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Scorpio: 7 Empowering stones for this sign, Astrologer recommended

In this article we cover 7 different stones that we have curated for Scorpio and believe to be beneficial for this Zodiac sign! BUT we would like to remind you that these stones are NOT only for Scorpios! We can all benefit from the energetic properties of these stones at different times in our lives. So, if in your reading our article, you find that a stone description resonates with you, we totally & whole heartedly invite you to explore a relationship with these stones and work with them in your daily lives. Our jewelry is designed to powerfully support us in our evolution and there are no barriers or rules as to what stones we work with. Listen to your intuition and if Unakite speaks to you, work with Unakite!


Scorpio, ruler of the 8th house in the Zodiac represents sex, death, re-birth, transformation, obsession, and emotional intensity like no other sign. Although Scorpios may seem quiet and unassuming, when they are given the opportunity, they can very comfortably and self-assuredly express their feelings, opinions or set boundaries.


They are constantly assessing people and environments around them, sussing out inauthenticity in people and situations. They don’t have time for insincerity. These people run so deep with their emotions and life experience that it is not in their make up to give any dullard their time of day.


Their keen intuition is also paired with a unique intellect. They can be exceptionally creative people with having such an intense experience of the world, it is common for water signs to get their feelings and experiences out through artistic expression.


Much like the Scorpion however, if you take them for granted or attempt to take advantage of them and hurt them, their stinger will come around and put you in your place. These people are our lie detectors. The only fixed sign out of the water signs Scorpio is inflexible in their nature. Once they have made a decision about you or a situation, they are resolute in their perspective – this goes beyond being stubborn. Scorpio, dark and moody have some kind of undeniable and sexy magnetism about them.


These are the people passing through your life that maybe you haven’t even noticed, however they have noticed you and are keeping tabs. They can have tendencies towards hyper-fixations, obsessions, and may in certain circumstances struggle with addictions. Scorpios are the spear-headers of shadow work, and break through intergenerational trauma fearlessly. These stones were curated to help Scorpio go deep, where they naturally want to go, so they can bring up the fragmented pieces from the underworld and piece them together so that they can be whole. In doing this they can help free themselves from the shackles of their shadow.






Black Agate is a powerful stone for Scorpio. Scorpios in general do not typically struggle with establishing boundaries, however they can always use this stone for protection against negative energies. It absorbs the hard energetic blows to the aura and gives Scorpio the strength to hold their own in the face of challenges. If we think of this stone as energetically aligned with the Pomegranate seed that Persephone used to go between Gaia and the underworld, we can see that it would be a magical crystal that can transport Scorpio between the realm of the shadow and the waking world.


With Black Agate being connected to the number 4, we know that it provides stability to Scorpio in their spiritual transformations. This is essential for Scorpio as their journey may be more intense than the other signs. The 4 of Swords in the Tarot is associated with retreat and rest. Scorpio people can tap into this energy through Black Agate to give themselves rest and refuge after long evolutionary spiritual processes.






We have strongly emphasized Scorpio’s depth and intensity… but what about their soft side? They want to deeply connect with others, but there needs to be a solid foundation. When that trust is built with a Scorpio, it’s as if they are inviting you into their most sacred space. Their inner world.


Botswana Agate known as the Comforter is helpful in offering emotional healing to our Scorpios, especially when they were so devoted in love and that love was not reciprocated.


It is soothing to the painful experience of their emotions. With Botswana Agate’s beautiful range of pinks, this Agate creates a safe womb atmosphere for Scorpio to climb into, cry, and come out re-born, and ready to love again.


The transformative aspect of Scorpio’s character is deeply supported and emphasized by this stone by its naturally nurturing presence.






Charoite is known as the Transformer and to some ‘The Prisoner’s stone’. Charoite found in Siberia where historically certain people were exiled, brings through an energy of resilience. This stone suits Scorpio well as it is the sign of transformation. Charoite assists in the evolutionary process and has the ability to set Scorpio free of their own emotional & mental prison.


There is an element of Scorpio personality where they like to suffer, so they may sometimes create unnecessarily challenging situations for themselves because they feel that is the only way they can grow spiritually. Charoite has the potential to teach Scorpio that being a human is a spiritual journey unto itself.


The soul doesn’t have to be tarred and feathered to grow. Charoite gives Scorpio (and us) the power to be ourselves. Bringing acceptance and unconditional love to the Scorpion teaches them how to have compassion for themselves and because of this they can empathize with others more, especially in times where they feel emotionally isolated and can become self-centered.






Scorpio is closely related to snakes in symbolism—in that snakes also represent death and rebirth with the shedding of their skin. It’s simply in Scorpio’s nature to constantly be shedding, changing, and evolving. Cobra Jasper is extremely fitting.


Being associated with the number 9, this number is all about growth and expansion. Cobra Jasper can be a great crystal side-kick during physical travel, but it is also an amazing stone that helps us grow inside. Helping us to develop our own inner philosophies and understanding of ourselves.


Understanding oneself is a key component in transformation. This stone also promotes positivity and grounding in the difficult process of letting go of the parts that once were us but are no longer.


Honesty and clarity are also qualities brought out by this stone and helps Scorpio to fine tune their intuitive abilities in assessing those who they let into their inner chambers.






Labradorite helps Scorpio tap into their inner Magician and Healer archetypes. As it is natural for Scorpio to be attracted to esoteric studies and the etheric realms, Labradorite makes a great companion to keep the aura safe when diving into unseen worlds.


It’s appropriate to relate Scorpio to the Magician in the major arcana of the Tarot for Scorpio’s natural affinity and skill for magic. Scorpio is ruled by the number 8 which is a powerful number for manifestation work. 8 flipped on its side can also be looked at as the infinity symbol which symbolizes the never-ending death and rebirth processes in life. If you look at the Tarot card of the Magician you will see the infinity symbol above him, suggesting that he understands these processes and harnesses the understanding of these energies for his magical work. Labradorite is the perfect stone to add to Scorpio’s other collection of spiritual tools to enhance intuition.


Scorpio being a water sign and so aware of subtleties makes an excellent healer as they pick up on things in people that others may simply miss. Labradorite provides strength, personal empowerment and works to help create strong personal boundaries so that this empathic sign doesn’t struggle with being drained by other people’s experiences.






Despite Scorpio seeming reserved and maybe at times aloof, they are very giving people with their deep wells of love. Rhodochrosite known as the Cheerleader promotes love and compassion, which are things Scorpio can always benefit from.


Scorpio can tend to be hard on themselves and others and maybe even engage in self-destructive behaviour. Sometimes this self-sabotage comes from their instinct to destroy and start over as part of their transformation process, but it can also come from a place of high expectations of other people and themselves having integrity.


With such keen awareness, Scorpio can feel shameful if they see themselves, outside of themselves lacking integrity or behaving in a situation that doesn’t align with their values. Rhodochrosite steps in to remind Scorpio that we are all human, Scorpio included. Living mostly in the subtle realms and realms of the spirit, the constant death and rebirth and re-emerging as a new and better human is tremendous pressure. Rhodochrosite offers strong grounding love from the Earth to bring Scorpio back down so they can have their experience as a human, inhabit and enjoy their bodies and have a full human experience.






Another stone that resonates with the number 9, Unakite is all about vision and expansiveness which is extremely supportive to fixed, inflexible Scorpio. This stone opens their mind to possibilities of spiritual development maybe they weren’t even aware of!


Historically around the world (Mostly in Wales, Scotland & Ireland) existed people called ‘Sin-eaters’ in various expressions. These people had a very important role in society but were often shunned because of their life purpose being feared by their community. These people would consume ritual meals and in this process, it was believed that they absorbed the sins carried on by the deceased and this released the dead in the spirit world – coincidently the Sin-Eaters carried around these sins. This was scary to common folk.


We can almost think of Scorpio as these people in our community. They are so spirituality attuned and it is easy for them to take on other people’s problems due to their deep empathic nature. Unakite gives them assistance in releasing these tethers and attachments to other people’s emotional baggage.


Unakite also helps Scorpio find that fine balance between openness and boundary, releases toxicity and elevates positivity. A great stone to meditate with, Unakite a gemstone with an interesting combination of gray quartz, green epidote, pink feldspar and some black veining also provides perseverance to the wearer, helping them stay on track with their spiritual development.

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