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LEO: 7 Powerful stones for this sign, Astrologer recommended

In this article we cover 7 different stones that we have curated for Leo and believe to be beneficial for this Zodiac sign! BUT we would like to remind you that these stones are NOT only for Leos!

We can all benefit from the energetic properties of these stones at different times in our lives. So, if in your reading our article, you find that a stone description resonates with you, we totally & whole heartedly invite you to explore a relationship with these stones and work with them in your daily lives.

Our jewelry is designed to powerfully support us in our evolution and there are no barriers or rules as to what stones we work with. Listen to your intuition and if Carnelian speaks to you, work with Carnelian!

These stones are meant to elevate, inspire and even temper different aspects of Leo, to help strengthen and develop themselves and their hearts to their fullest expression.

When one thinks of the Zodiac sign Leo what are some of the first thoughts to come into your mind?

Leo is known as a fire sign in the Zodiac and fiery is the constellation of the Lion.

Being the ruler of the heart, Leo is bursting at the seams with passion, deep wells of love and creativity.

Sometimes Leo has a bad wrap for being vain or needing to be the centre of attention, but Leo can be misunderstood in this way.

Ruler of the 5th house Leo represents our inner child, our children, artistic talents, fun & play, personal self-expression and performance. Historically speaking, depending on where Leo is in your astrological chart or if you have Leo as your Sun sign, Astrologers might even say that this indicates some sort of fame or recognition for your creative expressions & talent!

Leos are full of deep, authentic love and appreciation for those around them can be very sensitive individuals. Very family oriented and lovers of children, they have an endless supply of love to give to those connected to them.

 Being a fixed sign, as mentioned above, by definition they are also stubborn and at times inflexible in comparison to a mutable fire sign like Sagittarius who can be fickle and changeable.

Leos have clear visions of what they want and no one will dissuade this strong personality from what they have their heart set on.




We LOVE this stone for Leo. Not only does the stone range from a deep to bright orange, almost looking like a flame, it’s surprising and unique color & energy easily captivates the attention of others.

Known as the Artist’s stone, it is exceptionally supportive to Leo in developing creativity and assisting creative projects. This stone SCREAMS self-expression.

Associated with the Sacral Chakra, which is our energetic center and well for creativity, Leo can find motivation and confidence from this stone’s ability to create personal empowerment.

What else does it require for Leo to put themselves out into the world and fully express who they are? Courage of course! Having this stone in Leo’s possession will mitigate self-doubt and elevate self-esteem, giving Leo an authentic confidence.

Carnelian, vibrating with the number 6 in numerology represents love, harmony & union. We can look at the association with the 6 of Cups in Tarot. In the card the 6 of cups, we see an older boy giving a younger girl white flowers in these cups.

Cups represent emotions & relationships. The white flowers represent innocence. This card depicts a sharing of wisdom and care from one generation to another. This card beautifully represents Leo’s desire to care for, support, love & protect children… also our inner child.

As Leo is fierce, they will always be at the forefront of preserving innocence and striving towards being good role models for up-and-coming generations. Carnelian is a great stone to provide the strength required to have such strong, loving conviction and to also encourage play and seeing life from a child-like perspective, with wonder and curiosity as a way to relate.




Kunzite, a beautiful and some-what rare stone, carries a very different energy than that of Carnelian. Kunzite supports Leo’s personality in different ways. Known as the ‘Unconditional Lover’ Kunzite helps create a safe container for Leo’s tender heart and the softer, more gentle side of their character.

The stone itself being soft, pastel, lavenders & pinks in color, it vibrates a gentler energy and focuses more on helping Leo develop their compassion, strengthen personal connections & helps bring their expressions of love to heights of the highest vibrations.  While Kunzite is gentle, it is still protective of the heart, simply by its natural quality of emanating pure love vibrations.




Larimar is definitely a fun stone—Leo being no stranger to fun, this stone is extremely suitable for our Lions.

Larimar is known as the ‘Dolphin stone’ because of the fun, inviting and friendly qualities like that of Dolphins that it carries. Also with its beautiful, rare, sea-blue colour, it is mined in the Caribbean and the origin of its name (Mar meaning sea) Larimar is also associated with the element of water.

Often given as a stone of friendship, Larimar promotes harmony, peacefulness & love.

You might be thinking, it being a stone with such watery energy wouldn’t that put out Leo’s fire?

No! Leo is such a strong sign. If all of the elements (Earth, Air, Fire & Water) can work together, each one of them can help us in our evolution and that is exactly what Larimar does for Leo.

With Leo being so generous and outwardly giving, being on stage and performing for others all of the time—Leo needs their own time for introspection. If Leo can sit with Larimar in a mediation, then they can access different perspectives of themselves rather than being overt and one dimensional.

Larimar can help them see beyond themselves and bring humility to a stimulated ego. Bring them back down to Earth and help them channel their energy into healing.




With Leo’s giving heart, Onyx offers protection, discernment & helps Leo set boundaries. With Leo’s big heart, they are prone to taking things personally and getting hurt easily or suffering from a bruised ego.

Onyx helps Leo let go of attachments to hurt, resentments towards others and helps clear a space in the heart to start again. It also brings energetic qualities of calm, focus and discipline which can assist Leo in following through in their creative pursuits. It is also known to bring joy & promote luck!




A rare, beautiful stone, being primarily a dark blue, black with swirling colours of whites and rusts, PIETERSITE helps us work through illusions and intense emotions.

Known as the ‘Tempest stone’ you can imagine a violent wind, accompanied with various elements such as hail, snow or rain—we can see these aggressive, natural expressions of weather as a mirror for our intense experiences. PIETERSITE helps temper these strong, confusing, feelings & emotions so that we can feel a sense of calm and clarity, unlike the flurry of the Tempest.

As mentioned before, Leo can easily fall prey to intense feelings if not received by the world in how they perceive themselves. PIETERSITE can help them calm the Tempest, draw on clarity and move forward with strength and personal integrity.




We all know Rubies!

Ranging from bright reds to deep pinks, Ruby brings a certain zest to life!

This stone is amazing for bringing out the ‘Celebrity’ side of the Leo personality. Exuding glamour and luxury and a stone that was commonly worn by Royalty, Ruby brings out the ‘fabulous’ in Leo.

Elevating passion, love and personal expression, this stone is exceptional for replenishing Leo’s vitality and reminding Leo of who they are! Bringing them into their bodies to help Leo appreciate their own experience of sensuality. The beauty of Ruby does not go unappreciated by Leo’s eye for beautiful things.

A great heart strengthener and opener, allowing Leo’s heart to open, blossom and heal itself. It hurts Leo when they cannot express their full range of emotions and creativity, Ruby helps Leo to fully open themselves up and be an impenetrable being of beautiful vulnerability.




The beautiful quartz with flecks of strawberry reds, Strawberry Quartz ultimately brings contentment to the wearer and a sense of being present.

With Leo having to uphold a public image it can oftentimes be difficult to be present with themselves. For Leo, so much energy can be put into being different expressions of what they think others would like them to be, when ultimately, deep down Leo sincerely wants to simply connect with others.

Strawberry Quartz allows the wearer to form stronger, more authentic bonds with those in their personal lives. This stone can help Leo take their perspective of needing to present themselves as a certain way to others and transform it to work with Divine sources to fully express who they truly are.

Leo should focus on garnering attention and love not from a place of ego, but from the heart and divine inspiration.  Pure, authentic love is what truly draws others in, smoke, mirrors and sequins are only surface attractors of attention.  Strawberry Quartz allows Leo to put down the costume for a moment, take a breather and be a human like everyone else.

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