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aries zodiac sign from march 21 to april 19

Aries SPOTLIGHT - Additional compatible Stone Allies

If you read our first article 7 Stones for Aries, you are bound to enjoy this one about additional stone allies we love for this sign. BUT we would like to remind you that these stones are NOT only for Aries! We can all benefit from the energetic properties of these stones at different times in our lives. So, if in your reading our article, you find that a stone description resonates with you, we totally & whole heartedly invite you to explore a relationship with these stones and work with them in your daily lives. Our jewelry is designed to powerfully support us in our evolution and there are no barriers or rules as to what stones we work with. Listen to your intuition and if Chrysoprase speaks to you, work with Chrysoprase!

Aries, constellation of the Ram, born March 21st to April 19th. A Fire sign, ruled by Mars. The Daredevil archetype, always jumping in headfirst, you can always count on the Aries in your life to act spontaneously. Sometimes accused of being selfish, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and rules the head, so it is very natural for them to think of themselves first. As impulsive and intense as they might be, Aries are smart, passionate & high energy. We have many pieces in our collection that temper the distinct Aries flame without putting it out.



Aries is a fire sign, so initially using a stone associated with water may seem counterintuitive. However, Aries is so hot headed (literally the ruler of the head) that they could use a little water to mellow them out. Aries people are decisive and clear about what they want, but the path that they choose sometimes to get there can be reckless. Aquamarine known to us as the ‘Tranquilizer’ is soothing and calming.

Offering these gentler qualities to Aries helps them take a deep breath, step back and look at their situation overall rather than acting on impulse. Aquamarine also helps Aries get out of their head and into their intuition. Listening to their gut rather than their mind can help them make more empowering decisions.

Being able to tame their emotions and their thoughts with the assistance of this stone ally can help them feel a deeper, more authentic sense of confidence.



Burmese Jade is known to bring fidelity to the wearer.

Fidelity can span beyond relationships. Aries has the double-edged sword of being hyper-focused on their interests and being multifaceted with their interests.

Working with Burmese Jade can help them be faithful to the interests that genuinely motivate them and bring them authentic joy and remove attention from novelty and things quickly passing by.

If Aries can work with this type of Jade, they may find increased attention and greater success in their true passions by eliminating distractions.



A beautiful stone for our out-spoken Aries. Known to us as the ‘Mediator’, Kyanite equips Aries with the ability to express their ideas with conviction, but it offers a softening and open-mindedness to others’ ideas that Aries is not known to have innately in their character.

Aries, ruler of the head, is known to be head-strong, not surprisingly. However, focusing solely on the idea, specifically their idea, and not being inclusive to the input of others is where they can at times come across as self-righteous.

Kyanite brings coolness to this Fire sign, but still protects their Throat chakra and their ability to speak their truth.



The Reset Button, Ruby Zoisite brings Aries out of their head and into their heart.

The energy of this stone is lively as it looks. Keeping the Artist archetype humble, and their ego in-check, it also offers a direct connection to our creative flame.

For Aries, Ruby Zoisite changes their approach entirely to creative projects. Helping them connect to the opposite sign on the Zodiac wheel to them, Libra, Aries can become more romantic working with this stone. Stopping and smelling the roses, admiring the dew on leaves, or being deeply in the moment with their lover, Aries can experience beauty in a new way.

Aries, allow yourself to soften, to open, and to create by working with Ruby Zoisite.


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