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VIRGO: 7 Supportive stones for this sign, Astrologer recommended

In this article we cover 7 different stones that we have curated for Virgo and believe to be beneficial for this Zodiac sign! BUT we would like to remind you that these stones are NOT only for Virgos!


We can all benefit from the energetic properties of these stones at different times in our lives. So, if in your reading our article, you find that a stone description resonates with you, we totally & whole heartedly invite you to explore a relationship with these stones and work with them in your daily lives.


Our jewelry is designed to powerfully support us in our evolution and there are no barriers or rules as to what stones we work with. Listen to your intuition and if Moss Agate speaks to you, work with Moss Agate!


Our humble yet high strung Virgos….


Depicted as the Virgin in their constellation, Virgo is known to be a prudent, analytical character whose life focuses on that of work and service in the most simple sense.


We often have a narrow view of Virgo, even though they are such beautiful complex characters.


Surprisingly a mutable sign, Virgos are actually very flexible and open minded, possibly contrary to one's initial opinion about this sign. Their tendency towards being high strung comes from a busy mind, full of good intentions, concerns about others, philosophical and intellectual contemplation… just to name a few items. A Virgo’s powerful mind comes from being ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect.


Ruler of the 6th house, there is much emphasis on health, cleanliness and being of service to others. A constant struggle for Virgo can be an overwhelming fixation on perfection in themselves and environments. Keeping things around them tidy helps their mind feel at ease. With Virgos having such high expectations for themselves, even when they are extremely gifted, as many of them are, they may never feel as if they live up to that ideal.


Being an Earth sign, they are wise in career and business choices. They want to have a vocation where they are fulfilling their role in helping people and humanity. They can at times have a tendency towards pleasing people simply because they want to make things right and good for other people and they tend towards being selfless.


Exceptionally kind, funny, thoughtful and eccentric people, Virgos are also extremely opinionated and not afraid to speak their truth even though it can come across as criticism. They are acutely observant and details very rarely slip past these people. But rest assured, their opinions always come from the best place.


We have chosen these beautiful stones that work well to help simmer aspects of the Virgo character that can be challenging and also elevate them energetically, creating more harmony in the individual.






Amazonite is a first choice when one thinks of Virgo. With its often vibrant, light blue colour this stone is known to promote tranquility and relax mental chatter.


Having a watery vibration, it is extremely soothing to the nervous system and will help relax Virgo’s nerves, bringing them from a state of being overly stimulated, down to Earth, where as an Earth sign they belong.


Being in the presence of the energetic field of Amazonite is like plunging into a beautiful and clear body of water.


Being embraced by the flowing, loving energy of Amazonite brings down the stress and allows Virgo to have space to participate in relationships not just to serve others, but also to simply enjoy the intimacy of connection with those in their lives.






Jade historically is revered in many cultures for its ability to draw in good fortune, abundance and good health into ones’ life. Perfect for an Earth sign like Virgo!


With Virgo's affinity for vocation and being a miser with their money, Jade is an excellent companion to draw in work opportunities that are in alignment with their values and dreams.


Jade is also known to be a protective stone of health and with Virgos having a sensitive nervous system and constitution, Jade makes a great ally in this sense. Replenishing health so that Virgo can experience full vitality. Bringing balance so as to not burn out from the tendency towards workaholism.






Garnet is exceptionally replenishing to Virgo. A beautiful deep red stone, Garnet is extremely grounding and in creating a sense of stabilization, brings us back to ourselves.


Virgo has a tendency to second guess themselves and often fall prey to self-doubt because of perfectionistic tendencies. Garnet helps elevate Virgo's self-esteem and increases their vitality so they can have the self-assurance they need to carry out their work with confidence.


When Virgo feels fully energized, their manifestations know no bounds and they are able to bring their work into full expression.




Imperial Jasper is a unique stone that has almost spider webbing markings on the stone in appearance.


This stone is tremendously helpful for Virgo in reminding Virgo of their heart.


They are so constantly thinking about other people, that they don’t always give themselves time or permission to connect on an emotional level.


This stone also being associated with Leo brings in that deep heart energy. Reminding Virgo that they can create safe spaces to share their heart and it will be received. Imperial Jasper also helps Virgo relax and helps remove mental hurdles that are in the way of emotional expression. It is strong to express your feelings and be vulnerable!






Mookaite is a beautiful stone with layers of reds, oranges and yellows. Almost resembling a desert sunset.


Mookaite is an excellent stone for Virgo as it compliments Virgo’s mutability and flexibility. It promotes easeful adjustment, creative approaches to complex situations and versatility. All natural qualities of Virgo.


The beauty of Mookaite also brings grounding and direct Earthly connection for Virgo. As if Virgo had the opportunity to become one with the rocks and the mountains and at the center of that was able to find perfect balance. Mookaite acts as a container for Virgo to not be overwhelmed by its natural dynamism, but to embrace it and healthfully channel it! The reddish colour in the stone promotes grounding, the orange tones enable openness for creativity and the yellow represents being able to exert Virgo’s will and their purpose into the world.






Moss Agate looks as it sounds. Often a translucent stone with deep green mossy patterns it is fascinating to say the least.


When there is too much going on, Virgo needs to clean the slate and start fresh. Moss Agate helps in cleansing energy and energetics in external spaces, giving room for Virgo to re-group.


Promoting purification, this stone essentially throws Virgo into the washing machine. Cleansing of the impurities of the soul, mind, body & emotions. Now after Virgo is hung on the line to dry after a good washing, they can bring themselves back to who they truly are.


Moss Agate vibrates to the energy of the number 1. The number 1 in numerology representing the self, creative life force and active energy. Virgo can sit with Moss Agate to re-establish goals and life structure. Leaning into the more active energy of 1, Virgo can derive support in self-esteem from this stone and draw on the energetic strength the stone offers to put themselves out into the world without judgement for themselves.





Tourmaline, an essential stone for Virgo. An essential stone for a helper of humanity, as it helps to bounce negative energy back to where it came from!


Virgos are naturally susceptible to taking on other people’s energy as they are caring and put their focus into careers or just living in ways where they are serving our communities. This stone reinforces that other peoples’ energy is their own and that Virgo, even though they tend to be behind the scenes people, deserve to take up space like anyone else.


With Tourmaline promoting self love, this helps Virgo be able to carry out their nature in the world without becoming burnt out, weighed down and being a pack horse for other people’s problems.


This stone is so protective for the naturally empathic Virgo and is essential in their crystal collection. This is another stone that will help improve Virgo’s health and work to maintain that state of well-being…. A healthy Virgo is a happy Virgo!

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