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Aquarius SPOTLIGHT - Additional Compatible Stone Allies

Aquarius SPOTLIGHT - Additional Compatible Stone Allies

If you read our first article ‘7 Stones for Aquarius’ you are bound to enjoy this one about additional stone allies we love for this sign. BUT we would like to remind you that these stones are NOT only for Aquarius! We can all benefit from the energetic properties of these stones at different times in our lives. So, if in your reading our article, you find that a stone description resonates with you, we totally & whole heartedly invite you to explore a relationship with these stones and work with them in your daily lives. Our jewelry is designed to powerfully support us in our evolution and there are no barriers or rules as to what stones we work with. Listen to your intuition and if Amethyst speaks to you, work with Amethyst!






Aquarius is an interesting sign because they are an Air sign but their name translates to the ‘Water Bearer’. This aspect adds a more emotionally attuned quality than the other analytical, intellectual signs of the air element. While Aquarians are still very mentally bright, they are known to be the humanitarians of the zodiac—these people may be our social workers, our activists, our volunteers for social causes in the community. Abalone known as the ‘Sea’s magic’ accentuates Aquarians' naturally empathetic qualities by bringing love, light and compassion to the wearer. It is also very calming and is soothing to the sometimes-anxious Aquarians nervous system.






Amethyst is the birthstone for February Aquarians, but not limited to them!


Amethyst is a very powerful stone for Aquarius. Helping them stay connected to the collective mind, Amethyst also strengthens intuition, so it helps keep them on the pulse of energetic shifts that they may see in their lives (the microcosm) or society at large (the macrocosm). Amethyst is associated with the third eye. Having this strong connection to their inner knowing, this stone helps Aquarius dig their heels in even more when it comes to their values and beliefs—which are strong. This stone brings peace and contentment to our Aquarians who always have others on their mind. I wouldn’t describe Aquarius people as worriers necessarily, but they have high functioning mental capacities that combine with their genuine care for others; this can exhaust them. Amethyst is also the perfect stone for them to help improve their quality of sleep as a result of being Atlas, carrying too much weight on their shoulders.






Shattuckite, a vivid blue stone known as the ‘Intuitive Arts Stone’, brings qualities of truth and balance to the wearer. This stone is beneficial to Aquarius to help them understand boundaries. Personal boundaries and boundaries of others. Because Aquarians are so keen to extend themselves to help others at a whim, they may keep giving until they burn themselves out, evading their own boundaries (if they are even aware of them). On the flip side… their desire to help others could come across as interference, and while they are empathetic, oftentimes Aquarius being aloof (ironically) doesn’t pick up on aspects of social nuances. In short Aquarius could come off as self-righteous because of their constant stepping into other peoples’ lives to help. This might make people feel that Aquarius doesn’t see them as capable. Aquarius should focus on supporting others rather than stepping in and doing the work for other people. Shattuckite is great medicine for this.






Ammolite is a rare, rainbow iridescent gemstone that comes from fossilized Ammonites, cephalopods found only in Alberta, Canada. Coming from ancient creatures, Ammolite is believed to hold the vibrations & knowledge of the Planet. That is why we call it the ‘Universe’s Energies’.


Resonating with Aquarius for its ability to tap into the collective consciousness and unconscious, Ammolite, like Aquarius, is unique with many amazing features. Aquarius tends to be associated with the Alien archetype in many spiritual circles. Aquarius, literally to be thought of as ‘Out of this world’, Ammolite is a beautiful ally to help Aquarius contact other dimensions, energies and other worldly beings.


If Aquarius meditates with Ammolite, they can also tap into their DNA and access their ancient and interdimensional selves. It only serves to help Aquarius understand themselves in the most unconventional and spiritual ways possible.

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