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Intune with Spirit

A high-vibrational stone that assists relieving energy blockage and encourages the awakening of the spirit and soul. 

A uniquely beautiful stone, Scolecite has a beautiful white sheen with interesting horizontal striations and lines.

Scolecite helps Capricorn open the channel with Spirit to keep the passage of divinely inspired ideas open, and constantly flowing into them. Just because Capricorn is of the Earth element, doesn’t make them any less spiritual than water or fire signs. Capricorn simply directs their spiritual energy in a different way. Capricorn acts a devotee to their craft, but little does everyone around them know, that is their spirituality manifest.

Scolecite acts a portable altar for busy Capricorn to keep in communication with spirit as they are on the go. It is such a high-vibrational stone that it helps removes blockages along the way that may act as barriers to Capricorns’ success.

Scolecite is known to be a great stone for healing from co-dependency and is helpful in supporting nurturing relationships. Collaboration, heart opening and warmness are some qualities that can be associated with Scolecite.


Vibrating High, Awakening The Heart, Spirit Connecting

Genuine, Truthful, Team Spirit

Numerology: 1


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