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Sagittarius: 7 Tempering stones for this sign, Astrologer recommended

Sagittarius: 7 Tempering stones for this sign, Astrologer recommended

In this article we cover 7 different stones that we have curated for Sagittarius and believe to be beneficial for this Zodiac sign! BUT we would like to remind you that these stones are NOT only for Sagittarians! We can all benefit from the energetic properties of these stones at different times in our lives. So, if in your reading our article, you find that a stone description resonates with you, we totally & whole heartedly invite you to explore a relationship with these stones and work with them in your daily lives. Our jewelry is designed to powerfully support us in our evolution and there are no barriers or rules as to what stones we work with. Listen to your intuition and if Turquoise speaks to you, work with Turquoise!


Sagittarius! The Jester, the Philosopher, the Lush, the Spiritual advisor, the Academic, the Traveller. One might also say that this sign is a ‘Jack of all trades, but a master of none of them’ you will find Sagittarius everywhere!


With their keen interest in everything and their enormous zest for life… you may find yourselves in conversation with these people anywhere! Because not only do they like many things… but they also love people. They may chat you up when you are going out for a movie, or out at the beach… on a hike, at a brew pub… these socialites love to squeeze the most out of life and may just end up knowing everyone in their town.


Known as one of the signs of the Zodiac to most likely struggle with self-control…. you may see them at parties often, or indulging in alcoholic beverages (is it all fun? Or to run away from their feelings?…who knows, they don’t even know…) with a table of new people they have never met before, discussing politics and the meaning of life.


The mutable centaur (half-horse, half-man) is described in astrology as having the intellect of a man but having the wild desires of a free creature. So, this zodiac sign loves to spend time studying but you will also find them, much like a horse running around everywhere and maybe just being a ‘run-around’ in general. They are hard to pin down and Sagittarian logic is as hard to pin down.


Mutable meaning flexible in their habits, mind and perspective, Sagittarius tends to have a ‘laisse-faire’ attitude in life and deeply understands that life can be short – thus having the wisdom to simply enjoy life.


Ruled by the 9th house and the planet Jupiter, Sagittarius is all about expansion in every capacity. Mentally, emotionally, experientially…. That is why you will see these people travel, pursue academia, try new hobbies and anything else that can help them grow as a person.


While they hide behind the Jester archetype too often to hide their true feelings, Sagittarius people tend to be very sensitive and empathetic. They may sound blunt when they express themselves and can at times be self-righteous, this delivery is never with the intent to be hurtful. You will know when Sagittarius is trying to hurt you, believe me when I say, they will not hide it! being the sign of truthfulness they will literally tell you, there will be no nuance when they want to be a jerk.


Being Jupiter’s child, Sagittarius people tend to be lucky and often see things in life just work out for them. Their confidence paired with their ability to create wisdom from their experience and optimism helps set these guys up for success…. And if they fail, they bounce back quickly and start on a new pursuit.


Having the Jupiter influence also makes them generous, and they are the kind of people who will give you the shirt off their back. It is wise for these people to use discernment when giving though, because they are almost innocent in their desire to help others and they can give too much.


They also have a tendency towards excess and overindulgence. So, they need to be prudent when it comes to gambling and should take time rather than rush into making big decisions to avoid big losses. That’s where the ‘Lush’ archetype of their personality can come out full force.


These stones were carefully curated for Sagittarius to balance out some of the overactive energies and stabilize them so they can enjoy life to the fullest but be present rather than galloping onto the next quest.






Eagle eye, a perfect stone for our Sagittarius as Sagittarius is a sign deeply connected to the third eye or Ajna chakra which is our energetic center of intuition!


This stone brings emotional grounding and calming which are great things for Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the most enthusiastic sign of the Zodiac, and much like Sags tendencies towards overindulgence with other areas in life... thoughts, opinions, and ideas are no different! With Eagle Eye’s ability to increase mental expansion it also has the capacity to bring grounding into emotions.


This enables Sagittarius to express what’s going on in their mind whilst being more considerate of others opinions and gives them space to express thoughts from a heart centered place, bringing more harmony into the exchange and less opportunity for unintentional conflict.


Offering emotional control and resonating with the number 4, Eagle Eye brings a nice stability to the centaur who can be all over the place physically and mentally.






Known to us as the Answer Giver, this stone is perfect for Sagittarius' never-ending quest to find the answers to everything!


When used in meditation this stone can assist in creating a clearer picture for problem solving. While Sagittarius is a decisive sign, they tend to abandon situations. Their optimism always tells them the grass is greener on the other side… but what if at some point, running away from personal problems to start anew isn’t an option, maybe it’s time for the self work. Hypersthene can help with this.


Hypersthene helps bring us back to center, so that we can create a space to observe our lives from the outside. It brings a sense of calm, especially if there is conflict in the situation. It helps us hold our own and retain a sense of self-respect in the face of confrontation.


While not typically known to be people pleasers and known to make off the cuff remarks, Sagittarius can benefit from Hypersthene by letting it assist them in thinking about things before saying them, thus helping create more harmonious engagement during conflict. By separating Sagittarius from emotional reaction and transmuting it into emotionally responding, it can help Sagittarius get through situations with grace, ease and still maintain a sense of who they are, because that is very important to our centaurs.






Royal blue Lapis Lazuli is known to us as the Wisdom Keeper…. This stone can’t be more in resonance with Sagittarius, as Sag is THE sign of wisdom! If we look at the root of the word Sagittarius we can see ‘Sag’ which is the root of the word ‘Sagacious’ (sag-acious) meaning wise.


Lapis being connected to the third eye chakra also increases Sagittarius' innate intuition and their enormous vision. With its strong association to the metaphysical, this mystical stone helps Sagittarius connect to other realms and directs them to where they need to go for spiritual expansion, all Sagittarius must do is listen.


While sometimes dealing with tunnel vision, Lapis opens Sagittarius' mind to other possibilities. This a good reminder for Sagittarius because if they mentally get stuck in a rut, they forget about the whole world they must explore! And how sad would it be for a Sagittarius to become a dullard and not embrace their independent, explorer personality.


Also representing truthfulness this stone is almost a patron stone for the centaur. Being a deep blue Lapis connects to the throat chakra in a calming way… assisting Sagittarius in expressing their truth in a tactful and peaceful manner.






Being of a purple hue, this is an auspicious stone for Sagittarius.


Lavender Jade to temper the Sagittarius propensity towards overindulgence. It teaches Sag moderation and the importance of not over doing it. As we said earlier, Sagittarius is a very enthusiastic sign, however, this enthusiasm can easily become excessive.


Learning moderation may be difficult for the centaur, but if learning how to be less persuaded by instant gratification and debauchery can help Sagittarius reach their goals typically relating to travel and academia, then this is a lesson they will learn, no questions asked.


This stone is known to help individuals work through traumas and bring inner peace. If at any time Sagittarius is brought down by their past or what is going on in their lives at the time, this stone can also help them regain a sense of awe and wonder for the beauty that exists in the world. Lavender Jade helps them with their personal healing and returns them to their child-like perspective that Sagittarius naturally has that makes them so excited about life.


Resonating with the number 7, this stone inspires Sagittarius to forge their own path and explore spiritual growth.






A protective and grounding stone, Sagittarius needs this talisman when they are running around the world from place to place.


Also acting as a mirror, Obsidian helps Sagittarius confront aspects of themselves that they either don’t want to see or don’t know how to access. Given the nature of Sagittarius, seeing themselves as they truly are IS the goal in life, but it doesn’t mean they accept it.


Obsidian assists Sagittarius in looking at their fragmented pieces and at the same time, helps them feel less scared of confronting their shadow. It makes the path of self-healing look more attractive because Obsidian is supportive.


Resonating with the number 1, Obsidian helps Sagittarius pull some of their outward, independent energy inward so they can learn to connect with their truest self rather than always being concerned about everything that is happening in the outside world.






Another stone with deep purple accents and lush blues for Sagittarius, it can also be a birthstone for December Sagittarians!


Known for its high vibrations, Tanzanite is a beautiful stone that provides access to divine healing.


Greatly supportive in growth of intuition and psychic abilities, it has the potential to increase Sagittarius confidence in ‘their ‘inner knowing’. Helping Sag never second guess themselves again and know they are right on the money with their strong feelings. It enhances personal power and the ability to show up for oneself. Sagittarius gut instinct will become indisputable.


While gentle in appearance this stone is highly protective, especially to the subtle energies in our being. It helps one to feel safe and well-adjusted in all spaces, and always reinforces that you deserve to exist like anyone else in every space.


Tanzanite brings a sense of wholeness to our fragments. It helps Sagittarius grow into their entire selves and helps them emotionally mature. Tanzanite acts as a home for Sagittarius to come back to, to collect themselves so they can go out and adventure again.






Turquoise is December’s birthstone and is strongly associated with Sagittarius.


Known as the Master Healer, Turquoise is good for all that ails you. Perfect for active Sagittarius who are constantly pushing their limits physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally almost needlessly, Turquoise is a wonderful stone ally for the centaur.


Turquoise is a stone of communication and helps Sagittarius express themselves with clarity so that others don’t take their direct words the wrong way. Sagittarius, also known to be the most honest sign of the zodiac benefits from wearing Turquoise as it simply strengthens their values in the importance of truthfulness.


Bringing out deep wisdom in Sagittarius, it helps them access ancient wisdom in themselves and grants them access to their Akashic records. Turquoise helps Sagittarius in their personal growth, but also helps them stay humble through their experiences.


Another stone resonating with the number 1 and being revered in many cultures, Turquoise helps Sagittarius see themselves clearly on their spiritual path and helps them stay accountable to themselves and committed to the journey.

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