologic Zodiac Sign. Necklaces, Bracelets and Anklets

Jewelry for Libra

Libra, constellation of the Scales, born September 23rd to October 22nd. An Air sign, ruled by the planet Venus (like Taurus), Libra also has an appreciation for beauty, but often in a more unconventional way than their Earth sister the Bull. The Archetype of Lady Justice, blind-folded and holding a set of scales to find balance & judgement unbiased, Libra represents harmony. These people are extremely loveable and socially adept; however, they can be people pleasers due to their innate desire to create balance. At the same time, being the socialites that they are, with the social skills they have, it can be said that there may be at times desires to stir the pot for the sake of it. They are relationship focused people and, to their benefit and detriment, can create their identity around their partnerships. Our curated collection for Libra is a variety of items that are well-balanced, helping them maintain their balance between their emotions, judgements, relationships & sense of self.





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