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Lavender Jade

Overcoming Trauma


Lavender Jade, as it sounds, has a beautiful Lavender color.

A gentle, emotionally supportive stone, allows us to feel held when moving through the motions of dealing with grief and traumas. It helps us look at ourselves and our situations through warm and compassionate lens. For those who are at a part in their healing journey where they want things to be a little more lighthearted than such constant, deep Shadow Work, try meditating with or working with Lavender Jade.

This stone is a reminder that we don’t have to hide our problems away, but we don’t have to hate ourselves through the process of fusing the fragments back together and finding wholeness.

A stone that vibrates well with the energy of Sagittarius, reminds us that we do the work in ourselves so we can enjoy life, and that we shouldn’t put off enjoying life just because the work isn’t finished. Sagittarius really is about the journey, not the destination, and healing work is no different.


Inspiring Awe, Emotional Healing, Moderating, Forgiving

Inner Peace

Numerology: 7





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