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Blog post about Gemini zodiac sign and the gemstones that can help them.

Gemini: 7 Unifying Stones for this dualistic sign, Astrologer recommended

In this article we cover 7 different stones that we have curated for Gemini and believe to be beneficial for this Zodiac sign. BUT we would like to remind you that these stones are NOT only for Gemini. We can all benefit from the energetic properties of these stones at different times in our lives. So, if in your reading our article, you find that a stone description resonates with you, we totally and wholeheartedly invite you to explore a relationship with that stone and work with it in your daily lives. Our jewelry is designed to powerfully support us in our evolution, and there are no barriers or rules as to what stones we work with. Listen to your intuition and if Howlite speaks to you, work with Howlite!

Gemini, the constellation of the Twins, born between May 21st and June 20th, are known to be some of our most interesting individuals in society. Marilyn Monroe, Paul McCartney, and Allen Ginsberg were some of the most influential Geminis in our culture of all time. Being of dual nature, these characters are certainly fascinating. On one face, known as our socialites. They love conversation and know how to appeal to all sorts of people. As much like their opposite on the zodiac wheel, Sagittarius, they are interested in everything. So, they can strike up a conversation with anyone just on their charisma and desire to learn alone. Once you get a Gemini talking, you essentially cannot stop them. Especially about the things they are interested in. With their great Mercurial influence, they cannot help it.

They were made to be communicators, storytellers, intellectuals; they need to use their minds. Their great minds. Adaptable and versatile, they carry true air sign energy. Think of tightrope walker energy. These people take risks, try new things, and never regret it. However, on the shadow side of their face, we see some aspects of Gemini that may be surprising. Gemini, generally being very social, likes to put out their best side to society. But by the inner-workings, or behind the scenes of their personality, they are known to take up the qualities of being “two-faced” unintentionally. They are literally described as the Twins, as two people in one, so their behaviors may at times be seen as inconsistent or fragmented. Engaging in things like gossip, or being changeable in social groups, are behaviors that might confuse people, but only make sense to Gemini. They can be fickle, and if the company they keep doesn’t suit the direction they are headed anymore, they are simply quick to move on. Charming, gifted, playful, creative, and unique, we love our Geminis. Trying to understand them, however, may not always be an easy task. Them trying to understand themselves may also not be an easy task.

The stones we have curated are meant to support Geminis' greatest challenges. Fragmentation in personality. Being pulled in two extreme directions can create a sense of disconnection from one’s true self, but we believe that these stones can help Gemini see all their qualities, light & dark, and reconcile them to make one content and beautiful being.



Agates must be some of the most healing, nourishing stones that Mother Earth provides us with. We call Agate our "Stabilizer" for their power to ground the wearer and bring them back to center. While Gemini loves to engage their minds, their nervous system can always deeply benefit from some support. While Gemini live for excitement, there are times when they aren’t impervious to stress, quite the contrary. Gemini’s adaptability is accentuated by Agate’s influence, helping them adapt to any situation they are thrown into. Gemini can rely heavily on experiencing life through an intellectual lens. But what about when it comes to relationships and emotions? The swords suit in the Tarot is ruled by the element air, and all three air zodiac signs Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra. While Libra seems to be the most emotionally connected, it’s not as easy for the other air signs, especially Gemini. The swords are a hard suit, focusing heavily on grief and the meeting of emotion and mind. Agate can act as a sword, to pierce Gemini’s heart and have them become aware of their emotional connection and capacity. Think of the Three of Swords card for Gemini, think of the use of Agate as an emotional awakener, or an emotional bridge for Gemini, so they can start understanding themselves in a new way.



We love Apatite for Gemini as it works for them in two distinct ways. Apatite brings a calming effect to Gemini and helps them to sort through any blockages in their throat chakra. We call Apatite ‘Your Appetite for Life’ signifying that this stone brings excitement, zest, and zeal to your life experience. Therefore, this stone can act as a healer in the realm of the Twins’ communication, and acts as a reminder to never let go of fun, desire, or motivation in life’s pursuits. Apatite is a must-have for Gemini as it also increases their intuition. This is very important. Gemini generally relies on their intellect in decision making; however, Apatite, like Agate, can take them to a more fluid place where they can connect to their truest self. And if one can make decisions from their most authentic standpoint they cannot go wrong.



While Gemini is charming, and can fit themselves into any social situation, that doesn’t mean they always leave the party conversationally unscathed. Atlantisite, "The Dispute Harmonizer", is a lovely stone for Gemini to carry in their artillery. The Twins are greatly adept at conversation; however, we never know which Twin may come out at a social gathering. Is the conversation about music? Light and fun topical chinwag? Or is it becoming deeply political? Gemini would greatly benefit from Atlantisite as its stone ally in the event they run into disputes. While Gemini may act polite, they don’t back down. They can be reactive, but they don’t intend to be aggressive. They want to stand up for what is right. If we want to keep arguments to a minimum, this stone is perfect for the feisty part of the personality. It also provides Gemini with an instant connection to the Earth, thus providing them stability and grounding. As an air sign, that is top priority in taking care of their spiritual and relational well-being.



With the word ‘Howl’ in Howlite, it reminds us that this stone is for clear communication. Howlite is also known to us as "The Calmer" for peace-bringing properties. For busy, creative Gemini, this stone is extremely soothing. If the Twins’ thoughts are running wild with ideas, be it good ones or bad ones, just rubbing a piece of Howlite or having it on their body will take them out of the mental prison and into their bodies. Once Gemini has broken through and contacted their emotional self, Howlite is a great stone companion to have around as it assists Gemini with emotional healing. Gemini will tend to disassociate from all other aspects of themselves. Connecting to their emotions more openly will help them feel more regulated, even if some of the emotions they are confronting are kind of ugly. Howlite is a graceful companion, never pushy, but helps Gemini create wholeness and embodiment in their experience.



Going beyond the emotional now, which was one step, Gemini is going to dip their toe into the spiritual, and K2 STONE or "The Information from Heaven" is going to help them make this move. Now we are moving away from the topical, social aspects of the personality of Gemini. What about their internal experience and self-development? As we continue our journey, observing Gemini through the movement of the energy bodies, K2 Stone helps Gemini come down from the mind, connects to the emotional body and when they are ready, K2 helps them open the door of their spiritual self. Gentle, a little bit at a time Gemini becomes more open to a deep experience. Not to say Gemini hasn’t read all the books about various religions and spiritual practices, but they tend to act more as an Archaeologist instead of a Shaman. If Gemini can work with K2 they garner a deeper understanding of life and grow their lens larger. This stone has the capacity to help Gemini feel and experience what the water signs do daily. It has the capacity to help them grow their third eye like their Sagittarian brethren. This stone is such a gift, and when Gemini is ready, she is waiting to initiate the Twins.



Gemini being a busy air sign once again can benefit from something that brings a slower, gentler, more fluid energy to their life. Pearls have historically been associated with the Moon, divine feminine, and the water element. After a long hard day of work, isn’t it nice to wash off the day by getting comfortable? Perhaps having a bath and changing into your PJ? Pearls offer that feeling of comfort. Although with Gemini, bouncing off the walls even still, Pearl takes the hand of Gemini and forces them to chill out. And it’s not a bad thing. Pearls are also a great ally for Gemini to improve the quality of their communication in their connections. While Gemini can have a conversation with everyone, sometimes they may overlook the component of emotional connection. Pearls are representations of the water element, so in combining that with the communication styles of air, we can have Geminis who are social butterflies, but do it with such caring, depth you’d think they were an outgoing Scorpio. Pearl also happens to be the birthstone for Geminis born in June.



A beautiful clear Quartz with Golden Rutile running through it, "The Illuminator" gives so much to our Geminis, energetically speaking. While Gemini loves living in their mind like it’s their home, it doesn’t mean that the mind space is free of clutter. Rutilated Quartz works as a wonderful mental housekeeper for this air sign; keeping the environment tidy so they can experience clarity and freedom from chaos. A favorable stone for Gemini to mediate with or wear daily, Rutile Quartz can help foster stability in relationships, offer protection against negative energies, and nourish all the energy bodies of Gemini. This stone also promotes great creative inspiration and helps Gemini to manifest their creative ideas into physical form. With this stone on their side, Gemini can activate their full Magician status and become magically unstoppable.

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