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Capricorn: 7 nourishing stones for this sign, Astrologer recommended

Capricorn: 7 nourishing stones for this sign, Astrologer recommended

In this article we cover 7 different stones that we have curated for Capricorn, and believe to be beneficial for this Zodiac sign. BUT we would like to remind you that these stones are NOT only for Capricorns! We can all benefit from the energetic properties of these stones at different times in our lives. So, if in your reading our article, you find that a stone description resonates with you, we totally & whole heartedly invite you to explore a relationship with these stones and work with them in your daily lives. Our jewelry is designed to powerfully support us in our evolution and there are no barriers or rules as to what stones we work with. Listen to your intuition and if Smoky Quartz speaks to you, work with Smoky Quartz!


Capricorn is our Patriarch of the Zodiac (Cancer is the Matriarch). Representing career, vocation, and maturation, at first glance is nothing at all like fun loving Sagittarius. However, the archetype of Capricorn has its place in bringing us stability and growth.


Capricorn being a fixed Earth sign has a clear-cut personality. They are decisive, goal-oriented, materially focused and driven. We could compare them to the Emperor card in the major arcana of the Tarot. Representing systems in society that keep everything in check and representing stewards of society who keep everyone working with each other accountable.


While these people are serious and may at times appear unapproachable, they are some of the warmest and surprisingly open-minded people you may meet. While they may by nature be on the more conservative side of life, they will surprise you. Being represented by the constellation that is depicted as Half-goat, half-fish they are acutely attuned to the material world and emotional world. This makes them extremely creative and even at times very quirky individuals who will try most things. They are very socially competent people and genuinely interested in others, even if they are on the quieter side. They are great listeners.


Their relationships with others may involve them meeting people on the job or having partners that work alongside them to make their dreams come to fruition. Capricorn is so focused on their purpose in life that a big lesson for them is how to prioritize their relationships and their work.


Capricorn rules the 10th house which represents public image, legacy, and professional aspirations. While they are humble, they can be charming but may come by fame and popularity honestly. At the end of the day, their goal isn’t to become famous, but to leave a mark on society and make an impact. Capricorns will naturally become influential characters in society at varying statuses of recognition and may even become pioneers in whatever area of life they choose to express themselves (David Bowie for example, born January 8th).


With their unique nature and incomparable motivation for success, Capricorns do certainly make their mark through perseverance and hard work. Here are some stones we have selected for Capricorns to help support in their focused pursuits.







Fluorite is a wonderful stone for Capricorn as it connects the heart and the mind.


While Capricorn has a large capacity for love and is naturally a heart-centered being, they can be at odds with their drive to be successful in the material realm. This stone, especially of the green variety (because fluorite’s colors range from greens, blues and purples) helps strengthen that heart centeredness and keeps them in check so they aren’t always so serious.


The more purple varieties of Fluorite are excellent for relaxing a chaotic mind. Capricorns’ minds can start busting at the seams with all their lists that they need to complete to carry out their master plans. Sticking to a routine and schedule is good for them but can at times be mentally taxing when they are filling themselves to brim. Fluorite helps bring calm and peacefulness to the mind. It can also bring clarity which can assist them in big decision making – which they will be doing a lot of in their lifetimes!


Having any variety of Fluorite in their arsenal will help bring them joy and bliss so they can find a balance in their work life and personal life.







Malachite is an interesting stone for Capricorn in many capacities.


With our Capricorns being natural entrepreneurs, they may shed many skins in their life before they find their ‘thing’. Malachite, known as the Transformer, helps them through this process every time. Malachite does this by promoting change and evolution.


Because it is said that Capricorn matures backwards as opposed to the other signs (they come out of the womb as essentially little adults) Malachite supports them when their maturity doesn’t match up with those around them. As children they may become frustrated with immature adults, and as adults they may not understand why younger people take life so seriously. Malachite gives them the space to remember that in this way they are unique, they belong wherever they are at any stage of their life and Malachite gives them compassion with others when they aren’t at the same place as them.


Malachite also offers Capricorn confidence to help them feel certain about the course they have chosen for their lives. It helps them stay steady and strong in themselves and what they seek to accomplish without second guesses or regrets.







Ocean Jasper plays on the watery side of the fish half of Capricorn.


Bringing emotional stability to the outwardly stoic sign, Ocean Jasper helps elevate self-esteem and increases happiness. Ocean Jasper offers openness to the heart and also allows Capricorn to put their work helmet down for a second and spend time connecting to other people. Filling their emotional cup.


It is easy for Capricorn to be headstrong and so focused on their projects, but Ocean Jasper helps remind them when it is time to emotionally fill up. This stone also helps them put more focus into themselves. Prioritizing their personal needs, this keeps them topped up in all ways so they can continue to fulfill their life’s purpose and not burn out.


Ocean Jasper helps optimize the capacity at which Capricorn runs so put the most into what they do.







While Capricorn is motivated, this is not the only thing one needs to be successful in their pursuits.


Scolecite helps Capricorn open the channel with Spirit to keep the passage of divinely inspired ideas open, and constantly flowing into them. Just because Capricorn is of the Earth element, doesn’t make them any less spiritual than water signs or fire signs. Capricorn simply directs their spiritual energy in a different way. Capricorn acts a devotee to their craft, but little does everyone around them know, that is their spirituality manifest.


Scolecite acts as a portable altar for busy Capricorn to keep in communication with spirit as they are on the go. It is such a high vibrational stone that it helps remove blockages along the way that may act as barriers to Capricorns’ success.


This stone also keeps Capricorn authentic and truthful to their heart. It helps them sort through their intentions and motivations regarding their pursuits. For a Capricorn who hasn’t intuitively found their speciality in life yet, this stone will help awaken their heart so that they can easefully find where they belong. If they let their heart guide them and their mind create the steps to get there, they will be most successful, and Scolecite assists in this process.








Resonating with numbers 2 and 8, Smoky Quartz offers a lot to Capricorn on their journey.


Number 2 working through Smoky Quartz helps Capricorn sort out through relationship baggage. It might sound unkind to say, but Capricorn simply doesn’t have time for toxic relationship dynamics to get in the way of their self-expression and path. Smoky Quartz helps them transmute these negative attachments, leaving room for them to move and to attract helpful companionships who are supportive of their life goals.


Number 8 working through Smoky Quartz on the other hand assists in Capricorn's evolution. It helps them confront themselves along the way so they can find their true purpose.


Smoky Quartz keeps the naysayers away, brings grounding, and offers clarity. Smoky Quartz is a very helpful stone to Capricorn and enhances their decisiveness.







Tiger Eye for the Earthly people is perfect for our Earth sign.


With an abundance of its gold and brown sheens, Tiger’s Eye is a rich colour but also attracts affluence.


Capricorn being a materially focused sign can use Tiger’s Eye to attract resources and opportunities. They might meet the right person at the right time that forwards their career or maybe they have a windfall or inheritance that helps them financially be able to invest in their business. Tiger’s Eye is the perfect stone to actualize these scenarios.


Tiger’s Eye also increases confidence and discernment. Capricorn needs to be pragmatic in making decisions and so it is important for them to know their worth and stick to their guns. Tiger’s Eye provides Capricorn with groundedness in who they are and helps them listen to their intuition from an indisputable and stable inner place.







Known as the Obstacle Remover (who doesn’t love that) this stone is literally meant for Capricorn by helping remove barriers to their success, be it personally imposed or externally.


Known to be helpful in problem solving, this is another stone that brings discernment to Capricorn. Helping Capricorn tune into their intuition and make their decisions from a place where they are consulting all aspects of themselves, including their Highest Self.


This stone helps reinforce Capricorn's inner strength and power and instills the unshakable motivation they need to follow through with their pursuits.


If Capricorn has this stone on their side and works with it closely, they can get through any self-doubts they may have. This stone will also help them recognize when others in their lives are trying to impede their success because of their own personal envies of the successful Capricorn. This stone will make sure nothing gets in their way!

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