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Eagle Eye

The Decision Maker


The silky luster, glassy iridescent and pebbly aesthetic are unique to Eagle Eye. This stone is also called Hawk's Eye, and it comes from the chatoyant family of the most commonly known, the Tiger's Eye.

We call this stone the ‘Decision Maker’ for its ability to help the wearer find their intuition between their swirling thoughts & chaotic emotions. Eagle Eye allows us to see the clear path that isn’t distorted by things around us. It allows our Higher Self to see the reality of the situation, and make a clear, confident decision based on accurate information, being objective truth. Objective truth being communicated to us by our intuition.

Eagle Eye has a strong resonance with Sagittarius for this reason. Sagittarius is naturally an exceptionally intuitive sign but can become indecisive simply by their openness to every possibility presented to them. Eagle Eye can act as a conduit in meditation for Sagittarius the Archer to connect to their Arrow, their intuition, so they can accurately make their mark.

This stone is wonderful for anyone who needs to stay grounded and confident in their feelings, and can be used as a formidable talisman so that they aren’t persuaded by other people’s opinions.


Protecting, Calming, Emotional Controlling, Thinking Ability

Self Confidence

Numerology: 3, 4





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