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Aquarius: 7 Earthy stones for this sign, Astrologer recommended

Aquarius: 7 Earthy stones for this sign, Astrologer recommended

In this article we cover 7 different stones that we have curated for Aquarius and believe to be beneficial for this Zodiac sign! BUT we would like to remind you that these stones are NOT only for Aquarius! We can all benefit from the energetic properties of these stones at different times in our lives. So, if in your reading our article, you find that a stone description resonates with you, we totally & whole heartedly invite you to explore a relationship with that stone and work with it in your daily lives. Our jewelry is designed to powerfully support us in our evolution, and there are no barriers or rules as to what stones we work with. Listen to your intuition and if Angelite speaks to you, work with Angelite!


When one sees the root ‘aqua’ in the name of Aquarius, one might think that it is a water sign (Aqua=water in Latin), but it is not. Aquarius does however translate to the ‘Water-bearer’. Although Aquarius isn’t a water sign, it is holding a vessel that contains water and this is very important to note.

Tarot card The Star

Aquarius is connected to the major arcana’s Star tarot card. While the Star is literally represented here above the woman’s head, we can still see that like the constellation depiction of Aquarius that the figure in this card is holding and pouring the water contained in the vessel. Aquarius, unlike other Air signs, is at its own intersection of intellect and emotion. They are an interesting dichotomy of intellect that relates to problem solving our societal deficits & unlike the other air signs that live too much up in their minds, Aquarius has a deep vessel from which they can pull empathy and compassion for the human experience. Making their causes only about what makes sense on paper with science and observation, but emotionally driven as well. They are truly here for the underdog. They are actively pulling from their heads and hearts at the same time. They don’t sit still for long. The reason for the relationship with the Star is important to Aquarius is because water is what represents this emotional and sensitive side of the sign that the other air signs cannot access in the same, natural way as Aquarius. On the same token the Star represents being in total harmony with her surroundings and no sense of fear because the relationship between her and nature is understood. She is naked, and in that sense vulnerable but not bothered by it. Aquarius is the same. I see Aquarius as our hippies from the 60’s & 70’s. Running around naked, rebellious and fighting for social change. Listening to cool music. Wanting freedom for everyone. Wanting genuine revolution and evolution for all.


While they might get the rep of being too much in their minds, prone to anxiety, headaches and maybe even trouble sleeping, they can bring themselves down into their emotional bodies if they can learn to access it and balance the two bodies together.


Aquarius is a bringer of change and brings hope and optimism to whatever circle they find themselves in. They always have a quality of ‘being liked’ for no discernable reason, almost likely because they understand the human experience so well that they are simply relatable.

They love their friends dearly and go to any means to stand up for them.


They can have very strong personalities and maybe at times be off putting. While not known to be an emotional sign necessarily, if something grates against their values, Aquarius will never back down. They are kind of a wild card!


Our hope is that the stones curated for Aquarius bring out their best qualities and help them balance out the challenging ones.





A beautiful, fossilized tree resin that brings brightness into anyone’s day and energetic field.

Amber is a beautiful compliment to any Aquarius out there. While Aquarians are sociable and kind people they can also come across as aloof. Warming Amber energy brings more tenderness to their character overall, to help them understand that not only is action required to make changes in society, but love and physical affection are also needed.


Amber’s nurturing qualities come out in Aquarius in that it helps them see that their desire to change can be through interpersonal relationships and not solely the group overall. It helps Aquarius reign in all their social skills and them in their personal relationships to channel these skills. It’s a microcosm vs. a macrocosm. Aquarius could stand to remember that everyone creates what the world is going through. If they want to make change, they may be more successful focusing on one person at a time.


Amber helps Aquarius by bringing out their inner sunshine and light so that they can bring these qualities into their personal relationships. It is said to help improve health which is important for our Aquarians who constantly extend themselves to others.





Angelite, a unique blue powdery stone that offers many beneficial qualities to our Aquarius.

Aquarius is one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac and their sense of trust in themselves is usually incredible. Angelite is a beautiful, soft stone, but despite the soft & gentle, loving qualities of the stone it is also protective. The protective quality comes from its connection to angels and higher realms bringing in protection not from a hard place, but a place of authentic light and love.


Angelite helps soften Aquarius’ edges a bit. Because Aquarius is intelligent and highly opinionated, they can sometimes come off as condescending and self righteous. Angelite bringing them more self-awareness helps them to come down off their pedestal a little bit and relate to the human in front of them, which is truly what they would like to do.


It helps Aquarius develop their psychic abilities and the stone being of blue color resonates with the throat chakra. This also assists Aquarius in finding appropriate ways to express their voice and opinions in a way that is gentle and loving. Aquarians are strongly opinionated, charged with emotion, so their strong personality can sometimes come out quite aggressively. Angelite provides them with support in expressing themselves eloquently as well as expressing themselves in a way that is relatable to others. They tend to live in their own worlds, despite being connected to this one, so Angelite helps them really connect to the light that is present in everyone and this enables them to share their purpose in humanity. Their purpose being spearheads and trailblazers of social change and bringing peace and harmony to the world.





Aqua Terra Jasper is known as the ‘Emotional healer’. A perfect stone for Aquarius as they like to mask themselves in society like the other Air signs. Not wanting to appear overly emotional because being outwardly emotional can be seen as a sign of weakness, Aqua Terra helps bring healing acceptance to Aquarius’ relationship to their emotions. Resonating with the numbers 7 (spiritual growth) & 9 (philosophical growth and expansion) Aqua Terra can help Aquarius reach new heights of personal understanding. There may be a ‘I know everything’ attitude that Aquarius can exude at times because they are observant, intelligent, and become enveloped in whatever they are learning about at the time.


This stone is exceptionally nurturing and gives Aquarius the space and medicine to bridge the gap between their intellect and their feelings. Aquarius’ sensitivity is what sets them apart from the other intellectual Air signs. Aquarius can tend to be in denial about their emotional side and would rather lean into their intellect, but the reality is that they are far more effective people when they engage both sides. The knowledge on how to change or fix the problem and the compassion for the parties involved makes them the ideal team lead in any social adjustments or changes that need to happen in society.


Aqua (water) & Terra (Earth) bring two elemental qualities that are not innately Aquarius being Air. However, this stone brings balance to Aquarius because of this. It offers grounding, protection and again the assistance in emotional stability, understanding and expression.





Garnet known as the ‘Energizer’ is a very nourishing stone to Aquarius. Being an Air sign and literally having their head up in the clouds, Garnet brings Aquarius back down to Earth, both feet on the ground and helps them live in their bodies. Garnet is an essential stone to replenish Aquarius’ vitality levels as Aquarius can have a tendency to hyper-focus and exhaust themselves on projects and or people they are invested in. Garnet being a deep red is associated with the root chakra, providing a sense of safety. Air signs like Aquarius and the other Air signs, feel so at home in their minds that they might not actually feel comfortable or safe in their bodies. Garnet is a good ally and medicine to teach them about embodiment and that it is safe to exist in the real world and not fantasies, dreams, ideas or philosophies.

If Aquarius can shift their focus a little more themselves, they can work with Garnet in manifestation work for their personal goals and desires. This gives them some fiery motivation, passion, drive and direction that they may be lacking in their Air element. It is a great stone to fuel creativity in the more artistic Aquarius people.





Larvikite, known as the ‘Magician’ is a great stone for pulling Aquarius out of the mental body and into the ethereal realm. With their strong psychic abilities, Larvikite is a good stone for Aquarius to further develop their intuition. It is also a spiritually protective stone and keeps Aquarius safe from any psychic attacks, evil spirits and or hexes. Much like the Magician in the tarot, we all have the tools inside of us or outside of us to manifest our dreams into reality. Larvikite would make an excellent tool for Aquarius to have on their table as a supportive stone to expand their already great vision.


Larvikite is also a good assistant for any Aquarian people doing shamanic and journeying work as it is protective. It can also act as an energetic link to ancestors, past lives and accessing the Akashic records. Aquarian’s ability to access spiritual downloads and intellectually make sense of them is what makes them a great healer to work with.





Picture Jasper known as the ‘Earth Messenger’ is a great grounding stone for Aquarius. While we appreciate Aquarius’ ingenuity and propensity towards living in ideas, thoughts and concepts, Picture Jasper allows them to give their mind a rest and to be more present in their material form.


Mother Earth’s energy comes through very strongly in this stone. Aquarius, even with all their bright revolutionary ideas, can fall into ruts of self destruction and go down rabbit holes of negative thinking. The nurturing qualities assure Aquarius, who is needlessly independent, that everything is going to be alright.


Even Superman needs to take off his cape sometimes. Atlas’ shoulders probably need a break. Our Aquarius people need love, support and affirmation also and Picture Jasper offers a certain container for Aquarius to relax, not worry and just exist in.





Ruby Fuchsite is a beautiful heart healing stone. It helps the wearer to rise to any challenge in life with the utmost heartfelt conviction. This is a great stone for Aquarius to bring them back to the heart centre. While they are very empathetic people, they may find themselves getting lost in the cause for the cause itself if they live too intellectually. Ruby Fuchsite reminds Aquarius of what they were fighting for to begin with. Social change, economic disparities, radical self expression and acceptance of ourselves.


If Aquarius can make time to meditate with this stone, they can bring their mind back to themselves and who they truly are. Because they are always so focused on the big picture of society and are socially oriented people, despite them being independent they can easily chameleon to their surroundings. Ruby Fuchsite gives them loving courage to help them discern between their existence and others.


This stone brings a sense of happiness, peace, and calm to Aquarius. Resonating with the number 4, Ruby Fuchsite brings emotional stability and gives the space to enjoy life.

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