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The Intuitive Arts Stone


A beautiful and relatively uncommon stone, Shattuckite is an essential stone ally for building healthy relationships with ourselves and in turn that bleeds into our relationships with others.

With the stone itself being a brilliant blue with striations of greens and coppers, it almost looks like far away views of bodies of water on Earth. Some may confuse it with Turquoise, but when you compare them side by side Shattuckite very much is her own thing.

We like to call it the ‘Intuitive Arts Stone’ for its ability to help people develop their spiritual abilities and get in touch with their intuition. The beauty of this stone is that it keeps you grounded and practical while doing this, so you don’t get lost in the Ether.

Vibrating strongly with Sagittarius, Shattuckite has this innate ability to bring out the Seeker side of Sagittarius in the wearer. The undying desire to find truth in all things is amplified greatly by wearing Shattuckite. Part of finding truth is a strong connection to the intuition, this stone provides this to the wearer.

Also in resonance with Aquarius, this stone promotes the social side of Aquarius to take care of themselves and evaluate their boundaries. Socially oriented people whilst being a little aloof, Aquarius may want to take care of their well-being but doesn’t fully know how. Shattuckite can guide them into understanding what healthy-boundaries are and what self-care can actually look like, asides from avoiding from social contact.

This stone is deeply balancing, heart healing and compels us to stay true to our heart and values.


Problem-Solving, Restoring, Balancing

Healthy Boundaries, Truth, Pragmatism

Numerology: 2





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