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Pisces: 7 Reality Altering gemstones for our dreamy sign, Astrologer recommended

Pisces: 7 Reality Altering gemstones for our dreamy sign, Astrologer recommended

In this article we cover 7 different stones that we have curated for Pisces and believe to be beneficial for this Zodiac sign! BUT we would like to remind you that these stones are NOT only for Pisces! We can all benefit from the energetic properties of these stones at different times in our lives. So, if in your reading our article, you find that a stone description resonates with you, we totally & whole heartedly invite you to explore a relationship with these stones and work with them in your daily lives. Our jewelry is designed to powerfully support us in our evolution and there are no barriers or rules as to what stones we work with. Listen to your intuition and if Abalone speaks to you, work with Abalone!

Pisces, the constellation of the two fish, is our most watery water sign of all the signs. Exceptionally tender, highly sensitive and intuition that runs off the charts, Pisces almost bleeds into all corners of their environments and soaks up every little bit of information about everyone and everything without it being verbally communicated.

Being the 12th sign of the Zodiacal wheel, the last sign, Pisces essentially represents a completion in the story of the developing human. Here we see us start as an Aries, headstrong, self-centered with little awareness throughout the journey of life, and then eventually spiritually evolving into Pisces energy. This does not mean that Piscean people do not come without their own human distortions and flaws, it just means that they generally come into this world with a strong connection to spirit.

Pisces ooze love. They are the embodiment of it. This is where they differ from suspicious Scorpio and cautious Cancer. Pisces people implicitly trust almost everyone they meet, and wear their hearts on their sleeves. They are whimsical people who tend to dress very expressively and magically. Pisces are fun and well supported by the Universe. While ruled by Neptune, the King of the Ocean (AKA Poseidon) offers them emotional depth and Jupiter who provides them with abundance, desire for personal expansion, and luck (or the potent ability to manifest) these are powerful people, even though their presence is super gentle.

This sign is also known to be associated with addictions and illusions. Because they are so emotional and imaginative, they can tend towards escaping into their own worlds. If they live in alternate realities for too long (which they can do) they may fall prey to the irrational side of their personality, being upset that real life living isn’t their reality—like waking up from a good dream to a nightmare.

Pisces can be naïve. They should yield love with caution. It is not that they should be overly protective of their hearts, but they should learn boundaries and realize that everyone is a human having their own experience. They should guard against co-dependency and ‘melting’ into their partners, losing their identity.

Here are some beautiful stones for Pisces that we have curated to accentuate their beautiful qualities and some to help support them in their self-development.



Is it absolutely no surprise that Abalone is one of our top choices for Pisces.

The Sea’s Magic, Abalone with all of its fantastical blue, green and purple iridescent colors is something that Pisces would be drawn to solely aesthetically! This shell is its own magical world of shimmering waters, sea plants and creatures.

Abalone is helpful for Pisces in emotional regulation, especially bringing positivity to Pisces when there are tremendous fluctuations in feelings (which happens often). Calming & soothing when Pisces is angry. Bringing sweetness and nurturance when Pisces is sad. Holding Pisces and helping maintain a sense of peace when they are feeling well. Abalone is a container for our dear soul living between Earth and ether.

Resonating with the number 7 it associates itself with spiritual growth. This stone helps us marry the material and spiritual worlds together to experience wholeness. Reminding ourselves and Pisces that actively living between the earthly realm and the spirit realm is natural. Abalone is great stone to help create the bridge between the two realms.

Balance is a strong quality with Abalone which is so essential for Pisces who is a little bit all over the place! It also imparts a great deal of compassion that Pisces can greatly benefit from with the internal struggle of self-esteem. Because Pisces is so deeply feeling, they can be quick to form resentments if they feel people have taken them for granted or used them in a relationship, so Abalone can also give them the lens of compassion to look through when they are having a hard time making peace with other people. In this sense, Abalone can be a powerful stone for Pisces to climb in, hide out for a bit until they are ready to find closure and be confronted with their shadow work.



Agatized Coral brings change for the good. A great medicine for Pisces, Agatized Coral brings courage. Courage being a key ingredient in the formulation of boundaries, this stone is extremely supportive to Pisces. Suffering might be a muse to the creative and artistic Water sign, but to live in such needless and enduring emotional pain can take a toll on our dear Pisces.

They may find themselves going towards escapes and addictions to try and soothe their pain. Agatized Coral can be a helpful healing stone for the two fish, for them to learn about emotional stability and learn how to manage their emotions so they do not feel the need to escape their feelings. It can teach them about integration in their human experience rather than fading away.

It relieves Pisces from having such a turbulent emotional experience. It brings peace. It brings calm. It brings protection to the auric field, which is especially important for a being who has such a vulnerable spiritual field (it being so expansive and receptive).

Resonating with the number 22, which is a mastery number in numerology, this stone is powerful for spiritual development. If Pisces can sit or meditate with this stone, they reach new heights of personal understanding using the stone as a tool to tap into higher energies.



Amethyst is a great crystal ally for Pisces in many capacities.

We have talked about the emotional side of Pisces a great deal, but we haven’t touched the mind aspect. The mental aspect of Pisces is very much expressed through their imagination. Amethyst is a stone often associated with artists, so for Pisces having this in their back pocket works as an excellent support to fuel ideas for their creative projects.

Amethyst also promotes sobriety, so for those Pisceans who feel a little too much, who become drunk with emotion and need help finding healthier outlets, Amethyst is a good companion.

At our core, in general humans feel undeserving of love. Through our conditioning and being born into a harsh world, our self-esteem often waivers. Amethyst brings us universal love AND the reminder that we are deserving of love and are loved. This is very important not just for Pisces who may get hurt again and again, but for all of us to remember we are ALL fundamentally flawed and that’s okay. And in being flawed we are still deserving of love!!! Always.


Aquamarine is a beautiful stone, closely associated with water as is clear by the name (aqua= Light, greenish-blue colour/ marine= Produced by the sea). It is also said that Aquamarines are treasures of the mermaids. This stone is extremely dreamy.

It is the birthstone for Pisceans born in March!

As with all stones that have watery qualities, Aquamarine is known as the ‘Tranquilizer’ meaning that it is calming and soothing, but it also brings other unique qualities to the table you may not expect!

Resonating with the number 1 there is an independent energy that Aquamarine brings to the wearer. Number 1 in numerology represents the masculine side of duality. This stone is a nice balance of active and passive. Known as the stone of courage, it brings empowerment to our at times insecure Pisces.

This stone is known to help Pisces with their communication, again bringing in the assertive masculine energy to identify and articulate what they want to express but bringing in the gentle feminine side to ensure that they come across as tactful and thoughtful.

Another stone to balance the relationship between the two fish in the constellation of Pisces (almost think of them as Yin & Yang).



Blue Lace Agate is a great stone for Pisces in helping them assert boundaries with the people that are closest to them, especially with their family. Blue Lace Agate is known to be a stone to help us work through family issues.

Pisces being so open, loving, and empathetic can be vulnerable to toxic family dynamics. Blue Lace helps them realize where they stand and empowers them to express what they will tolerate and what they won’t.

Of course, the powdery blue colour is associated with gentleness in communication, so this stone will only help Pisces express it in a way that is peaceful which is very much their nature. This stone greatly accentuates the positives of the Pisces character.

Blue Lace also helps relieve anxiety and negative thinking. Sensitivity often comes with anxieties and worries, then in trying to find relief Pisces will want to jump ship from their human experience. Blue Lace offers an almost grounding quality for Pisces to live into their emotions and accept them as they come. It also helps them curb the desire for self destructive habits so they can work through their feelings rather than deny them. For Pisces, it is all about integration with their feelings and making peace with the level of intensity to which they experience their emotions.



 A beautiful, purplish stone with white strewn throughout, Tiffany Stone is known to evoke passion.

Tiffany Stone is all about love. Resonating with the number 6 which in numerology represents union and in the tarot is associated with the Lovers card, this stone brings not only that real good, unconditional, universal love to the wearer, but it can also draw in romantic love.

Helping Pisces bring down their walls, Tiffany Stone is a gentle encouragement of exploring romantic love and relationships. Pisces can find much healing in connecting with other souls in this capacity, and Tiffany Stone is a great ally for them not only to attract lovers but it also helps them release inhibitions so they can experience deep, tender love and explore their sexuality with a safe partner.

Pisces so much being the embodiment of love, can only benefit from wearing Tiffany Stone as a sacred amulet. Tiffany Stone will raise Pisces vibration for attracting love and therefore attract others who can reflect the true beauty that lives in them. This is amazing for their quality of life and allows them to be their true selves and offer themselves to the world—that is a gift to humanity.



Spiritual acceleration is deeply associated with Auralite. It’s no doubt that Pisces would greatly benefit from working with this stone.

This very rare Canadian stone has, besides Amethyst, another 22 minerals, and it is one of the world's oldest crystal Gemstones (1.2- 1.5 billion year old). This is why we call Auralite 23 the ‘Ancient Wisdom’. It is a sweet talisman to behold.

Pisces, born on to this Earth with an open channel to the divine, is ready for the deep dive of ascension, and spiritual evolution. Pisces can pair Auralite with any other stone to expedite their evolution in whatever directed way they choose – relationships to others, themselves or the universe.

Helping them hone their intuition and reminding them to not dispute their capital S Higher Self, Pisces should always have a piece of Auralite on their person to create a smooth continuum of spiritual experience in daily life.

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